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Drabble-length. Ritsuka thinks about what he would do if he ever believed Soubi. Angsty, slight Ritsuka/Soubi.

Category: Loveless - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Ritsuka, Soubi - Published: 2006-08-28 - Updated: 2006-08-29 - 173 words - Complete

By: youkai_girl AKA eternalsailorsolarwind

Disclaimer: Owned only by Yun Kouga. I just play with her characters.

A/N: My first real drabble! One hundred words exactly. Slight angst, with a little Ritsuka/Soubi flavoring.


Ritsuka wondered what would happen if one day, Soubi managed to convince him that the Fighter really did love him. Would that mean that Ritsuka would suddenly want the older man to kiss him (he was certainly not ready to admit that sometimes...he did want that) like he did every day? Ritsuka also wondered if believing his Fighter would mean that he really was Loveless, or if he had avoided it. Ritsuka didn't understand this "name" business at all.

"Ritsuka, I love you," Soubi murmured in his ear.

The boy turned away from those words. The day hadn't come yet.
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