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Not sure where this is going yet. It starts at the begging of season 8. Penelope gets an intern when Alex Blake arrives. She is interested in Spencer Reid, but doesn't tell him and then Mavea happe...

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This will start at the beginning of season eight. When Alex Blake joins the BAU, they also get a technical analysis intern to work with Penelope Garcia.
I don’t own Criminal Minds or Doctor Who.
I slowly open my eyes and look around. For a second I wonder where I was at, but remembered the past few days. I had moved from New York to Quantico to work in the BAU. When I told my parents that I was moving to Quantico to work for the FBI they got really worried. I had to calm their nerves and tell them I was just the technical analysis intern and that I wouldn’t be going into the field anyways. I didn’t have to do the FBI academy training, which I was happy about.
I get up and slowly walk to the bathroom. I was not a morning person and knew I wouldn’t like waking up at 5:30 every morning, but I knew that this would be the best place for an internship. I get dressed in a grey skirt and black bottom up top. I also knew I wouldn’t like wearing this type of clothes every day, but again, this is a great opportunity. I look in the mirror and frown. I was only 5’3” and 200 pounds, which means I was on the heavy side. I have always had a problem with my weight but I never did anything about it. I would exercise and eat right for a while, but then I would give it up. That was why I was happy about not having to do the FBI academy training because I knew I wouldn’t pass it.
After my ten-minute drive to the BAU, I get out and make my way into the building and see a group of people. There was a blonde woman in a grey union jack dress, a tall lean African American man, a skinny blonde woman, an older brunette woman, and a talk lanky man with a cardigan on.
“He even used his own kid to bait the victims” The older brunette was saying to the African American man.
“Well, we’ve seen that before. No doubt we’ll see it again.” He replied to her.
I took my chance and walked up to them. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m looking for Penelope Garcia and Aaron Hotchner.”
They all looked at me and the blonde woman in the union jack dress smiled cautiously at me. “I’m Penelope Garcia. How can I help you?”
“Oh! I’m Gwendolyn England.” I tell her. She gave me no recognition and I frowned. “I’m your new intern. I am starting today. Did no one tell you?”
“No one did sweetie. I’m sorry. I just got back from London so I’m a little out of touched but Hotch will be coming in soon and can explain everything.” She says and looks behind me. “And here he comes.”
“Don't unpack.” An older Italian man said as he walked by us.
“Garcia, the files.” Another older man said as he passed by.
She looks at me and frowns. “Gwen, come with me. I guess you are getting thrown in.” She says and starts walking off. I look at the others and smile, then follow Penelope. We get to a room and Penelope opens the door and all I can see is computer screens.
“Wow computer supreme.” I say and smile at all the screens. “This is like my dream made come true. Is this where you work every day?”
“Yes. This is my lair.” Penelope says with a grin on her face. “We need find all the files on the Silencer case from 2004 and we need to send them to the team. We need to do this fast. Like yesterday fast. Can you help me?”
“I’m here for you to help. What should I do?” I ask.
She looks around at all the computer screens and then at her laptop. “Okay, log into the laptop and go on the government databases and tell me the file names and send them to me. I will then make sure they are all there and then I will send them to the team. Got it?”
I nod and get to work.
Most of the day had passed before we heard anything. Penelope and I had dug into the Silencer’s files and tried to figure out who he was and what was his motive, but we hadn’t got anywhere. I could see Penelope getting worried about her team. She had explained to me over a quick lunch that the team was her family. She also told me that I was now part of that family but I wasn’t too sure. She wasn’t including the new agent, Alex Blake, in her family yet, so I wasn’t sure how I was already included when Agent Blake hadn’t. I wasn’t going to let anything side track me from trying to figure out this criminal and get Penelope’s family back. I was already getting use to her and I could tell that we were going to be good friends but I wasn’t going to jump the gun.
I hear a phone ring and see Penelope jump at the phone and push a pen on a button. “You have not called me all day.” She says to the person on the other line.
“Seriously?” I hear a man say. I could tell it was Derek Morgan from this morning. Penelope told me all about them all.
“Now that superwoman is on the case, you don’t need me, huh?” Penelope replied. I smirked at her and laughed softly.
“Okay, you know what? I’m going to chalk that up to a little jet lag and let’s state this thing over.” Morgan says. “Ring ring. I’m looking for my baby girl.”
“Your wish is my command.” She says reluctantly.
“There you go. That’s much better.” Morgan says. “I need Blake’s number.”
“Seriously!? Are you kidding?!” She yells over the speaker.
“Hotch asked me to call her.” Morgan says desperately. I could tell that Morgan really wanted to make Penelope happy but he needed that number. I was already getting my phone out to give him the number. I grabbed all the numbers off of their files.
“So call Reid.” Penelope says softly. “He's probably glued to her.”
“All right, that is unnecessary roughness.” Morgan says. “You, my sweet, need to settle down.”
“No, I know, I know.” Penelope says, sounding very sad. “I just--I I thought this would be easier.” I knew she was talking about the Agent Prentiss, who was here before Agent Blake was.
“I know.” Morgan says, also sounding very sad. I could tell that they were all very close and was missing Agent Prentiss. “So did I.” Penelope sighs and frowns. I had just sent Morgan the number for Agent Blake. “Garcia, Blake's number?”
“I just sent it.” I tell them both. Penelope looks back at me and smiles.
“Gwen just sent it.” Penelope tells him.
“I heard. Thank you, Short Fry.” He says. “Thank you, My Lady.”
“You're welcome, my love.” Penelope says.
“Welcome.” I say.
Penelope hangs up and frowns at me and says quietly. “Ohh”
“I’m sorry Penelope.” I tell her softly.
She smiles at me and nods. “I’ll be fine Gwen. We all will in time.” She turns back to her computer and goes back to our mission.

The next day, I meet Penelope at the office and smile at her. “No word on the team?” I ask her and she just shakes her head. “Okay, what do we do today?”
“We keep doing the same thing.” She tells me and we go back to the lair.
We keep looking into the victims and after a while, we get a call. “At your service.” She says.
“Pull up the 04 victims.” Agent Hotchner tells Penelope.
“Done.” She says and I do the same thing. I knew that I need to do hands on to learn this stuff.
“All right, we need a list of their children.” He tells her and I do the same thing.
“Okay, next of kin, state welfare, give me a sec.” She starts typing on her computer as I do the same. “Gotcha! Okay! Some were put into foster care after moms died.”
“Runaways and a lot had truancies. Ouch. These kids were troubled.” I say and frown. “I feel so bad for them.”
“Any incarcerated?” Hotchner asks.
“A handful.” She says.
“Can you give us other parameters?” I ask.
“Not yet. Just send the list.” He says.
“Comin’ at ya now.” She says and sends it over. She smiles over at me. “Trying to learn how to take over my job?”
“Of course.” I say and laugh.
“Let’s go grab our lunch. They won’t need us for a while.” She says.
“I’m going to stay here. I want to try and get your stuff down. Mind if I use your computer to do a little digging?” I ask.
“Sure. Want me to pick you up something?” She asks.
“Please and thank you.” I tell her and go and sit in her chair. I hear her leave the room and I turn to her computer and just sniff. I have always loved the smell of computers and books. I knew how they worked and knew how to fix most problems. I open my eyes and get to work. I start looking up the kids of the victims and try to find anything important about them. I hear the phone ring and frown. I look to the door and wait a second to see if Penelope will come back in time, but I knew she wasn’t. I answer the phone. “Um.. hello?”
“Miss England?” I hear Hotchner ask.
“Yes sir. Penelope, um Agent Garcia went to get lunch. We didn’t think you would call so soon.” I explain.
“Okay, well can you look some stuff for us?” He asks.
“Of course. I have been looking into the children of the victims.” I tell him.
“Okay did any of the kids have a cochlear implant?” I hear a young man’s voice ask. I was guessing that it was Dr. Reid, the tall lanky man I semi-meet this morning.
“Um…” I up the info into the system. “Yes. John Myers, 1988. He was 14.” I look more into the kid and find an article on the testing. “Oh damn. His mom was paid 650 dollars to get it in.”
“Was he deaf before that?” Morgan asked.
“He had to be in order to participate.” I look more into the procedure. “Yikes. It was very experimental. It was only tested on humans, never on animals. Yay animals, I guess. It caused controversy all over.”
“Thanks.” Hotchner says and then hangs up.
I sigh and shake my head. “Poor kid.”
The door opens and I look over. Penelope looks at me and frowns. “Did they call back?”
“Yeah. I think I did well. Um this kid, John Myers had this implant and his mom was paid for it to be put in. The procedure was very dangerous and not many good reviews.” I explain to her.
She frowns and hands me a to-go box. “Yikes.”
“That’s what I say.” I tell her and open the box. It was Chinese food. “Oh good.” I smile and start eating.

After we eat, we dig into John Myers’ life and his life in jail. “Oh here we got something. Mr. Myers was always in solitary. He has been in there 480 times. I wonder if his ear implant was hurting him.” I tell Penelope.
“I’ll put the team on speaker.” She says and presses a button.
“Rossi.” I hear the older Italian man say.
“So we, and by we, I mean Gwen, found out that Myers has been in solitary more than any other inmate.” Penelope tells Agent Rossi.
“Okay girls, just hold on.” He tells us. I hear him going into a room with other voices and then those voices got louder. “Go ahead girls.”
“Okay our unsub was the MVP of solitary.” Penelope tells the team. “He was in there more than any other prisoner.”
“He was in there 480 times.” I say as I slide over to the speaker.
“All right, we’re looking for somebody who didn’t belong in jail. His offense would be minimal.” I hear Agent Hotchner tell us. Penelope starts bringing down the search. “He might even be there for his own protection.”
“Un-huh.” Penelope says. The search was down to five men now. “I got a few.”
“Can you read off the hometowns?” Agent Blake asks.
“Sure.” She says. She looks at me and smiles.
“Um. Beaumont, Edinburg, Sweetwater.” I start reading off.
“Sweetwater. Who was that inmate?” Agent Blake asks.
“Uh Danny Tucker.” Penelope tells her.
“He was only in for two months.” I tell them.
“Well, it’s long enough to tell stories to John Myers.” I hear Agent Hotchner say.
“Hey, his family owns property near where you are.” Penelope says as she digs deeper into the inmate. “It’s really secluded too.”
“With local honey, by any chance?” Agent Blake asks.
“They are known for it.” I tell them as a page for the honey pops up on the screen.
“That’s where he’s headed.” Agent Hotchner says. “Garcia, is it a private property?”
“It was, but it’s been sold.” She tells him as she digs deeper. “They’re building a housing development.”
“So it’s not the hideaway he hopes it’s going to be.” Agent Hotchner says, thinking out loud.
“Where would he go?” Dr. Reid asks.
“He might blame Danny for lying to him.” Hotchner explains. “Garcia.”
“Danny’s house is down the road from the development.” Penelope says and I get out my phone and send the address to the team’s phones. “Gwen is sending the address to your phones right now.”

Penelope hangs up and we start looking into this Danny guy. “He would have never seen this dude.”
She presses her button. “You’re on speaker, Garcia.” I hear Hotchner say. I could hear a car driving and sirens. They were going to the spot right now and I was getting worried.
“Hey, we were doing some digging ‘cause that’s what we do, and I found something weird. Danny Tucker was only ever in solitary.” Penelope explains.
“So they never saw one another.” Blake figures out.
“I can't tell you that for sure, but.” Penelope says, getting fustraded.
“Well, we know Danny wasn't made for jail time.” A younger woman’s voice says. “He probably talked just to keep his sanity. Sold the story of paradise to some guy stuck in darkness.” I was guessing that it was Agent Jareau.
“Gave him all that time to fantasize about the place, he finally gets free and he's convinced that finding it will solve everything.” Morgan says.

“And every one is okay?” I hear Penelope ask someone on the phone as I walk back into the lair. I had gone for coffee for the both of us.
“Yes baby girl.” I hear Morgan tell her. “We are getting on the plane now and we will be home soon. I’ll text you when we land.”
“Thank you. See you soon.” He says and hangs up.
She turns around and accepts the coffee I handed her. “So they are all safe?” I ask.
“Yes. They won’t be back for a while. You can go home.” She tells me.
“No, I’ll wait with them with you. You can explain the team more to me.” I say and sit down.
For the next couple hours, we talk and get to know each other more. She explains about the team and I explain how I was orphaned as a child and don’t know my real parents. I told her about how I’ve never had a real family and she tells me that I have a family now. From her description, I could tell that I could be very good friends with Dr. Reid. He was very geeky like I was. Penelope jumps up as her phone lights up.
“Chocolate thunder?” She asks. I look at her weird and she just shakes it off. “Great. I’ll be there in a minute.” She hangs up her phone and grabs her stuff. “Okay the team is back. Do you want to come with me to meet the team?”
I think about it. “No. I want to officially meet the team when they aren’t all tired. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
She nods and smiles. “Okay have a good night. Sleep well.” She tells me and leaves.

I get my stuff and look around the room. “I think I will like it here.” I say to myself and go to the elevator. As the doors open, four of the people from this morning come out. Agent Rossi, Agent Morgan, Agent Jareau and Dr. Reid come out. “Oh hello.” I say softly.
They stop and look at me. “Who are you?” Agent Rossi asks.
“Oh you’re Penelope’s intern, aren’t you?” Morgan asks. “We kind of meet you this morning.”
I nod. “Yes. We didn’t really get to be formally meet because of the case.” I say and smile.
“Okay well I will formally meet you tomorrow.” Agent Rossi says and walks into the offices.
“He is always like that, but I agree. I will see you tomorrow.” Morgan says and waves to me.
“Nice seeing you.” Jareau says and follows the two men.
I nod and press the button for the elevator again. “I like your bow.” I hear Dr. Reid say softly. I look over and smile. I raise a hand to touch the Doctor Who TARDIS bow I put in my hair this morning. “Who is your favorite Doctor?”
“Nine. He was my first and he will always be my favorite.” I say softly and look down. I could talk about my shows and rambles, so I’m trying to stop being such a geek, which can freak people out.
“Classic who is so much better. Four is the best Doctor out there.” He says, like I offended him. I look up and see that he is smiling softly at me. “I’m Spencer Reid.” He holds out his hand.
I look at it. “Did you know it is cleaner to kiss someone than to shake their hand.” I tell him and look up.
He grins and takes his hand back. “I did know that but not a lot of people do.” We get into the elevator when the doors open.
“I remember random facts and just spill them out when the time is right, or I’m nervous, which both of those times are now so yeah.” I say and look down.
“What is your name?” He asks.
“Gwendolyn England. I’m the new intern for Penelope.” I tell him and smile.
“Well welcome to the team. I hope you have a fun time here.” He says as we get out of the elevator. “Have a nice night.” He says as he walks off.
“Night.” I call after him.
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