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Chapter 1

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Gerard's POV (*Implied* smut)

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My life wasn’t always like this.

I didn’t used to have Frankie.

Before Frankie was a dark time. When I was younger, I was always angry at everything. Angry and sad. I didn’t like life, and all I wanted was for everything to go away and let me die. I almost went through with it once. I thought nobody cared about me, and that I would never be loved. Now, I’m so glad I failed. It wasn’t long afterwards that I met Frankie.

He was so handsome, so strong, and just so perfect. He saw me when I was walking home from school, back in senior year of high school. He came up to me, and told me that I’d be his one day. I couldn’t believe it, honestly. How could someone so gorgeous want someone like me? I swear my cheeks must have been on fire. However, Frankie disappeared almost as quickly as he had appeared. I knew he would come for me, though. I could just feel it. Thoughts of him floated around in my head all day, and he was all I could think about. A few weeks passed, and I was so discouraged. I thought he had forgotten me. Now I know, Frankie would never forget me. He was making sure everything was perfect for me.

One night, it finally happened. My Frankie came for me. He crept in my window, and he carried me off like a princess being rescued from her lonely tower. He made sure I settled in right with him, and that I knew the rules of our new house. He gave me all sorts of little nicknames, and I love them all. Frankie couldn’t have come up with more perfect ones if he had tried. I made sure to do my very best to thank him for whisking me away, for bringing me into my own personal fairy tale. Frankie is my happily ever after, and all I ever want is to stay with him forever. I know he loves me too, he tells me so every time he sees me.

Even when I don’t see him, I’m always pining for him. I like to find things to show him when he comes home, after making sure the house is clean. Frankie doesn’t like a messy house. I learned that when I first came here, so I always make sure everything is clean for him. It’s the least I can do for my handsome prince charming. I love him so much.

I also make dinner for Frankie, every night at 6:30 on the dot. Frankie likes it when I’m punctual. He always tries to be home for dinner, and he loves it when I make dinner just for him. I never eat without him- that would be rude and Frankie wouldn’t like it. Besides, I like eating with him. He always listens to what I have to say, and sometimes he gives me treats after dinner. Today, I decided I want to make his favorite. He loves it when I make him lasagna, it always leads to good things after.

I made sure to finish cleaning extra early, by 4:30. I started the lasagna right after, to make sure it would have enough to time to cook and be perfect for my perfect Frankie. I picked out a pretty red tablecloth, and set the table with our prettier plates, making sure everything was in perfect order the way Frankie likes it. I even added some of the fancy candles Frankie got me, to make it seem extra special. I was careful to make sure the lasagna was cooked right- one time I burned it, and Frankie didn’t like that. Everything was perfect, and ready at 6:30 like always. I moved into position near the door, like I did every night. I needed to make sure I was ready to greet Frankie as soon as he came in. And there, I waited.

And waited.

And… waited.

He was late. A wave of disappointment and sorrow washed over me, drowning out anything and everything else. I hadn’t even realized I’d slid down the wall, knees now huddled up against my chest and engulfed by my own lanky arms. I tried to think over every event of the past few days, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t come up with a reason for Frank to leave me. I thought I had done everything right. He seemed happy with me, I gave him everything he wanted and then some. So… Why wasn’t he home? Does he hate me now? Oh god, what if he found someone else? Someone prettier than me, smarter than me, all around better than me. I bet I upset him and then he found someone new, someone to replace me because I was bad. I pressed my face into my arms, feeling the fabric around my eyes dampen with tears. I don’t know what I would do without Frankie. Without him, my life is meaningless. Without him, everything in the whole world is meaningless. He’s my sparkle, he’s my prince, I love him and without him I could never feel joy. Without him I am nothing. I bet he’s laughing at me now, with that new person, just waiting and wishing I would just stop crying and finally end-

I heard the lock click, quickly jumping up and stepping back from the door swing, hurriedly trying to dry my eyes without smudging my eyeliner. Frankie didn’t like it when I cried, or when I ruined my makeup. Even if he was only here to laugh, I still love him, and I want to be good for him. I want to be the best for him. Maybe it isn’t even Frank, maybe it’s his new person come to tell me to leave. I was looking at my feet when the door opened, and try as I might I couldn’t help but chance a glance upwards, barely daring myself to hope that it was him.

Frankie stood there in all his beautiful glory, home at last, and even better- alone. I felt a surge of relief, and anger at myself for ever doubting him. Frankie was too perfect, he could never do something so mean. I shouldn’t ever think so badly of him. A squeal of delight passed my lips as I rushed forward, wanting nothing more than to hug Frankie and shower him wish kisses until I ran out of breath. I would have, too, if it weren’t for the hand he held out, stopping me from getting closer.

“Daddy?” I whimpered pitifully, only to see Frank’s eyes soften as he looked at me. His free hand took mine, his rough thumb stroking over my knuckles.

“Shh, princess, it’s okay. I just need to clean up first, then we can hug, okay?” He smiled reassuringly, leaning forward to carefully plant a kiss on my forehead. I tilted my head in confusion, only noticing what covered his shirt when I looked to see why I couldn’t touch. I
stifled a soft gasp as best I could, frowning when I recognized the splatter of half-dried blood on Frank’s clothes.

It all came rushing back, the dangers my beautiful Frankie faced every day. All the people he had to kill, everything he had to do to make sure we were safe. He worked so hard to protect me, and I couldn’t ask for better. I hated the blood, though. It reminded me of how difficult his job is, reminded me about all the bodies he’s had to help dispose of. He’s killed so many people, all to protect us. I can barely stand having him get so close to those people every day. I know some would say what Frankie does is wrong, but I know better. He does this out of love for me. He does this because I love him and he loves me and this is what he needs to do. His job is important, and I could never ask him to give it up. He loves his job, almost as much as he loves me.

I decided a long time ago that I don’t care. I don’t care if he kills people, I don’t care if others say it’s ‘murder’ or something like that. Frankie does this for a reason. If anything, I love him all the more for it. He puts himself in danger every day just to make sure we can live happily together, and he kills the people who could take it away. I don’t want them to take it away, that’s why Frankie has to do this. It’s important, I know it is. The one rule is that I never touch if he comes home with blood. Frankie says it’s important, that it’s another way of protecting me. It means ‘they’ can’t prove I helped. ‘They’ can’t even prove I knew, as long as I don’t touch. Frankie says he wants to make sure he keeps my hands clean, in case some bad people ever manage to get to me. I know that won’t happen, though. Frankie is too good of a protector for the bad people to get through.

This is one rule I’ll never, ever break, though. I almost touched him when he said no, and I’ve never seen my Frankie so angry. He was like a monster, and he scared me. After he came back he told me he was sorry, and that he only did it because he loved me. I know he’s right, it was my fault for not listening. Everything Frankie does is to protect me, and to make sure we stay safe and together. We need to stay together.

I nodded dumbly, still holding tightly to his hand. He chuckled softly, squeezing my hand.

“You need to let go, princess. I’ll be back down in a minute, okay? Why don’t you go warm up dinner, hm? It smells so good, sugar. You know I love your lasagna.”

My eyes lit up when I remembered the lasagna I’d made hours ago, my head nodding vigorously when Frank mentioned it. “Yes- yes! The lasagna. I’ll go make it warm! I love you, Frankie!” I giggled, releasing his hand and darting off towards the kitchen.

I heard him chuckle quietly behind me, muttering a soft, “Love you too, princess.”

I made sure to heat up the lasagna just right, and I lit all of my candles and checked one more time that the table was perfect. When Frankie came back down, I was positive everything was ready. As soon as he reached the bottom of the stairs he opened his arms, and without another thought I flung myself at him, hugging him and kissing all over his face and never wanting to let go.

“Alright, alright!” He laughed, smiling as he gently removed me from him. “I love you too, sugar. Let’s eat, yeah? We don’t want the food getting cold again.”

I nodded again, sighing blissfully when Frankie pressed his lips against mine for an all-too-short kiss.

I was quick to serve the both of us, giving Frankie the big slice he always wants, and a little one for myself. I can’t eat too much, or I won’t be pretty for Frankie anymore, and I don’t want that.
“How was your day, daddy?” I asked, biting my lip gently. I loved hearing what he did, but Frankie didn’t always like me asking. Tonight seemed to be a good one, though. He didn’t even tense up.

“Good, kitten. Really good. How about you? Did you do anything special today?” Frankie smiled, nearly melting me into a puddle on the spot. I love his smile.

“My day was good! I dusted all of the furniture and the books, I cleaned all of the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen, polished the door handles and ironed all of your suits!”

Frankie smiled again, raising an eyebrow, “Did you polish my shoes, and the hardwood floors?”

As always, a quick nod was my response. “Yes, daddy! And I did all of the laundry too.”

“What a good kitten you are.” He purred, smirking at my blush. I was practically beaming- I love getting compliments from Frankie.

“Thank you daddy! I did some other things too.”

“Oh really? You did even more than making this beautiful meal? Like what, princess?”

My blush deepened, and I almost tripped over my words, “W-well, I found some new flowers in the garden, and I made a fresh bouquet for you! And then there were some left over, so I made a little crown I can wear…” I glanced up, feeling my stomach churn. “W-was that okay?”

Frank only smiled, and I saw the love filling his eyes. “Of course that’s okay, kitten. You’ll have to model it for me some time.”

My smile had returned, all the nerves subsiding when I heard the playful tone in his voice. “I’d love to daddy. I have it upstairs, I can go-“


My heart fluttered at the nickname- he only called me Gee-bear every once in a while. “Yes?”

“You know, there’s only one thing that I really want right now.” Frank hummed, his sights set straight on me.

“Anything, daddy!” I chirped, leaning forward and listening intently for whatever he was going to ask.

“You, baby doll. Upstairs and on that bed, tied up and naked, ready for me to do wicked things to you.”

The smirk on Frank’s face and his words alone were enough to get my mouth watering.

“B-but… what about the dishes?” I whispered, glancing at Frank’s dirty plate and running my tongue over my lips nervously. It was my job to make sure everything was clean, including the plates and pans.

“Forget them,” Frank growled, his voice dripping with lust. “I want you upstairs. Now.”

It was all I could do to nod and run upstairs to make myself ready for him.


Every muscle I had was exhausted, my whole body quivering with over sensitization. My mouth was still open in a small ‘o’ shape, my breathing labored and my skin sticky with sweat. I subconsciously rubbed gently at the red marks on my wrists, savoring the slight sting from the touch of my own fingertips. I felt so satisfied, just how Frankie always made me feel. I was curled up against him now. My eyelids felt heavy and I knew they were starting to droop as I nuzzled into his chest, my breathing starting to slow after all of the excitement Frank had just put me through. I was barely awake when I felt his fingers in my hair, twirling it between them, tugging ever so slightly, and just generally playing with it. I could sense his smile, and I was reminded once again of how proud I was to be his. I was Frankie’s one and only, and he was mine.

“You did well, princess.” He purred softly, pressing a kiss to my damp hair. I shivered pleasurably under his touch, pressing myself even closer to him.

“I love you daddy…” I murmured, barely keeping myself from unconsciousness.

I heard his soft, sweet laugh from beside me, his nose now resting against my sweat-slicked hair. He took a deep breath in, pressing another kiss to my head while his fingers twirled through the long, black strands. Just as I drifted off, I could hear Frank’s voice, almost dream-like.

“I love you too, Gee.”

As my mind slipped into a deep sleep, a single thought passed through my head.

My life has never been more perfect.
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