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Same as before.

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One Week-Tuesday

Disclaimer: I don't own the Ronin Boyz or Byakuen, I'm just messing with them for a little while and I promise to return them to Bandai eventually and relatively unharmed.

Shu yawned and stretched, looking up at the beautiful blue sky. Soft, puffy clouds were rolling along, minding their own business on the light breezy day. He was glad to be outside and enjoying nature at its best. Below him, the ground would shift every so often and ever so slightly. If he closed his eyes, the barer of diamond was fairly sure that he could feel the earth rotate on its axis.

When he opened his eyes again, he let out a light yelp as he peered up into big brown eyes that reflected his face back at him. He smiled though and reached up to scratch Byakuen behind the ear. "Hey there big guy, how's it going? You know, I really don't think that Ro and Ryo needed any bathes yesterday, but if you were concerned, I sure as hell ain't going to be the one to argue with you. They're both feeling better now anyway, all the scraps are all healed up.

"And we have lots of food for the next three months or so, so you needn't worry your massive head about that. By the way, Shin's finally stopped pouting. He's discovered that he loves the way that Touma cooks some of the birds that you brought back.

"As for me, I'm all set, you don't need to worry about me or Seiji, we're both fine."

Shu was glad and surprised, but also a little on the hurt side when Byakuen didn't seem to fight with him about getting in the lake. He had thought that was why the large beast had been so concerned with Ryo and Touma earlier and that was why he gave them the baths, but it appeared that that wasn't the case. Oh well, the indigo haired warrior thought, at least he thinks that I'm clean.

Below him in the water, deep under the surface, Shu spotted a pretty rock. Already from this distance was it sparkling a brilliance that he associated with most polished rocks. He took a deep breath and dived under, trying to reach out and touch the beauty. It ended up taking him a few tries, but he finally brought up the rock and called Byakuen over to look at it.

The large tiger walked over calmly and with a very amused smile on its face, as if it was placating to a small and demanding child. Well, at least that was what it looked like to Shu and he had seen that same look in the eyes of his mother on many occasions when she was dealing with his little brothers and sisters. But cats couldn't smile, could they?
Byakuen sat down at the water's edge and looked interested as Shu prattled on and on about the dark blue iridescent rock.

"See Byakuen, when you turn it like this, the light blue flecks in it come out a lot more and the shimmer almost. You know, if I polish this up and ground it down, I bet we can turn it into a collar or some sort for you, would you like that, big guy?"

Byakuen raised an eyebrow, as if to say 'what do you think?' Shu just laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're right, you would look pretty silly with a rock hanging off of your neck. But it's so pretty I've got to do something with it. Any ideas?" Shu shook his head then, feeling silly. "I'm talking to a tiger, what am I doing?"

A sudden thought came to his head then. The almost unbidden pictures came to his mind's eye. They were the sweetest images of Shin and Touma popped in without hesitation. Shin was curled up in a blanket, huddled underneath it with a cup of black tea in his hands, the firelight glowing behind him. Touma was just as unguarded, eyes bright and his hand hiding his smile.

Shu looked at the rock again, and noticed something he hadn't before. The two blues of the rock were very similar to blues of their armors. And then it dawned on him; this rock would look gorgeous set in a copper ring. He had one too, he'd set it aside a while ago, waiting to find a large enough rock that he could practice his lapidary skills on it. Why had he waited so long? Because that ring was going to be one of the rare pieces that he made for himself.

Shu smiled a large grin and turned to look at Byakuen, "I know what I'm going to do with it -Blaze, I'll make something for myself. It'll at least shut up Ro and Shin for a while huh?" he asked as he scritched the large critter's ears. "Besides, they're always nagging at me to make something for myself. It's okay for me to be a little selfish once in a while, right?"

Shu rubbed his shoulder where Byakuen had gently thwapped it with his massive paw. "Yeah, you're right. It's not selfish." Shu climbed out of the lake, wanting to get to work on his new project as soon as possible. "See you later -Blaze."

It didn't dawn on Shu until much later to wonder why it looked as if the images of Touma and Shin that had been in his head appeared as if they were being reflected in Byakuen's large brown eyes.
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