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Of Dreams, Detentions and Insults

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The main characters are introduced and reserve a date for under the bleachers.

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The forest was alive at night, every hum, snore, and melody of each nocturnal creature could be heard. What was even better? The smell of freshly baked cinnamon cookies filling the air around me. With each step, along with the crunch of the forest floor I hear them calling for me, whispering my name as if it were the only word they knew. “Karma…” Any minute and I knew I would reach the delectable sweetness of my drug. “Karma…” I could see them basically begging for me to eat them, reaching out joy fills the air as I- wake up to the sound of smacking books with my hands itching to murder whoever so bravely decided to disturb my slumber.

“Psst dude you fell asleep again, Mr.Fumes-Bottom is looking ready to blow.” looking over I smile nervously at my best friend Austin and face my conviction head on.. Little known fact? Teachers feed off of your fear. “Ms.Brown I hope I’m not boring you with the upbringing of our great nation.” says Mr.Grumpy-bottoms the cragly bag of wrinkles that is the my History teacher. Putting on my best look of innocence, I smile hesitantly and lick my lips before speaking “Oh no Sir I was just-Uh-testing if my eyelids were working properly because of all the dust flying around. Wouldn’t want to go blind now would we?” For a minute Mr. Grumpy-Bottoms looks like he’s actually considering my immaculate excuse. “Well maybe you’d like to further test them during detention?” he asks as if I can actually reject his offer… Oh wait! I can!

“Well sir since you so kindly offered I’m going to sadly have to reject your offer. You see I’m already in a committed obligation to the art and music director of our school.” I said feigning sadness, “You! You Miscreant! Demon! How dare you attempt to make a fool of me in my own classroom! Out- Get out!” he yells and I chuckle along with a few of my peers as I collect my bag then stop at the door. “ I really am sorry, but Ms.Gold and I have a contract, and due to my demonic lineage as you so kindly put out I cannot back out seeing as it was sealed with virgin blood that I believe belongs to you”

Giving a little bow and a wink to Austin I depart to my chair by the principal's office. Yes, I have my own chair, due to my frequent adventures and pranks, the office staff pitched in to get a little placard with my name on it for the chair. So kind of them.. Cheerfully smiling I slid into the soft plush of my chair and give a wave to Kimberly the Principal’s secretary while she’s chattering wildly onto her phone. Life’s good… I thought silently before Mrs.Peabody’s, (the principal), door bursted open and I swear God walked out. Standing before me was a broody piece of perfection, his hair looked like he got out of bed and don’t even get me started on his body and that tight fitted light gray shirt.

“Sebastian! I don’t recall ever saying you were excused so why don’t you come back in before you get an even worse consequence than I already have in mind… Perhaps we could add picking gum from off of the bleachers? Ah yes! That’s perfect” Mrs.Peabody says causing me to snicker and all eyes snap onto me. Mrs.Peabody gives a frustrated groan, “Karma I really hope you’re just in for a visit and not another bad choice?” sheepishly I smile and slowly get up to walk away.

“ Oh yeah that’s it… Just popping in for a….Chit-Chat. Now that I see you’re busy with this Sebastian fellow I’ll just excuse myself…” I drawl then begin my escape “You’ leave this office Ms.Brown and I promise you’ll join Mr. Faulkner in his gum picking quest.” Mrs.Peabody snaps while I give a frightened nod before stopping and see Sebastian assesing me with his gorgeous observing eyes. As if sensing my stare his eyes meet with mine before I turn my gaze onto the clock behind him.It looks new.

"Misses P, I get it I shouldn't have told Mr.Fumes-Bottoms that he was a virgin but it was time he remembered-in fact I believe I did him a favor so now he'll try and get back in the dating business" I say happily which earns a snort, the first noise I've heard from GorgeousBroodyPants since he oh-so dramatically slammed open Misses P's door.

"You Know what? You Miss Brown and Mister Faulkner can both just get a weeks worth of detention and the gum picking... I'm too busy to deal with you both right now. Dismissed." she says and before I can say anything walks back into her office and closes the door, looking around I stand awkwardly about before I realize Sebastian isn't even in the room anymore and I stalk off to find him after grabbing my bookbag.
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