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Chapter 13

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There were only two weeks before the planned baby shower, so everyone had to work quickly, but secretly. Daisy was in charge of the decorations and the party supplies (such as the balloons and confetti). Yoshi and Toad were in charge of the food. Luigi and Peach took it upon themselves to organize everything into place, as well as buying the baby necessities. The baby was due in a month, and there wasn't anything to help take care of him/her.

And most importantly, all of them made sure not to say a word to Mario about it. They remembered how suspicious he got when they tried to plan a surprise birthday party for him, so they were determined not to screw it up this time. Daisy, Toad and Yoshi were careful to stay out of his sight completely, and while Luigi and Peach did stick with him, they were careful not to branch into any topic that could relate to the shower. The only "baby thing" they talked about was the third ultrasound that was in a week.


Meanwhile, Mario was dealing with issues of his own. While his appetite was still growing, his energy was quickly withering away, even though he was cutting back on junk food and was trying to be more active. Part of this was because the developing fetus was continuously kicking him. In the past, they just felt like weird little taps, but now they were stronger. They were actually starting to hurt now. He thought about telling Luigi about it, but then he thought that he was bothering his brother too much. He should deal with it himself.

He also didn't want to have those Toads staring at his rounded belly, so he stayed in his room as often as possible, where he knew he would have privacy. He now hated going down to the dining hall when it was time to eat; those Toads would always stare and whisper among themselves. He wanted to ask Luigi if he could eat in his room, but again, he felt that he was being too self-centered. He decided he should just deal with it - even with that one Toad who laughed at him for being too overweight.

That one Toad (named Harold) was really trying Mario's patience. He was one of those Toads who had a swollen ego and always had an easy life, and now he was making Mario's life miserable. Whenever he passed him in the dining room, he would whisper something like, "Weight Watchers is looking for you, Mario," or "Mario, have you ever heard of a gym? You should try it." The worst comment the little wolf received from Harold was, "Hey, Mario, did you eat a bowling ball or something? Oh, wait, that can't be it; your stomach would be smaller. I guess you're just getting fat." This particular comment made Mario lose his appetite for the rest of the day.


He didn't know why this Toad was badgering him like this, but then he figured he must have offended Harold or something. The next time Harold came up to him, Mario timidly said, "Harold, have I done something to offend you? If so, I'm very sorry for what I did. I will try to make it up for you."

Though Mario didn't know this, Harold faked forgiveness. He pressed a hand to his heart, as though he was touched. "Oh, Mario, of course I forgive you," he said mockingly. "But it's too bad your cute little apology won't help you lose that thing you call your waistline."

The smile instantly left Mario's face.

"How about you stop eating so much crap, lose that fat suit, and then we'll talk," Harold sneered as he turned and walked away from Mario.

For some reason, the little wolf actually felt like running after him and punching the guy, but then he came to his senses and thought otherwise. "No, hurting him is not the answer..." he tried to reassure himself. "Just ignore him and it won't matter anymore..."

However, all of this continued until the day of the third ultrasound.


The appointment was set after lunch, so around eleven o' clock, both Mario and Luigi headed to the dining hall. Luigi, however, still had no idea that his brother was being bullied by Harold, and Mario had no idea that his friends were planning a surprise baby shower for him. The two siblings were careful not to let their secrets slip.

Upon entering the dining hall, Mario saw all eyes turn towards him.

Then the hushed whispering began.

His cheeks blushing red, the little wolf tried to hide behind Luigi, who was too busy thinking about the future baby shower to notice. He really detested being stared at, especially with all these whispers floating about. It was like they were judging him, even without knowing he was pregnant.

What made everything worse was that Harold's words kept invading Mario's mind, preventing him from thinking clearly. He was very hungry, yes, but if Harold saw him eating, the Toad would surely mock him. But if he didn't eat anything, Luigi would want to know why.

Maybe he should just eat something really small, like an apple. Then, after the appointment with Dr. Toadley, he could go back to the dining hall and eat some more, after everyone had left.

Mario smiled to himself. That way, everyone will be happy, and Harold won't find any reason to mock him.

However, as soon as he got to the buffet lines, there was something that made him stop in his tracks.

Strawberry pie with whipped cream on top.

His mouth watered automatically as he looked at the pie on the dessert section. Strawberries were his absolute favorite thing to eat, and here was a whole pie of it! And with whipped cream, no less!

Mario knew that he should just skip the pie and go for something smaller and healthier, but his hunger eventually won over. He licked his lips hungrily as he instinctively took the whole pie and went to sit down with Luigi at their table.

When they sat down, Luigi cast an eye at Mario's pie. "Ooh, strawberry, I see," he said with a smile. "I guess dessert is first, then?"

Mouth full of pie, Mario only nodded happily.

Luigi looked down to eat his own lunch, when his phone suddenly rang. When he saw who the caller was, his eyes widened.

"Um, Mario?" he asked sheepishly. "I gotta take this call, okay? I'll be right back, don't worry. You just stay here and keep eating, okay?"

Mario nodded again, his mouth still full.

Luigi got up quickly and went across the hall to the restroom, for he knew that Mario's earshot had a pretty far radius. He placed the phone to his ear and spoke in a hushed voice. "Hey, Daisy, how are the decorations going?"


Within minutes, Mario was so absorbed in eating his pie that everyone and everything around him faded into nothingness. He mysteriously felt at peace, something he had not truly felt since the "date of conception", as Dr. Toadley put it.

However, this meant he didn't see Harold walk right up in front of him.

"Oh, well you look at this?" Harold said in a sniveling voice. "Seems like someone is cheating on his diet."

Mario immediately stopped chewing and swallowed. He tried to speak, but Harold cut him off again. "No, no, don't try to apologize. I was only trying to help, but I guess when you're so fat, even exercise doesn't help, huh?"

The words hurt worse than a speeding Bullet Bill. Mario stayed quiet, though he began to feel something darken in his heart.

Harold spoke louder this time, hoping to attract a crowd. "I guess the hero's really letting himself go, am I right?" he called out, obviously trying to sound casual.

Several Toads looked up automatically, wondering what all the commotion was about. Some of the more curious ones came closer to the table.

Harold leaned in close to Mario. "You disgust me," he said in a low voice. "I used to look up to you; you were my hero. But now look at you. All you do now is eat your heart out, and expect all of us to do everything for you, with your 'oh-so-innocent' act. You're nothing but a fake."

The dark feeling in Mario's heart worsened with every word. It didn't help that the baby was wriggling inside him again, twisting up his emotions radically. That dark feeling rapidly surfaced into white-hot anger, ready to bite back.

Without thinking, Mario stood up abruptly, grabbed the rest of the pie, and smashed it in Harold's face.
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