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The Angel Mafia

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a girl with special powers trying to survive in the real world this is not an aniime but mafia was not listed

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The angel mafia part 1
By: Clara Jones
unfiniahed story
Chapter 1: The Twisted Sister
The sunlight shone through my window. Rolling over I stared outside. Today was going to be another day of being the Angel Mafia. You are probably wondering what the heck that is. You probably have heard of the saying opposites attract. Well that’s what happened with my family. My mom was a famous serial killer while my dad was a big community service goody two shoes. So when I was born I got the genes from both of my parents creating something my whole town likes to call the Angle Mafia because I kill people but I also save peoples’ lives. You can most likely tell I’m not a normal child. I have powers to instantly kill and save whomever I want at any given time. The town doesn’t know whether to spare me or send my far away because I do an equal amount of both good and evil, right and wrong. My younger brother didn’t inherit anything because as they say he died in childbirth. I have a different theory though, it is that my mother killed him because she went psycho from drinking to much blood also know as alcohol. So the whole town raised me because my dad died and shortly afterward my mother abandoned me. Since then I have been on a killing and saving spree. Unfortunately more bad things were about to happen that would change my life forever and they where just around the corner. Two weeks before my thirteen birthday I had killed 668 and saved 668 people. I don’t mean to really kill or even save the people of this town it’s just strongly infused into my blood. Also on the weekend of my thirteen birthday the council of 23 who ran the town was deciding what to do with me. They had two options they could either spare me or send me away to protect the town from danger. I was well aware of this and was scared of the decision every day.
Chapter 2: Evil Is A Strong Force
Hello I said picking up the main phone. Uh uh uh ok sure. I put down the phone. I angrily picked up my mother's gun. I didn’t intend to hit the mailman right outside. He survived my unintentual attack but ended up with a badly wounded leg. I put my mother’s gun down and went and hid under the bed. Fifteen minutes later I crawled out from underneath it. I sighed and stared blankly at the wall. Then I realized what was happening. My body hurt. I grew stronger and longer. Dark gray fur sprouted all over my body, and looking into the mirror I noticed my eyes slowly turning red. I also love to take this moment to mention that I am not completely human but half wolf. I snarled and pawed at the ground. I crashed through the wall just as Joseph Allan my only friend walked in. Joseph was so close he was like a brother to me and I admired him greatly. I turned to him. I jumped on him and licked his face. Then my body started shrinking back to my human form so that I was in his arms. Boy Christine he said for he was the only person beside my parents who knew my real name. Yes my name isn’t really The Angel Mafia. Christie you need to control that he said patting the last bit of fur on me. Sorry my parents cursed me. I guess my dad wasn’t completely good after all. Remember wolfie that there is a little bit of evil in all of us. Not you. I said. Even me, He said smiling. I looked up and listened to the bell strike 3. Oh no I said. I’m late. I scrambled to my feet and brushed off my dress. I hurried to the meeting time a minute late with Joseph following close behind. Sit down a guard said forcefully. I obeyed. The lead council raped the stand. Thank you everybody for coming. You all probably know why were here. I was bored at of my mind until… We are here to discuss The Angel Mafia. As all of you are aware there is a child amongst of who is a savior but also a mafia. That child may you please come to the platform. I timidly approached the stage. Now he boomed. Do you have any words? Umm yes actually. My fellow citizens good afternoon. I am sorry for all the tragic events I have caused and even the miracles I have made. I can’t help it because it is strongly infused into in my blood. I would like to say thanks to one person and only one person. I won’t say his name but he was there and didn’t judge me. He was there when I needed a friend so thank you. Ok thanks AM. So I am sorry to say but TAM is going to leave town for the safety of it’s people.
Chapter 3: Pack Your Bags and Scram!
I glumly walked back alone because Joseph went home. Then I started to pack. I looked down at the piece of paper. John’s Academy. Never ever had I heard of that place. I finished packing, skipped supper and turned in for the night. I woke up the next morning and as I was finishing breakfast I heard a knock on the door. Joseph I said. What…. What are you doing here? I just wanted to say goodbye. Oh… here. He handed me a small box. I opened and inside was a necklace. That had June’s gemstone, which as you most likely guessed is my birthday month. Oh it’s beautiful. “Here” he said putting it on me. Oh Christie I’m going to miss you so much. Oh me too. We can write we can write. Yes yes we can. I turned into a wolf one last time on command. I heard a horn honk and saw the jeep pull into the driveway. I quickly changed back and ran towards the jeep. Ok so remember no wolves, powers, killing or saving you need to be normal. I got it. Gosh. Ok well were at the airport. I hurried into the airport and waited fifteen minutes till the plane boarded. As the plane took off I said one last goodbye to the only place I could really call my home. Then I dozed off. I was awakened by the news that we were landing soon. Two people meet me at the airport one was an old gentleman and the other was a girl about my age smiling hugely from underneath brown hair and glasses. ‘How was you’re flight the man said kindly taking my suitcase. “Good” I said clutching the small carry on bag. Well he said I’m John the owner of the school and this is. “Im Caroline the girl” said shaking my hand. I’m going to be one of you’re roommates. We decided it be best not to…. Ok Caroline lets take it down a notch or two. Right of course she said. Cool and I’m the angel I mean Christine I said. cathching myself midsentence. When we walked outside I froze. There waiting for us was our own private limo. Pretty cool Caroline said skipping towards it. I climbed into the backseat with my roommate while John sat up front. Soon enough we approached the school. The driver opened the door for us and I followed Caroline to a large office. Go on in and head to our room once you’re done it’s the nicest suit she said handing me my room key.
Chapter 4: How Long Can You Survive
“Enter” a deep voice boomed. Well if it isn’t the new girl. I heard lots about you. He looked at a sheet. Christine. Beautiful name BTW. So I understand you meet you’re first roommate so you’re other one will give you you’re tour. Rosette. Please come out now. Ugh what she said in a bored annoyed monotone, which she talked like for as long as I can remember. She had medium length purple hair and a noise ring. Would you like to give you’re new roommate a tour. Not particularly but I will. And finally this is our bedroom bye bye. Then she left. I looked around I notice that my suitcase had been delivered. I dropped my bag down and went over to my suitcase. An hour later I was all done packing and went to the bathroom to change in a causal but nice skirt and blouse for dinner. Anther hour passed and both my roommates came back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a letter from Joseph I quickly picked it up and started to read but I was interrupted. Who is that from Caroline said flopping onto my bed. Nobody I said. She rudely read over my shoulder. Oh it’s from you’re boyfriend. No it’s just a friend. That’s what all girls say Rosette said glancing up from her book in the monotone of hers. Oh shut Caroline started but the bell rang. Ya dinnertime Caroline squealed. Im so glad we can sit with whoever said Rosette putting her hair into a ponytail. So when I got to dinner I wasn’t in the mood for making friends, which wasn’t rare, so I got my food and sat down at an empty table.

Chapter 5: what goes on in the night
Is anybody sitting here. I looked up too see a tall blonde hair boy about a year older then me standing there. Umm no I said moving my stuff over. Thanks he said. I didn’t reply. So he asked you’re the new kid right. Ya that’s me. What’s your name. You don’t need to know. What am I to call you he asked puzzled? New girl is fine. Umm ok he said obviously still confused. So I said. what do you like to do for fun. Well I like to play football and other athletic games. Oh. What about you. I like to sing and dance. Cool. We ended up talking for the rest of dinner. After that we went back to our rooms and had some time to yourselves. I decided to write to Joseph. Awww that’s so cute she’s keeping in touch with her boyfriend. Leave her alone annoying face Rossete said. She already told you its not her boyfriend.
5 minutes later
After I finished writing to my “boyfriend” as Caroline aka annoying face apparently puts it I decided to turn in for the night.
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