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this is only the begining

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does anyone ever truly wonder what truly happened to the killjoys before the bombs fell and the bullets flew?

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Its been a long time since ive written a fanfic so please be hinest and bruital.... this is my first in a long time

so here goes nothing

No one ever looks at the girl who doesnt look at them. thats my life plan, keep my head down always. so far its worked pretty underground to most may not seem ideal but its been the safest olace since they dropped the nuclear bombs.
if theres one thing ive learned theres always new places to discover, even down here in the tubes, is what i call them. its pretty easy to get lost down here for someone without a map to the place.. ive been making mine for three years now. seems like the only way to have hope in the dark.
when i first arrived down here there were rumors of historic heros who died off trying to save this world from the industry to no aveil by the looks of it. some believe the heros still exsist somewhere hidden away like the rest of us. just rats running around under the earth. i believe differently... were not meant to talk of them but theyre called the killjoys. origanilly started by a group of six set out to destroy the industry and stop them from destroying the world.
i know it may seem odd that a mere 15 year old knows all this but i discovered something a week ago. something that keeps me wondering... mind you most kids my age cant read anymore unkess they have parents to teach them. im not one of the lucky ones who can but i know someone willing enough to help.
her names aroura and i found her a year ago while digging a hiding hole. shes only a few years older than me. thats actually where im headed right now to show her my treasure.

running down the hall clutching a metted book in her arms chloe makes a sharp turn almost falling in the slick mud under her feet, "aroura aroura!" she calls out in the darkness. "i found something you just have to see!"
a hand reaches from one of the wide openings in the wall and grabs her by the arm, "has no one ever taught you to keep your voice down out here?" a voice whispers with slight irritance, "now what did you find me?" she takes the book from the girls arms and smiles flipping it open, "i havent seen one of these in years! where did you even manage to find it and in such good condition?"
the girl smiles "it was down in the ditches burried. i was bord and..."
aroura places a finger over the girls mouth, "how many times have i told you the kids arent allowed down there... you could have been hurt or worse kid. you know that right? unprotected and alone? kids like us have to stick together"
the girl sighed and leaned against the wall, "i know i know but you have to admit it was a lucky find.. it even has pictures in it! would you read it to me? maybe its a good one"
aroura looked at the cover staying quiet with thoughts and couriousity worling around her head 'blueprints? journal? plans of killjoys and yet not? who are these people anyways? gerard... frank... mikey? what kind of a name is ray?'
after a few moments of silence the girl tugged on arouras sleeve, "hey not far i found it you cant look at it without me!"
"okay okay fine," states auroura, "ill read it to you but you have to do something for me first." the girl looked at her with wondering eyes, "go find me more candles... with no light ill never be able to read this whole thing"
without any argument the girl rushed off down the hall into the darkness leaving aroura alone in the dark with her own thoughts "theyre still alive"
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