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Chapter 20

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Mario had never known how much fun baby showers could be. After eating some of the delicious cupcakes and cookies that Yoshi and Toad had brought in (Yoshi was the only one who ate more than Mario had), they all played some games.

Some games included the baby food game, in which everyone had to eat certain flavors of baby food (with the lid taken off) and guess which flavor it was. Unfortunately, poor Toadsworth had the most bad-tasting flavors. Then they moved on to the toilet paper game, where everyone was to guess how many rolls of toilet paper could span Mario's belly without overlapping. It turned out to be Peach who won, with approximately 11 sheets.

They also played the cotton ball game, where two people were blindfolded and they had to get as many cotton balls as they could on a plate over their head. The catch was that they had to use a spoon. It came really close between Luigi and Daisy, but Daisy won it in the end. Of course, she really cherished the victory.

Once the excitement of the food and games had settled, it was time for Mario to open the gifts. The problem was: which one would he open first?


"Here, Mario, open mine! It's totally gonna be the best one!" Daisy said excitedly as she gestured to a very large present sitting on the floor adorned with tiny flowers on it.

"No way! We already told you ours was the best!" Yoshi cut in. Toad pointed to another one next to Daisy's.

"Everyone, please calm down. Let Master Mario choose which one he should open first," Toadsworth spoke as he sneakily pushed his gift closer to the little wolf.

Luigi rolled his eyes at all this. He cleared his throat. "Guys, really. You're all acting like kids. Grow up and let him decide for himself."

"Ugh, fine. But I still think mine's the best," Daisy huffed as she sat back in her seat. Yoshi and Toad also slunk back in their seats, mumbling something similar.

With curious eyes, Mario looked over the presents. All had been wrapped in pink and blue with varying designs, and were all different shapes and sizes. Some were in boxes, while others weren't.

Which one would he open first...?

His eye caught sight of one present sitting near the back. It was rather small compared to the others, but it was nicely wrapped with a pink bow.

He pointed to it. "Can I open that one first?" he asked.

Luigi turned to it. "Alright," he said as he took the present and handed it to him.

Daisy was confused. "Whose present is that?" she asked, scratching her head.

Peach smiled sheepishly. "That one's mine," she replied.

"He should have opened ours first," Yoshi whispered to Toad. Toad gave a little nod in response.

Mario carefully undid the wrapping as best as he could, since he felt it would be rude to tear it off. Once it was off, he saw that it was a white box with a pink lid on it. When he opened the box, his eyes widened with glee and he gasped. "Oh...!"

Inside was a soft, fuzzy blanket that had been carefully handmade. It was a soft red color with little stars dancing among it. It was exactly like Wolfie's own blankie, but a different color and size.

"Hey, now you and your baby will match," Peach said, a sweet smile on her face. "I figured red would be a good color whether it's a boy or girl."

"Oh, I-I love it!" Mario beamed excitedly. "Thank you, this is amazing!" Smiling, he put the little blanket back in the box and closed the lid gently.

"Now mine! Open mine next, please!" Daisy said, pushing her present closer.

"No, we should be next!" Yoshi and Toad insisted.

"Guys! What did I just say?" Luigi scolded. "Are you all gonna keep acting like kids?"

"Um, yeah! This is a party for the new baby, after all! I think we're entitled to a little compensation, like having our present opened next!" Yoshi spoke up, a charming smile ever-present on his face.

"I'll open yours next," Mario replied shyly, hoping Daisy wouldn't be too upset.

"Alright! Sweet!" Toad cheered. He quickly pushed the present right up to Mario. "Here you go!"

This present was pretty large compared to Peach's. It wasn't in a box, he could tell. But he couldn't tell what was inside it, other than the fact that it was bumpy towards the bottom.

Carefully, he undid the bow and unwrapped the paper. Once he removed, his eyes widened once again. "Oh...!"

This was a large red basket, adorned with tiny stars along the ridges. Inside was a multitude of fruits, grains, and even some baby food. There were even some pre-cooked meals toward the bottom of the pile that would only need to be heated in the microwave.

"See? Now you don't have to cook anything for a while! We know how tiring it'll be after the kid's out, so we decided to prep your meals for you in advance!" Yoshi explained.

"Do you like it?" Toad asked excitedly.

"I do like it!" Mario said, smiling. "You even got strawberries!" He looked down happily at the little bowl of strawberries tucked away neatly. "Thank you, Yoshi and Toad!"

"Now, I believe my present shall be next," Toadsworth spoke up, pushing his gift toward Mario again. "It should prove most useful to you!"

"Okay," Mario agreed as he took hold of the present. It was a bit larger than Yoshi and Toad's, but slightly more narrow and less heavy. He took off the bow and wrapping paper, wondering what it could be.

It turned out to be a large diaper bag. It was white with pink and blue trimming, and had monogrammed butterflies etched into it.

"Oh! It's adorable!" Mario gasped happily. He gently touched the butterfly embroidery, marveling at how well stitched it was.

"And if you open it, you'll find a variety of diapers, bottles, and bibs, along with some matching outfits," Toadsworth continued. "They'll fit the child when it gets a little bigger."

Mario opened the bag and saw the items. He marveled at the little outfits, and they had little mittens and booties attached. They were simply adorable!

"They're really cute, Toadsworth, thank you!" Mario said, snuggling the outfits a bit before putting them back in the bag.

"Alright! It's my turn!" Daisy cheered. She gestured to the biggest present sitting on the floor.

Mario's eyes widened. This present in particular was enormous. It couldn't even fit on the table! What exactly had Daisy gotten him?

"Here, let me unwrap it for you and you just stay seated, alright?" Daisy continued as she jumped up and ran over to the gift. She quickly tore off the bow and the wrapping paper, then stood back. "Ta-daa~!"

Everyone's jaw hit the floor. Daisy had gotten him an actual go-kart. It seemed to be based off a baby carriage, except it didn't have any color or design to it. But it was the ideal size for a small-class racer.

"You got a go-kart?" Peach asked in shock.

"Damn, that's a good present," Yoshi couldn't help saying.

"We should've gotten that!" Toad whispered in awe.

"Yep! I had it modeled after a baby carriage so that the kid can start racing! I even left it unpainted so that he or she can design it however they want!" Daisy gushed.

Luigi raised an eyebrow. "Don't you think the baby will be too young to drive at this rate?"

"Nonsense! My parents had me in the go-karts ever since I could sit up! The kid's gonna love it, trust me! They'll be winning races in no time!" Daisy contradicted happily. She then turned to Mario. "Whaddaya think, Mommy-to-be? You like it?"

Mario wasn't sure that he was comfortable with the idea of letting his baby race at such an early age, but he didn't want to disappoint Daisy. She was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. "...I do like it," he finally said, managing a smile. "Maybe we can wait a bit for them to race, but I like it."

"Alright! This'll be awesome!" Daisy cheered. "I can't wait!" Then she turned to Luigi. "Alright, future uncle. Where's your gift?"

"It's on the table," Luigi said, pointing.

Everyone turned to look, but then they turned back. There wasn't another present on the table.

"Um, you sure? I mean, unless you got him wrapping paper, I don't see it there," Daisy said, crossing her arms in confusion.

Luigi was also confused. "What? But I'm sure I put it there!" he said as he got up and took a glance himself at the table. "What the-? Where is it? I had it with me...!" He quickly looked behind and under the table in case it had fallen over.

"Luigi...?" Mario asked in concern.

Said brother's eyes widened. "Oh! I must have left it in my room!" he cried. "I must have been so excited about this whole party, I forgot!" Turning to Mario, he added. "I'm sorry, Bro; I'll go and get it, okay? I'll be right back!"

Without another word, Luigi turned and ran out of the room.


"How could I have forgotten the present? I had everything all arranged and prepped for this!" Luigi mentally scolded himself as he climbed up the stairs to his room in the castle. As he opened the door, he saw the pink-and-blue present neatly sitting on his desk, waiting for him.

"Well, at least I didn't forget to wrap it. That would've sucked," he said as he came over and picked it up. Hurriedly, he turned back and ran back out the door, hoping to make it to the party room quickly. But Luigi was going so fast that he accidentally bumped into someone, causing the two of them to crash to the floor. The present also slipped out of his hands and slide across the floor. But luckily, the contents inside weren't damaged.

"Oops! I-I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to -"Luigi started to apologize as he got the present and hauled himself up. However, he stopped mid-sentence as soon as he looked up and saw just who he happened to bump into.

It was Mr. L.
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