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Super Iron

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16 year old Peter Smith has his life changed forever after a science experiment goes horribly wrong...

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Super-Iron I
Peter Smith was an ordinary 16 year old teenager... until now. One day, in Science Class for Year 11's, he and his science partner made a mistake, then some GIGANTIC iron claws zoomed out and bit Peter on his right arm. The claws were luckily not radioactive, so he didn't die. However, the bite messed with his DNA, turning some of his blood into iron which should of killed him; it didn't.
Peter learnt if he controls his thoughts of iron, he'll transform into one of the most strongest things in the Galaxy - he became Super-Iron. Then, a youthful family were peacefully walking across the road, when the tallest building in Centium City started to fall at them! Peter saw this and without thinking (well he had to think to become Super-Iron) transformed and zoomed towards the side of the building that would've killed them and caught it with his hand. He pushed the building back up to it's stands. The Dark character who pushed the building down was in hot pursuit from Iron and he led the 16 year old into more danger...
In a local battle, it was the Avengers fighting the Sinister Six. Iron sent down incredibly strong bars towards one of the evil Six to deal with the Destroyer (the dark character who pushed the building) and he flew down to assist the Avengers against the dark team. He shot gold bars out of his hand - which was a power he recently discovered - and silver from the other hand - another one he recently discovered. He ran as fast as lightning around the six and they became incredibly dizzy. Due to his amazing actions, the legendary Tony Stark asked,
"Want to join our team, kid?"
Iron, shocked at the turn of events said, "Of course!"
The next day, Peter met the rest of the team.
"Spidey! Hi!" he said.
"High-five Iron guy!" Spidey said.
"It's great to have another Peter and another badass around," Peter said.
"Sure..." Spidey said, turning and walking away.
"He's cool," Peter said.
Peter was given a tour around the Avengers Tower and after he turned on the TV in the living room, he was put on a channel with a press conference on and discovered that the whole world knows Iron/Peter was a new member of the Avengers.
"Yes, yes, it's true! We have a new member. Super-Iron impressed us during our Sinister Six fight that I invited him," Stark said on the TV.
Peter smiled.
When he returned, Peter was grateful to Stark and the team for telling the world that Super-Iron is now an Avenger. In fact, he was so grateful, that he made the whole team breakfast. He made omelets. According to Stark, Rogers and Parker, it was scrumptious. However, this joy was soon cut short when Smith was watching TV. The TV was hijacked and the hijacker was the Destroyer.
"Sup--er Iro-n," he started, as the screen shook, "Me--et me at-tt my cas--tle".
Peter stood up. He pushed the door upon, changed into Super-Iron and quietly muttered,
"Shit, I can't let him do this."
When Peter arrived, he shot bars everywhere at the castle. He shot the door down and found the Destroyer waiting.
"So," he started, "You weren't a wimp and showed up..."
Peter walked closer.
"You're not hurting anyone else today!" he yelled.
Destroyer shot millions to billions of bullets at Peter, but he dodged them all, even catching one and throwing it at the Destroyer's leg. He stood up and punched Peter in the chest, yet it broke his hand.
"I'm indestructible to human flesh," Peter said. Preparing for the killing blow, Destroyer quickly grabbed an electric glove and grabbed Peter's hand, forcing the teenager to the ground. Screaming in pain, he struggled to get up. He managed to shoot one bar at the Destroyer's face, nearly killing him. Peter was barely able to stand up and when he did, he finished off the Destroyer and walked home.
Back at the tower, Tony held another press conference following the defeat of the Destroyer and confirmed the new member, Super-Iron, defeated him. Peter once again smiled.
He temperately defeated the threats to the Avengers, but this victory wouldn't last long...

Afternote: Thanks for reading. I struggled for ideas so I thought of creating my own super hero!
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