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My sisters Dilemma

by PussyDestroyer 1 review

A hot 13 year old sister is hungry for her 15 year old brother.

Category: Erotica - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Fantasy - Warnings: [V] [X] [Y] - Published: 2016-09-12 - 1113 words

  I was so fucking pissed, my mom had thought that I wasn't able to control my hormones (she was right)! So I wasn't allowed to go to the mall with my girlfriend. I wasn't sure what to do when my little sister came in and started to tell me what I wanted to hear. 

      She is 13 and I'm 15. "Hey Jason, can you help me with some period problems?" I had never been so happy to hear that in my entire life. "Yeah, sure what's up?" I questioned, "well I don't have any idea if my vagina looks normal." She said in a honey tone. "Uhhh sure lemme take a look." My mind was racing, I was already Getting hard just thinking about it! Then she slid off her panties and it was all over for me. Everything I had seen in all the porn videos just kinda took over. "Mmhmm yeah it does but the only way for me to check really is to test it out". She became red right away, "how would you do that," she asked In a squeak of a voice. "Let me show you" I replayed.

     She was lenient at first but then gave in "ok sure." I told her to lay down on my bed while I go get ready. I went into my personal bathroom to get one of my "toys" it was a choker, I was afraid that someone might hear us. When I came back I saw her on by bed handcuffed to my headboard fingerings herself. "What are you doing?" I questioned, "just warming up for you, Daddy." The word "daddy" instantly boosted my confidence. I was feeling invincible I was ready for this. I gave her the "toy" and she put it on. I lost control, I climbed up to her and started to tease her rubbing my fully erect cock around her creamy pussy. Then before I knew it I shoved it in, her cunt was so tight almost too Tight for me to fit in.

        She let out the biggest moan ever even with the choker on. "Harder daddy" She yelled as best as she could with the choker on. I pulled out and flipped her over. I let my spit run down in between her ass checks. I started to lick her pussy the more she moaned the harder I licked. She was coming close to her climax I knew it so I went even faster using a technique called the "tongue tornado". "Uhhhh" she let out a moan right as she reached her climax, she cummed and I got a great big taste of her warm juices. I wasn't done yet, she knew what to do too I sat up and she started giving me a warm and soggy blowjob.

       When she started I let her do it but as soon as I presumed I took over. Thrusting my large cock inside her mouth to the back of her throat. I shoved her head down on my dick. And when I cummed I was all on her boobs so I started to lick it up. Soon enough we were both laying on the bed naked. I had never felt closer to my sister than I felt right now and came up to her and whispered "that was fun we should do it again sometime", in a very suggestive tone. She let out a giggle "yeah I would enjoy that maybe I can bring a friend" she replayed equally as suggestive. Then I received a text from my mom, my heart skipped a beat. But all it said was "take a shower and tell your sister to too we are going out for dinner tonight". I relayed what she told me and went to take a shower. When I was scrubbing my hair to rid all the shampoo I felt something press against me, it was my sister. "What are you doing?" Is what I thought but "Hey what's up?" Is what came out. "Nothing, it's just always been a dream of mine to fuck in the shower." "Oh yeah? Me too." We both knew where this was going. She leaned on the edge and I started to pound away. Sounds of pleasure and flesh beating against one another filled the room. She was moaning so hard it was turning me on even more as she tried so silence them. She started beating back against me, it felt so good to have that creamy extremely tight cunt all to myself. I was lost in the pleasure. It felt as I thought it would, Amazing. "Stop please stop" She screamed. I obeyed her command. she walked out the shower holding her pussy breathing heavily. "I brought you something" she giggled. "Oh yeah? That sounds nice." When she came back into the shower she was wearing a  strap-on dildo. It was huge and feigning. "Your turn big boy" I took a huge gulp and braced myself. She walked with a huge grin on her face. She shoved it up to my ass. It hurt so bad. I wanted her to stop but I didn't want her to think I was a Pussy. I thought I must have started bleeding, but it took it. God, it hurt so bad , I ended up on my hands and knees.

     Later that night when we were driving to the restaurant she sat right next to me. My dad and mom completely zoned out in the front seat. My sister grabbed my cock and I froze I looked at her frightened and mouthed the words "not yet." She released my rising election. When we arrived at the restaurant is went to the bathroom to wash my hands "me too" said my sister. She followed me into the restroom and pinned me into a stall. I had to slip under the other stall to escape her wrath. I walked pretty fast to the table. So I could eat in peace. Throughout the night, she followed me to the restaurant. When I went to go get a refill she went when I went to the bathroom she tried. It was like she was deeply in love with me. I didn't know what to do it was a bunch of mixed feelings she was so good at sex but she always wanted it. I was starting to think that's all she saw me as sex and love. When we got home I raced up to my room to avoid her. She was right behind me. "Hey open up," she said. "I'm still your brother not just your sex machine, stay away for a bit," I whispered through the door.
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