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6 beers later, and another 6 on the way

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Drinking. Not very fun. And ladies and gentleman, i dont drink

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Gettin drunk may not get you the answer, but it will let you forget the problem.
We want it so bad till we have finally solved them.
We fall off the wagon, get back on and try to rob them.

I have fallen and can't reach my beer.
I really wanted you down her so I could tell you what you want to hear.
Tonight lets party, and tomorrow shed a tear.
Without what we want we as humans be constricted by fear.

6 beers later,
I have already forgot.
6 beers later,
and another 6 bought.
6 beers later,
and another battle fought.
6 beers later,
and we lost what we were tought.

6 beers later,
laying on the floor.
6 beers later,
waiting for you to walk through that door.
6 beers later,
im gone to buy 6 more.

Reaching for the hand that slips.
When will we stop and finally admit.
Living like this we will rot in the bottom of hells pit.
Lets leave this place, and forget all this shit.

6 beers later,
and another 6 on the way.
6 beers later,
and I can't remember what I did today.
6 beers later,
who cares if our love can frey.
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