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The Second War

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A rewrite of the second season of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. Ryo and the other Samurai Troopers must confront Arago's evil Empire of Doom a second time. (I am still in need of a beta reader. Please...

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The Second War

By CoolMoon

This story is set directly after Sanada Ryo won the Swords of Fervor from the swordsman Kenbukyo. It is, basically, a rewrite of the second season, which I felt moved too quickly. Kayura will likely not appear. Aside from the weapon, place, and character names, I would prefer to keep as much Japanese as I can out of the fanfic. Therefore, the armor names are translated as Wildfire, Nimbus, Torrent, Heavens, Stone, Demon, Spider, Jackal, and Cobra. The "Masho" are translated into "Warlords," as "Demon General" can be confusing since once would be called the "Demon General of Demons," etc. Their translations are as follows Warlord of Demons, Warlord of Illusion, Warlord of Darkness, and Warlord of Venom. However, characters with surnames are introduced with those first, in the traditional Japanese custom.

DISCLAIMER: All characters, armor, etc. belong to Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment.

Chapter One: The Return of Kaos!

The mansion belonging to Yagyu Natsui was, for the most part, quiet. Snoring issued from behind one door, and soft, serene music flowed from beyond another door. Inside a third room, just as the digital clock read 2:45 AM, a figure stirred.

Dark brown eyes opened, and a black nose sniffed the air. The huge form of the awakened white tiger gingerly rose and padded out of the bedroom without waking the boy asleep in the bed. The tiger, Byakuen, pushed the slightly open door where the music played on open even more. Two beds were in the room, and both were occupied. Satisfied, the large animal continued down the hall to the room where the snoring came from. Again, the door was nudged open. Like the last room, there were two beds. However, only one was occupied. The tiger backed out of the room before heading further down the hall. He pushed open a final door, gazing at the woman who slept alone in the queen-sized bed before he trotted down the stairs.

In the living room, the tiger found the missing boy. Mouri Shin was sitting on the couch, nursing a cup of hot tea, wide awake despite the late hour. His blue eyes glanced up as he heard a quiet sound. Byakuen had lost interest in him once assured that all the members of the household were safe, and the tiger was standing at the door of the room that led to the outside, and he was growling softly.

"Byakuen," Shin said quietly, "what's wrong?" Predictably, the tiger gave no verbal reply but growled a little louder. Shin arched an eyebrow, but he did stand up and go to the door. When he opened the door, Byakuen shot outside, nothing more than a white blur as he raced beyond the lake and towards the forest behind the house.

The tiger's actions were enough. Shin grabbed the glowing ball that was slightly smaller than a baseball that he had brought downstairs with him, and he ran after the tiger. As he ran, Shin concentrated, the ball soon disappearing and leaving him in the white bodysuit and light blue sub armor of the Torrent armor. In this, he was fast enough to keep up with the large cat he was following, even as he darted around trees in the forest they had entered.

A roar from the tiger overpowered the sounds of a battle that reached Shin's ears. It was not long before the Samurai Trooper was at the clearing in the forest, and he saw the tiger's cause for concern. At least ten soldiers from the Empire of Doom had surrounded a figure that shocked the youth.

"Kaos!" the boy shouted, sufficiently getting the attention of the robed man in the center of the troops as well as the attention of his enemies as well. The man's eyes were hidden beneath the low brim of a wide straw hat, but he did seem to look at Shin. "Torrent, forward!" Shin called out.

Within moments, Shin was in the Torrent armor, and his yari was in his hand. One of the armored troops raised his sword, and Shin prepared to counter an attack. However, before the soldier took more than a single step, the man in robes moved. With little effort, the robed man thrust the shakujo in his hands, something the Samurai Troopers had long come to associate with Kaos and his power, the rings on the top clanking together. Shin could not help but give a start as the end of the staff, which he had never noticed until then was sharpened to a wicked point at the end, pierced through the armor. Blue-gray smoke filtered from the holes made, and the armor fell lifeless on the ground.

The felled armor acted as a signal. The troops lunged for the robed man, many falling victim to the staff he wielded. Several others fell to the flashing claws and teeth of the tiger that joined the battle. Shin watched in awe, never having seen Kaos use the shakujo as a weapon, but he was brought back to the battle when an armored fist connected with the side of his helmet. The offending minion of the Empire of Doom was quickly struck down by the yari Shin held.

The soldiers were little match for the three, and the ground was soon littered with broken pieces of armor. The only blood that stained the grass was from a wound on the robed man's arm.

"Kaos!" Shin said again as he dismissed his armor, but he left the sub-armor on. "How are you alive? What are you doing out here?" His eyes noticed the red stain on the armo of the man's robes. "Are you injured?"

"I am not K--" a sharp voice issued from beneath the straw hat, but the man stopped. He spoke again, his voice calmer, "I am not hurt badly, Shin of the Torrent. Go back to your friends and tell them that all is as they feared. Arago lives, and he is nearly ready to strike again at the mortal realm with his Dark Warlords."

"Will you be all right?"

"I am best left to tend my wound alone. Byakuen, return with the boy."

Shin turned to leave, unsettled. The Samurai Troopers had known, especially since the struggle for the Swords of Fervor, that Arago had been beaten but not destroyed, but to hear from Kaos that he was nearly ready to attack again...

What the young armor bearer had failed to notice was that not only had Byakuen only helped but not approached the man, but the man's long hair had not been white. It had been auburn.

Teal eyes peered from under the lifted brim of the straw hat as the robed man watched the boy walk away, back towards the manor where his friends were all still sleeping soundly in their beds. Quietly, he said, talking to himself, "Maybe it is best if the Samurai Troopers do take me to be Kaos."
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