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Not always a thing

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Chapter 18 - Expectations

The light from the sun streamed in through the small window covered by a set of blinds that only did ahalf-arsed job of actually keeping said rays of blinding luminescence from getting through. One black-haired, grey eyed middle age man groaned in discontent as his eyes flickered open very briefly. They closed almost immediately after as they were hit by a beam of light so bright the man thought he might go blind.

Damn that sun. Couldn't it have picked a better time to rise? Or better yet, not risen at all? One of these days he was going to find some way to turn it off.

Or blow it up.

He would prefer blowing it up.

Grunting slightly, the black-haired male slowly sat up in bed, stifling a yawn with one hand as he did. Oh how he hated mornings. They always seemed to come at the worst times.

They actually didn't. He just wasn't much of a morning person.

As the black-haired man began to gain more cognitive thoughts, he stretched himself out, turning this way and that as he raised his hands high into the air and listened to his back pop and crack in a way that would make most people cringe. Slowly but surely, Sirius Black got out of bed and made his way towards the bathroom with a stumbling gait.

It was just another day of his life so far, at least it would change today, or so he at lest hoped it would be. As today was the day when his trial had been scheduled, the time for Sirius Orion Black to be free once again, or at least so he hoped.


Another one who was looking forward to today was Draco Malfoy. Although he had quite different reason, as come up a brilliant plan to slow his current slavery problem. After realising that the summer would before he could a solution to his problem, Draco started to become frustrated and impatient. As he refused return to Hogwarts with aslave brand, he was Malfoy, they were slaves to none.

It was then he had gotten idea to summon something to mighty remove the curse. The spell itself had taken almost no time to find, but the list of components, and tracking them each down. The careful inscription of each word, unknown but duplicated geometrically out off the books he had found them, and result was right in front of him. There inscribed on the hardwood floors of the room was asummoning circle.

Formed with a what knowledge he in short time managed to gather, the large circle had been drawn in thecenter of the room. The circle was filled with a spiralling, foreign text, ancient runes and a series of neat geometric shapes and patterns were laid out throughout the spiral. It was all nonsense to him, on a practical level, even though he had been very slowly learning what it all meant, or least what he think it meant.

Draco smiled happily down at his circle for a few seconds, so glad that the day had finally come. He had dismissed the tales of those who summoned great beings of power carelessly were almost always punished for it. It wouldn't happen to him he was Malfoy, even if something would happened his parents would take care of it either way.

Five black candles? Check.
Chalk for five wards? Check.
Sage and other herbs to be placed inside the wards?Check.
Ash of a cremated person? Disgusting, but check.

And down the list Draco went until he was certain he had everything. It took him about another hour of preparation before everything was ready, he couldn’t help but smile. It was, perhaps, needlessly over dramatic and romanticized. But, then again, he had always had aweakness for theatrics and spectacles.

Today was the day.

He took a few deep calming breaths, trying to let his nervousness and fear sink away.

Here we go then.

As he began reciting the incantation, he first took a piece of parchment had inscribed with a demonic symbol that a tome had recommended. Then he pricked his finger with a knife and let a drop of his blood soak into the parchment. Great. Awesome. Everything was going awesome.

He then set the parchment alight, just pinching the corner with his finger until the symbol was consumed in the fire.

He wasn’t sure it worked until the moment the flame suddenly went out, and all of the candles were extinguished in the same instant. His whole room immediately darkened, as if a veil had been placed over the windows.

At first, he thought, despite that, that nothing had happened. The smoke of the candles curled upwards towards the ceiling, and for a few seconds, and then the figure that appeared in the center of the circle, fading into existence somehow as if it was always had been there but only now gained tangibility, was not at all what he expected.

The small figure, was about 4'8" in height, with beautiful, glossy hair, so black it felt like it was drawing you in, and that was slightly shifted to cover her right eye. The rest was a bit shorter, but still went down to around her shoulders. Her visible, barely open, left eye was dark and soulful with graceful long eyelashes. Her skin was a an exotic mocha colour, and she had a deceptively slight figure. Her body was a little boyish, but mostly girlish.

She wearing cut-off pants and a black tank-top, she had no wings, horns, tails, hoofs, claws, or any other strange body addition or modification from what Draco could see, not even a forked tongue, or strange irises. This girl looked like average human being, a very pretty one and just little younger than him, but otherwise she looked completely normal.

Draco had expect nightmare inducing eldritch horrors, monstrous arcane abominations, or at least something inhumane with eyes that have seen empires crumble in ahandful of dust, which if looked into them was as if it pupils were agreat abyss, the heavens without light, stretching on for cold infinite eternity and returning nothing that they took.

However, this… Draco just couldn't bring himself to fear his imminent demise from an adolescent school girl, that seemed to younger than him. For a moment he simply stared at her, wondered if he had somehow made some sort of mistake and summoned… something else. To voice this opinion of his, he said the first thing that cam to his mind.

"I don't appreciate this."


Remus felt strange, he felt really tired, yet felt the need to wake up. How strange was that? Nevertheless, he pushed himself to wake up, his mind wading through the haze that enshrouded his conscious thoughts. Tired eyes slowly opened, looking up at a white ceiling.

'I'm...inside? But inside where?' he wondered as his eyes looked from side to side. He didn't recognise his surroundings at first, nor did the bed beneath him feel familiar. Every inch of his body tingled oddly, as if something were going to happen – or maybe already had.

Something felt off, it wasn't anything he could put his finger on specifically, but he knew had felt asensation quite like this before, but with his mind muddled he couldn't quite remember where. It really to some time for his sleep addled mind to connect all the dots.

It was a full moon tonight.

He groaned as he came to that realisation, he then remember something else that made him groan even more. He hadn't had any wolfsbane potion this time, he had been so caught with the Rasps and his surroundings that he completely had forgotten about the full moon.

It would no use start taking now, as for it to take effect, one was needed to take it every day for a week before the full moon. And as he hadn't left Potter Manor since he was rescued, which was five days ago, so there was no use in start taking it now.

After a while Remus stomach let out a loud grumble. 'That's it' he thought, taking it as a sign and dragging himself out of bed to get some breakfast, but not before he hopped in the shower and blasted himself with cold water to wake himself up, then adjusting the temperature to something slightly more preferable, and started to scrub himself down.


When Sirius Black entered the Ministry of Magic for his trial, he was escorted by two aurors. After both checking his arms and giving up any wand he may have had, they started to escort him to the court room ten, which were they trial would be held.

Suddenly, curses flew from all directions, and a spherical shield flashed to life around them. Sirius frozen momentarily, only to then start grinning whilst he gleefully shouted.

“Come on, you cowards. Is that the best you can do? Really?! Pathetic!!”

“Avada Kedavra," several of the attackers shouted enraged by the taunt.

As the green light hit the party, they exploded into massive purple flames, that knocked everyone around them off their feet, and filled the atrium with a suffocating intense heat.

When the echoes of the blast died down, everybody looked towards the centre. All that could be seen where Sirius and his guards had once stood, was a huge scorch mark in the shape of asniggering fox head, and spread around it laid several groaning bodies .

All of the attacker had had their wands turned to ash, and had several burns in the shape fox paws here and there all over their bodies. They mostly looked like they had been run over by large stampede of burning foxes, with no paw print being the other alike. While some were small and barely noticeable, others were large fourth degree burns.

The people who had watched everything had just unfold, looked even confused and lost, then the aurors that had just had arrived in the atrium. Which had no luck in getting anyone to explain what had just happened. It was to this scene that Albus Dumbeldore, along with Order members, had just stepped as they fallen out of the fireplace at atrium and was in the process of brushing off their clothes. When Albus looked up and saw the devastation before them, he then knew that this would be another headache amongst the many he had had lately. That feeling only grew stronger when he spotted the mark burnt into the floor.

'I think I'm getting to old for this.'



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