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imagine Slash being jealous

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A little story with Sluff and Gilby

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Omg it's the fist time I post something here! So tell me what you think about my story and ask me if you want me to do some of your requests.

Slash's POV:
Can somebody explains me why Gilby need to be with Duff?!?... I explain:
30 minutes ago
I was with my little Duff, my Duffy just mine you know. I was talking about a travel I really want to do with him, and sudden there was three knocks on the door. I stood up and went to the door I opened it, and guess who I seen ?!? Gilby... Hell yeah fuckers it was Gilby. "What're you fucking doing here Gilby" I asked him with dissatisfaction. "Omg Slash I'm so happy to see you, what's up!!? Where's Duffy?!?"
Gilby said. Before I could replied a "Duff is not here" Duff screamed "I'm fucking here fucker come enter."
I'm obligated to support this guy... Is not I don't like him it's just the fact he's so close of MY Duff and I'm a little bit jealous... Ok well I'm really jealous y'know, I hate that when Gilby comes at home because all Duff's attention and affection goes for him... I was in my thoughts when I hear a big "HAHAHAHA OHHH.Omg Duff did somebody told you you're so funny?!?" I saw my Duff rolled his eyes as he answered "Man each time I'm telling a joke to Slash, he tells me to shut the fuck up because I'm not funny sniff." Ok I hate my man. I rolled my eyes as Gilby looked at me with a look of contradiction. And he found it was the best time to do the moral so he told me "Dude how can you told that, it's you're fucking boyfriend if I was his boyfriend I'll never told this and blah blah blah..." I think I rolled my eyes three time in one minute, it was annoying. Oh God!!!! Man can somebody shut his fucking mouth. "Could you be a good boyfriend just one time in your shitty life man?! Could you?!" Oh man what Gilby said there 30 seconds ago was too much for me that I burst. "Wtf is your problem dude did I do something wrong??!? Fuck Gilby you're so annoying!! 'If I was his boyfriend and blah blah blah..' Are you his fucking boyfriend Gilby?!? No you're not. Stop trying to be interesting and some shit like that, because you're not..." I was interrupted by mister peaceful McKagan who said "Slash, babe I know you're not happy but calm down, maybe you can calm yourself somewhere else and..." I didn't know which games they was playing, maybe the "We want to irritate Slash because is always funny" game. I fixed Duff with exasperation and said "Are you kidding me Duff?!?? I didn't start and you ask me to calm myself... Go. Fuck. Yourself. McKagan." And I stood up and went upstair in our bedroom and I closed the door. I was so fucking angry that I punched the wall but after my poor hand hurts me as Hell. I didn't know what to do so I laid down in the bed and sleep. Twenty minutes later I feel a body on mine, two arms around my waist and a mouth on my neck. "Heyyyy sweet heart... I....I.. Love you... Are you....awake babe?!? Are... you ....listening me?!" It's rare when Duff begged. Duff begged for only two things;sex and when he's sad. I know it was my fault if Duffy is sad, so I answered "Baby I was sleeping, but it's okay. What's wrong Love?!??Where's Gilby?!" Duff chuckled a little bit against me and kissed me on my neck and said "Oh he's in the shower downstair. But babe can you tell me why are you so... Mad... I mean you're so angry and I don't like seeing you like this?!?" As he strokes my hairs, it was so good. I'm never angry more than 10 minutes with Duff, he's so cute and so affectionate and so patient with me. So I tell him the truth "Because I don't like seeing you so close with someone else than me... I'm jealous. Yeah yeah I'm jealous Duffy I hate sharing you because you're mine no?!" As I said I was jealous this fucker began to chuckled.. Ok now he began to laugh so hard... Oh damn he's so cute... "Awww Slash is jealous that's funny... Awww baby you fucking know I'm yours and your mine and never think Gilby will replace you... But maybe in the bed he can replaces you... I think he hides a monster in his pants." He began to laugh. As I got up I looked at him with a pouty face, and said "Shut up" as I threw a pillow on him but he caught it. He began to laugh just more... "Ok I'm sorry mister grumpy, but like I told you Gilby will never take your place. Don't worry love we are just two good friends and nothing else. With you I'm feeling so complete and so happy and all. You know... I love you babe." As he said that he gave me huge cuddle and kiss me on the cheek. "I love you too" I replied and gave him a passionate kiss. And we go down stair together... Like I said I LOVE MY MAN!!!!

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