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My Greasers and I

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a socs and greasers girl can they be friends

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My Greasers and I
An Outsiders fan fiction and a Johnny Cade love story
By: Clara Jones

My Greasers and I
· 14
· Dally’s little sister
· Mia’s bff
· Likes Pony/is his girlfriend Friendly
· Kind
· Jason’s ex
· Parents are dead
· 15
· Two bitt’s little sister
· Likes soda
· Cheerful
· Optimistic
· Likes makeup
· Typical girly girl
· Gorgeous
· 16
· Clara’s ex
· Doesn’t take breakups well
· Is hated by dally and the whole gang plus Clara and Mia
· Is your typical mean socs
From the book/movie
· 14
· Soda and Darry’s younger brother
· Jonny’s bff
· Likes Clara/ Is her boyfriend
· Nice
· Sweet
· Kind
· Doesn’t use his head

Chapter 1: That’s how you get X
I woke up to my alarm clock blaring in my ears. I rolled over onto my stomach and checked the time. 6:00, school started way too early. I drowsily got out of bed and put on jeans and my favorite t-shirt. Then I headed downstairs. I quickly ate half of a bagel and drank some coffee. Minutes later my older brother Dallas Winston came down. Come on Clara he said walking to the car he let’s borrowed. Hey sis he said leaning on the car door trying to look tuff. “Ya” I said climbing into the font seat. I have to pick up some friends of mine and since they’re my dudes you can talk to them. Dudes in Dal’s vocabulary basically means his bffs. “Cool thanks” I said nonchalantly looking out the window. Ten minutes later we’re pulling into a run-down looking house and I saw two boys around my age approaching it. They both climbed into the back seat. Soon enough we got to school and we all went on our way. I walked through the crowded hallway when I noticed four girls walking towards me. They all had the same mean cold faces and all that cacked on make-up. “Hey are you new” one said kindly.” Need help another asked”, Ya because loser class is right down the hall they said. Then one pulled my arm and the next thing I knew was that I heard a door slam and evil laughter echoing around me. Looking around I realized that I was in the janitor’s closet. I tugged on the door only to figure out that there was a lock. Omg seriously who puts a lock on a janitor’s closet. I started pounding on the door but had no luck. Eventually I got out and hurried into math just as the teacher was saying and that’s how you get x.
Chapter 2:Great This Is Just Perfect
Well how nice of you to join us fifteen minutes late. So guys to celebrate our new student with bad concept of time we are going to have a pop quiz. Ugh the whole class groaned. During the quiz the teacher said slamming the papers on the desk silencing the class I would like to have a little chat with time travel Clara. So child I have unfortunate news that you have been awarded a two day detention for being late to my class. “Oh” I said dumbly. That’s all now go work on this worksheet till class end oh and welcome to Priston High School with the highest dispclince around. “Thanks” I said starting to work on my worksheet. The bell range and I was happy to discover I had art next but it was horrible. The teacher a plump man with a beard and glasses criticize everything I created but praised everybody else. Well I guess that life in the big city and I just got to suck it up and live with it. Finally all my morning classes were over and I headed to the cafeteria for lunch. There I discovered that the Pop 4 were having a fight with her own kind.
Chapter 3: Just You’re Average Lunch
I sat down at an empty table and watched the bloodless battle very interested in it. After awhile it got boring and when it was finally over the only big outcome was the popular group had one less person. The ex pop walked right over and accept the invitation to sit down. I was about to say a witty but being the nice person I am lol kept it to myself.
Ex Pop # 4 thinking
I looked at the girl across from me. I didn’t want to be seen with this loser but what choice did I have. I was an Ex Pop nobody but I new kid would want sit with me.
Clara thinking
Omg this girl is annoying already and she hasn’t even said anything ye. Bo ho her life is so miserable what bout me.
So she said staring me down. a Pop sitting next to you rarely happens to you . “fourntinatlly I said after eating a piece of dumpling and some fried rice. “huh” she said dumbly. I hate Pop but you are technically not meaning to be rude but you’re technically not a Pop now. “Yeah” she said sadly. “Hey don’t worry. Besides how well do you know them?” ‘Not very well’ she admitted bitterly. “Exactly! They could have the most pathetic life ever. Pops masked their emotions. I know they all do.” She looked up at me sadly but said nothing. I know she knew I was right but she didn’t want to show it. That made me hate her even more. Yes I had some pity on the poor girl but that doesn’t mean she is my bestite. Soon the bell rang to end lunch and I heased to the library for my studied period to start my math homework.
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