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Smash Sex Routines #1: Fire Emblem: Roy and Lucina

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My first story of my new series, "Smash Sex Routines". After finding interest in Roy, Lucina becomes a slutt, begging Roy to rape her. When he finally agrees, things get crazy...

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Roy - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2016-07-31 - 651 words

In Smash Kingdom, Lucina was having a team battle with Roy, against Fox and Falco. As they were shooting their blasters at Roy, Lucina slashed Falco, for a K.O. "God damnit, Falco! You're supposed to dodge those!" Cried Fox, annoyed. He tried to side-smash Roy, but he countered it, and Fox flew off the stage.

After the match (With Fox and Falco suffering injuries), Lucina was happy with their victory. "We do make a good team, huh, Lucina?" Roy asked. "I think so. Copy characters like those two were good once, but the pride of Fire Emblem, has prevailed!" She replied. "But, aren't we copies?" Asked Roy. "Yeah, but we're better copies. If only Sakurai made Marth's sword long again..." She replied.

"You know, I like you, right?" Asked Lucina. "Well, yeah, but...I do think we'd make ourselves a nice couple, but, I think we should discuss a date later, so, yeah..."

But, Lucina didn't want to wait, so she started raving everyday, getting things more intense. She tried many ways to win him over, until one night, when Roy finally agreed to see her at her apartment.

When he walked in, Lucina was nude! "Lucina?! What the hell?!" He cried, in shock. "So, you finally came here, sexy..." "What the fuck are you doing?!"

"Waitin' for you to do me. Roy...don't you like it? I can just see by your blushing you do. You're not fooling me, Roy, my boy..." Speechless, Roy closed the door, and started to undress, showing he did like this. As he was taking his boxers off, Lucina stopped him. "Let ME do this one, boy." She stripped him down, showing his You know what, as he was completely nude, just like her. They then started their intercourse.

Roy started to kiss her, from her neck down, until he got to her breast. He then started to suck on it, while rubbing the other. She moaned in pleasure, softly. Soon, they started to do the real thing. "It'll hurt, you know that, right?" Roy asked, ending his speechlessness. "Please, I want it! Do me!" Replied Lucina, begging for even more. Soon, he started to rub his member on her legs. But soon, it wasn't on her legs anymore. When he entered her, she moaned. It was painful, but, as he started thrusting, it felt amazing. Having sex with Roy, her teammate...felt great. Soon, some white fluid started to flow out of her. Still not satisfied, she had him do her in her anus, feeling just as wonderful. He started thrusting harder, and she moaned in pleasure. They kept at it until one in the morning, soon both too tired to move. When they caught their breath, Roy started to speak. "This...was...amazing. Thank you, Lucina..." He said, almost out of breath. "I knew you'd enjoy it..." She replied, with the two falling asleep in that state.

Back at Smash Kingdom, after arriving from their injuries, Fox and Falco, were covered in casts. "Maybe I should hire Captain Falcon to replace you..." Muttered Fox, still annoyed from the fight, a few months later. Then, Lucina and Roy, walked in, after not coming to Smash Kingdom for a few months. Lucina had a bulge in her abdomen. The two Star Fox copies were in shock. "Lucina?! Are you-" Falco stuttered. "It's a girl!" She said. "Now you know why we weren't here for too long!" Said Roy, happily. Then they heard an attack charging behind Fox and Falco. "FALCON PAWNCH!!!!!"

The two were sent flying! It was Captaign Falcon! He heard what Fox said! "Show ya moves, Falco! Wait, I must have sent Fox flying too-Huh?!" By the time he said that, everyone was out of the room. "Oh, crap...c'mon!" He cried, getting into his Blue Falcon, leaving.

Soon, Roy and Lucina had a little girl, who they named Lucina ||.

The end.
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