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The Names Creed -A Soul Eater Fan Fiction-

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Jackson Williams is a fourteen year old boy who got sent of to the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) to become a Meister. His younger brother, Bryce, is a weapon and came with him to learn more a...

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Chapter 1:
I woke up to the sound of my buzzing alarm clock. Today was Monday. It was also the day where I start my new school. The reason that I'm starting a new school is because my parents want me to become a Weapon Meister I think. My younger brother is also coming with me since he found out that he is a weapon. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself.
Sorry, I didn't introduce myself yet did I? How rude of me. I'm Jackson, Jackson Williams. I'm fourteen years old and I live in the William Mansion in Beverly Hills, California. It's just me, my mom, my dad and younger brother living in it. You probably can tell that my family is a bit wealthy and we are. It's hard to say that I like my life like this but I honestly don't. It's actually very boring. All I do is sit at home and sometimes go swimming in the lagoon that is near my house. I'm actually very excited for this new school because I won't be in a school full of snobs for the first time in my life. I was raised to be a snob like the others, I didn't like it though so I ignored most of the people in my life and tried my best to be a normal teenager. It's hard to try to have a normal life since I eat the finest of foods, get everything I want, have private maids and butlers and even have an actuall elevator in my house! People dream of my life and for those who dream of it, I would honestly swap my life for any.
There was a smell of delicious pancakes so I got out of my bed and went down an enormous flight of stairs. I ignored most of the workers in my house and just slid down the banister of the stairway. Yes, that was quite a rude thing to do but I honestly couldn't care less. I seen my mom in a fancy red dress and waved to her. "What's up mom?" I shouted. Her fade went completely red and she marched over to me. "Jackson Williams! How dare you slide down that banister that has just been clean in your underwear? And what is this 'What's up?' Thing that you have been saying recently? Also get a shirt and trousers on! You are going in seven hours and look at you! It should take you three hours to get ready, then your butler need to pack..." She started rambling. My mom is crazy sometimes. She is a perfectionist and she always wants to make everything look 'presentable'. "Mom, I'm fine. I can pack my own suitcase and seven hours is tons of time!" I answered her back. She rolled her eyes and rushed me into the kitchen where the family chef was cooking some pancakes. I could see my brother sitting down on one of the stools eating some of the pancakes. He was wearing a tuxedo and his pure blonde hair was all slicked back. He was obviously ready to go. He also had five huge suitcases on the table. "Good morning bro." I said and sat beside him on the stool next to his. I could see him glare at me with his big hazel eyes. I sighed and started to eat my pancakes and pretended to ignore my brother.

Name: Bryce Williams
Age: Thirteen
Abilities: Can turn into a sword like dagger that is very sharp
About: Bryce Jackson is a spoilt rich kid who only cares about wealth and success. He dreams on becoming as 'amazing' as his father. He is the brother of Jackson Williams. Bryce was brain washed into thinking that the rich and poor should be separated forever. He also can't do anything for himself because he always has people doing that for him. The best word to describe him would be a complete... Jerk.

My brother isn't exactly the nicest person but you get used to him. My mom and dad couldn't care less about him. They actually think that he is the perfect child. They brainwashed that poor kid. I honestly can't even call him a kid because he is only one year younger than me. Oh well, he couldn't care less about me. I swear, if my brother was standing in front of me while I was dying, he wouldn't even bother to help. He would probably walk away like nothing ever happened to me. Bryce never got discipline. He never learnt anything. I had to teach myself discipline. When I was around six or seven I would of been exactly like him. I know. It's quite sad.
After my breakfast I ran upstairs and got some cloths on. Today I was wearing a black hoodie and some black jeans with a silver belt. I also put on a pair of grey sneakers. As I combed my silky ash blonde hair, surprising, my brother walked in. He probably went into my room only a couple a times in his life. "This place is so dirty and it smells horrible!" He moaned in his fake posh accent and put his hand over his noise. I just laughed and patted him on the back. "You get used to the smell after a while. So, what brings you to my den?" I asked. Bryce quickly took my hand off his back and stared right at me. "I came here so that I can get my headphones back! Remember when you borrowed them last week?" Bryce glared at me and stared looking around my room. My room had cloths everywhere, the bed was extremely untidy, there was random posters on the wall and there was tons of snacks as well. My room definitely wasn't a clean one. Even the butler won't clean it!
I handed my brother his huge platinum headphones. Thankfully he didn't notice the scratch that I accidentally put on them. I'm a bit clumsy to be honest. "Thank you... Uhm... Ja-- never mind." My brother left the room with his head down. I wondered what was wrong with him. I sat down on my bed and grabbed my suitcase and started to pack some stuff. I looked at myself in the mirror. My dark blue eyes looked back at me. They were almost as dark as a nights sky. I could see a tear roll down my face. The reason that I was sad was because I had a strange feeling that I wouldn't see this house (or mansion) for a really long time. I would defiantly miss this place but I'm also happy that I am leaving because having this life is boring as hell! I stood up and grabbed my suitcase. It was time for me to leave this place.
Some hours later
There I was, staring out the window of a fancy black car. I was going to the airport so I could get to Nevada, Death City. My brother was listening to some music from his iPod. He hadn't spoke to me since he came to get his headphones. It was just me, him and the driver in the car. "Excuse me but how long is it till we get to the airport sir?" I asked. The driver put up five hands. That probably meant five minutes. I nodded my head and relaxed on the comfy seat. I looked over to see what song Bryce was listening to. He was listing to Classical. He was obviously enjoying it aswell. There was nothing to do in this boring car. Hopefully the school that I was going to would be fun. When I got the news that I was going I was actually a little shocked. My parents are very serious about school and they want to send us to the best. Of course they would have to sent Bryce because he is a weapon but I don't really understand why they would send me. It was even stranger that they wanted me to be a Weapon Mesiter. Maybe it was for more independence? Or maybe the school is better then our last? I'll know when I get to the place. Hopefully it won't be full of snobby rich kids. I know that Bryce would be fine with that but I just wanna meet normal people for the first time in my life. That's right, I actually never met other kids that don't be considered 'rich'. My parents just won't allow it.
The car suddenly stopped and the driver opened the door for me and Bryce to get out. The car was out on a runway and a huge plane was standing in front of us. It was American Airlines. As I got out of the car, the driver handed me an envelope. I had no clue what the envelope was but I put it into my pocket. I walked up the stairs and a worker guided me and brother to our seats. There was a nice smell of blueberry in the plane. I defiantly seen better planes but a plane is a plane. The good thing was about the plane, was that we were flying first class. Me and Bryce had seats in the middle so we were sitting right beside each other. I could tell that Bryce didn't want to be beside me because then we would have to have conversation so we could keep each other company. "So are you excited?" I asked, trying to get him to talk. "A bit yes. How about you?" I just nodded my head and looked at him. "I know that we hardly ever talk or see each other but can we change that just for this school?" I asked nervously. Bryce was thinking about what I said. Then I seen a faint smile and he said a simple, "Yes". I don't think that I ever seen him smile before. All I could do is smile back at him.

Chapter 2:
The loud Dubstep played through my ears as I ate some potato chips. The flight was almost over thankfully. There wasn't too much turbulence throughout the flight. It was actually a very calm one. "We shall be landing very shorty." The flight attendant said to me. I nodded my head and nudged at Bryce. He looked at me with disgust in his face. "Stop acting like a little kid!" He compliant to me. I rolled my eyes at him and packed away some of my belonging into a bag. Excitement rushed through my body as I felt the plane landing. Bryce obviously wasn't that excited by the look on his face.
I ran over to a huge window in the airport to look at this new destination. On the ground there were cacti and sand. The sun was huge and it was obviously a hot day out. I suddenly started sweating really badly but I really didn't care. "Hey can we please go get a cold drink...?" I heard Bryce's real voice say instead of the fake posh one. He was collapsed on the floor, trying to fan himself with his hand. All I could do was laugh at
him. He started hyperventilating for some reason so I dragged him to the nearest shop. I bought us both some iced water from a coffee shop. We both gulped it down and then we both sat down, looking out at a view at the beautiful Death City.
"Excuse me, but are you two the Williams?" A voice asked from behind. Me and Bryce were sitting down for about three minutes. I turned to the person and nodded my head. It was a tall man in dark shades, a fancy tux and fancy shoes. "Please come with me. I shall be driving you to your new home." Me and Bryce got up and followed the man out to an red expensive car. We both put our luggage in the back and then sat down. Thankfully, the car journey wasn't that far. We soon got to our destination which was a apartment block. It was obvious that the other people who lived in there apartments were wealthy because the apartments were huge! They were very modern and they were very nice. Me and Bryce got out of the car and the driver wheeled our luggage up to the doorstep. He then unlocked the door with the key and we all went in. The apartment walls were a cream color. On the ceiling their was a sparkling chandelier. I could tell that we were in the living room. It was about the size of a living room in an average size house. It was connected to a kitchen and then at the side there was a small stairway. Everything was already decorated so nothing needed to be done. I collapsed onto the white sofa and gave a big yawn. I heard the door shut then I quickly got up. "Hey Bryce, what kind of pizza do you want?" I asked as I began to take out my phone. He also sat down on the couch. "A large one with tons of meat on it. Then get me a large bottle of Pepsi." He answered. I nodded my head and started to ring a pizza place. "Yo, can I get a large meat meat meat pizza and a large pineapple pizza? Can I also get a three liter bottle of Pepsi and a two liter bottle of root beer please? Okay thank you." I hung up the phone and turned on a huge 62inch TV.
The best thing about this house was the fact that I got the biggest bedroom. There is three bedrooms in total so the third is a guest bedroom. Bryce took the smallest because he thought it was the nicest and he liked the view. My bedroom had two windows at the end, a queens size bed, a small wardrobe, a book shelf, a gaming PC on a wooden desk, some gaming posters and a big shelf of video games. It also had other room essentials in it like a mirror and storage units. The color of the walls in my room was a dark gray. I quite liked the color. At least it wasn't light blue like in Bryce's room.
I sat down at a bench outside of the apartment. It was around the middle of the night by now so there was a cool breeze. Tomorrow I would be starting school at the DWMA. Bryce was already sleeping but I just couldn't sleep. I was way to excited for tomorrow. I actually had no idea what this school was like. You could see it from the apartment because of how huge it was! It almost took up about half of Death City. There must be hundred of students going to that one school. I'm really hoping that most of them aren't snobs like the people in my old school! Even the teachers were snobs to be honest. I guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Sorry for boring chapter and how it was short. I had to rush this one because I was super excited for the next one because tons of new characters are going to be introduced. Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Chapter 3:

"WAKE UP BRYCE!" I screamed as I ate my cereal. As revenge for him being so mean to me all the time, I woke him up late. Now he only has five minutes to get ready for the first day of school. I could hear him rushing and running around everywhere. I drank the last of my cereal then then put the bowl into the dishwasher. Today was the day... The day where I start an entire new life at this school! I went over to the big mirror in the dining room and looked at myself. I was wearing a checkered gray and black shirt with a turquoise hoodie over it and faded denim trousers. On my feet I was wearing white nikes. I then ran upstairs to Bryce's room and seen that he was fixing his hair. He was wearing a black shirt with five gold stars on it and regular jeans. He still had his grey socks on. "Come on or we are going to be late on our first day!" I rolled my eyes and checked the time on my platinum watch. I suddenly dropped my hand in shock. I woke up an hour in advance... I thought I was going to get their on perfect time but it was only 6:30 AM and school starts at 7:30 AM. All I could do is kick the door. Then I ran downstairs and poured myself more cereal.

"Hah! I can't believe you woke up an hour earlier." Bryce laughed.

"Oh shut up. At least I don't sweat as much as you going up these stairs!" I laughed back. Me and Bryce where going up a huge flight of stairs that were at the front of the academy. We were half way up and I guess the sweat was making us both pissed of.

"This is torture! If only I had a caring older brother who cared about me!" Bryce moaned. My face went completely red and smoke started fuming out of my ears. "OH SHUT UP YOU BASTARD! CAN YOU AT LEAST WALK WITHOUT THE HELP OF YOUR BUTLAR!?" I screamed. The two of us suddenly stopped. He glared at me and slapped me across my face. "WELL AT LEAST MOM CARES ABOUT ME! YOU DO EVERYTHING WRONG! YOUR NAME SHOULD BE MISTAKE BECAUSE THATS WHAT YOU ARE!" He screamed back. I was about to beat the crap out of him until I was suddenly on the ground with a big bruise on my forehead. Bryce was beside me, shaking uncontrollably. "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BEING SO LOUD THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING? CAN YOU NOT TELL THAT I'M TIRED? I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE! I'M LEAVING!" Screamed the most. Annoying. Voice. I. Have. Ever. Heard. In. My. Entire. Life. I somehow got up and got a good look at this.. GIRL? A girl beat me up? She had long chestnut brown hair with some blonde in it that was a little messy. Her eyes were a bit of a grey color and she seemed really annoyed. She was almost as tall as me and she was wearing a light pink jumper which had a silhouette of a narwhal in the middle of it. She was also wearing black leggings and really expensive looking red running shoes. Who did this girl think she was?

Name: Jessica D.

Age: Twelve.

Abilities: Can turn into the craziest girl ever when she is doubted or angry.

About: Now, what is there to say about 'little sweet' Jess... Well, she is always angry. Don't even bother to correct her because she is always right. Always praise her and she will keep her anger down. On the outside she is a completely different person than she is on the outside. She has two sides to her. A quite, 'shy' nervous side which she uses with people that she doesn't know. Then she has her... Psycho crazy side were she says anything she wants, does what she wants and goes where she wants. She uses that side only with her close friends. The best word to describe this girl would be a ummm bitch.

Suddenly the girl put her hand over her mouth and just waved at me and Bryce. "Oh sorry! I didn't mean to hurt the two of you!" She said, forgivingly. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of mental problems this girl has. I got up and helped Bryce up. "Excuse me but who do you think you are? You can't just going around doing that to people you know!" Bryce was obviously annoyed that he got beat up by a girl. The brunet smiled at the both of us. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to upset you two! Is there any way that I could make it up to you to?" She asked in a completely different voice as if nothing ever happened. Me and Bryce both gave each other looks. Then we looked back and seen that this girl was death glaring us. She then went closer to us and put out her hand. On her hand it had written on it, 'Don't even bother to get answers form me or you die'. She must draw on her hand a lot because there was tons of little sketches on her hand that were actually pretty decent. Me and her both stared at each other and I could see that she had freckles on her face. I don't think I seen anyone with freckles before. She had beautiful eyes as well. "Sorry I think that we got of to a bad start!" Bryce said to her. The girl look at me and Bryce than just smiled broadly at us. "My names Jessica." She said. Jessica... I heard that name before but I never met a Jessica. "I'm Bryce and this is my older brother Jackson." Bryce said. Jessica put out her hand to me to shake. I was a about to shake it until she moved her hand and then winked at me. "I don't do handshakes because hands are full of dirt." She said. This girl was honestly so annoying. First of, she beats me and Bryce up. Secondly, she acts like a completely different person. Thirdly, her voice just changed. Fourthly, she tricks me. "Uhh, nice to meet you too Jessica." Was all I could say. She waved at me.

"So are you two new as well? Because I am. I moved into a house with a good friend of mine. I ran away from her as a prank and she is lost now. I know I'm---"

"SHUT UP! PLEASE!" Bryce screamed. Jessica stared at him. "No, you can't be! I know that accent! Your... IRISH?" Bryce asked, shocked. Jessica nodded her head. Bryce clapped is hands and shook her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet an Irish person! It's actually on my bucket list to meet one! Best day ever!" Bryce smiled with happiness but then a bell rang. I was completely shocked on how Bryce was acting. "Oh there's the bell! We better get to class. Come on guys!" Jessica said, running up the rest of the stairs. Me and Bryce followed her and we all ended up running around the school looking for where the new people go. I took out a piece of paper from my pocket and seen that it had classroom number on it. "I know where to go!" I said. My brother and the 'Irish Idiot' started following me.

We finely got to the class and it turns out that we weren't late after all. "Yay we made it on time!" Jessica cheered. The classroom was huge. It had the kind of seats like in a college. There was a blackboard in the center. There was already about twenty or so people sitting down. The three of us sat down together at the very back of the class. On the blackboard it and written 'NOT Class'. I wondered what that meant. "Aren't you excited you two? Also are you guys a Weapons or Mesiters? I'm a Mesiter." Jessica asked. This girl must never shut up. "I'm a Weapon but my brother is a Mesiter. Me and him aren't partners because... I don't want to talk about it." Bryce shrugged. I looked at Jessica who seemed confused. "Me and Bryce don't really talk or interact much." I whispered to her. She started laughing like a crazy person. Everyone in the room just stared at her. "Oh I'm sorry. Look out the window! Poor Rachel is dying out there because of the heat!" I could barely understand what she said because of her laughing. She started waving at somebody outside.

Name: Rachel Storm

Age: Twelve

Abilities: Can turn into a spear.

About: Rachel is one of Jessica's good friends. She is from Indiana, America and she is a super nice person. Although she can be fooled pretty easily, she isn't insane like Jessica. She can really really hyper easily but she is a very fun person to be with.

I had a feeling that this school may be a little odd. I think I was correct.

The book is still ongoing. You can find the book on Wattpad and Quetev. My username on them is Flavoured_Water. I'll probably update it more on there.
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