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The Iceman Cometh

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A look at Bobby Drake's first day at the X-Mansion

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I hope this serves, I've never really written Bobby's character before, and we're going with movie-verse characterization here instead of comicverse. Disclaimer: X-Men and all recognizable characters and events belongs to Marvel Entertainment; they are not mine.

"The Iceman Cometh" by Karen

The paperwork and official transfer of his school records all came through signed by his parents. His parents could not have been happier to get their eldest son into a high class upper New York prepatory school. Not only is it a good move for their
son's future, it also means another notch in their climb up the social ladder.

Growing up Bobby had been only aware in the way that children are perephirally aware of the grown up concerns of their parents, that his father came from a long
line of social climbers who made their fortunes in finanace and shipping. His mother belonged to various social and gardening clubs.

Bobby thought about this as he steps out of the yellow taxi and pays the driver his fare. He did not know whether or not his parents are really aware of the true meaning behind the word 'gifted, after all going into the entire transfer process
meant telling them the truth, and he kept putting it off, that Xavier's is a school for mutants.

Bobby read the papers and he watches the news on television so he is not completel unaware of the growing rift out in the big world, and the danger that even admitting to being a mutant would inevitably cause. Bobby doesn't want to think 'Big Picture' though, because he is more of a small scale kind of guy. After all, getting here is just the beginning.

There had been a lot to prepare before he left Boston for Westchester County New York, the planning, the packing, helping his mother clean the house, and somewhere among all of that hustle and bustle, the subject of his uniqueness had simply never been discussed. That was the main problem with hindsight, Bobby thought, sliding his backpack and fumbling around in his duffel bag for the confirmation number for the delivery service to ship the remainder of his luggage. "Hindsight gives you perfect 20 20 vision when its far too late to do anything about it." He muttered to himself as he tried to find a more comfortable grip on the straps of his backpack.

Now that he is older and presumably wiser, he just finds it all highly amusing, as long as does not affect him directly then figures that he is cool with it. Speaking of being cool, he isn't entirely certain how his parents would react if they knew the truth of about the nature of his mutant powers; the ability to create just about anything out of ice, or create a solid wall of ice. He used to joke around that during hot summer days, he always would have a steady supply of ice.

Bobby made a quick turn around the corner and comes to a halt in front of a marble and granite slab with the raised etched letterings that spell out the address and name of the schoo, gray-green ivy that trailed down from its four squared edges.

Bobby stared at it for a few moments and turns away to walk up the long graveled driveway that lead up to the mahagonay doors of the place he will be calling home from now on. It is at that instant that Bobby realizes that he's going to need a lot more than a good sense of humor and a positive attitude if he wants to make something of himself here, not just for his folks but also for his own future.
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