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Rose teaches her star pupil about the magical sensations. RATED R! NOT FOR KIDS!!!

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Rose, the leader of the Crystal Gems, staring right at Pearl, naked. The sight of her large and fully figured body would make anyone blush, but Pearl didn't blush, she stood there, examining Rose. Rose smiled at Pearl and spoke, "Magical sensations. For many decades, gems have wondered about these "magical doings" or shall I say sex." Pearl gulped, and looked around her. "Pearl, this is today's lesson. I mean, Garnet told me you've had me on your mind all month.." Pearl couldn't help but let out a slight moan when she heard Rose say that. "I..uh!" Rose looked at Pearl and laughed, "You're my star pupil. I believe in you." Pearl felt over joyed to hear that, Rose accepted her for who she was. A pearl, a dusty old in-unique pearl...was wanted. Rose took a deep breath and pulled something out of her gem...a pink, throbbing cock. Pearl's eyes were impressed and excited to see the large size, "Such accuracy!" Rose blushed a little and sat down with her legs spread. "First...something to make you 'wet.'" Rose spoke. She started rubbing the dick on her own vagina. Slowly, up and down, as the dick would leave little droplets of cum. Pearl just sat and watched as Rose fucked herself...sort of awkward, but it made her horny so it would do. She lifted her head up and blushed, closing her eyes and moaning. She went faster upon herself and faster and faster...until she cummed. "Are you wet yet?" Rose panted. "Y-y-yeah..." Pearl hid her face. Rose lifted Pearls face up and then spread the tiny gem's legs. The dick was rubbing against her vagina, eager to enter her insides. "Are you ready, Pearl?" Rose said in a lusty voice. Pearl breathed in deep and spoke, "Yes.." The dick started rubbing Pearl's vagina slowly, then increasing speed. "Oh..pearl. So quiet, you're such a good student." Pearl blushed, she then opened her mouth, but nothing came out. The cock started bobbing at Pearl's opening, and she welcomed the new-comer. "Oh!" Pearl let out a moan. Rose laughed, and started kissing Pearl's neck. Pearl felt a sensation go through her body as Rose jabbed in to Pearl's hips repeatedly. The hip action got faster and faster, it increased with every moan. Rose looked at Pearls face and saw the drool and blush.."Oh, Rose..pant..this is..wonderful." Hearing that, Rose's gem lit again, increasing the dick's size. Rose was inside Pearls vagina, Rose grabbed pearls butt and started fingering her. "Oh! Your!" She let out another moan, now panting for more. Rose increased the speed even more until Pearl let out a howl and cummed everywhere. Rose smiled and put the dick back in to her gem. She kissed Pearl and then walked off. "Oh, same time tomorrow." Rose winked.
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