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Online Fantasies

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Frerard. AU where mcr never existed. Gerard is an art student and Frank is well...Frank.

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It was a Friday evening; the moonlight was bouncing off the window panes of Gerard's house as the soft wind rustled through the trees, disturbing the leaves. Gerard was exhausted, he'd been on a college trip today with his art class to New York to look and 'get inspiration' from all of the paintings in the art gallery. To be honest, they were all boring and all displayed one message; the pressure on everyone in society to look perfect.

All these paintings were not filled with love, each stroke was painted onto the canvas in fear of getting it wrong because back then if you made the king or queen look ugly, you were killed. So every canvas that hung up on the walls were made in fear and pressure. One face had caught his eye though. The only portrait that had ever so slightly interested him wasn't a painting. It was a pencil drawing, just a quick sketch. Something maybe he would do. He thought about how he draws, each smudge and each line on his drawings were crucial because he wanted them to be perfect. But perfect as in realistic, the way things are originally, not the way society wants it to be. That's why he loved to draw his friends. They weren't affected by the effects of today, they dressed how they liked, said what they liked. They live their lives the way they wanted with no fear.

When Gerard draws his friends he feels like he needs to get every detail right, from the shine that is placed on his brother's glasses to the spring like features of Ray's hair. When he drew his friends he felt like nothing mattered in the world, not one thing affected him.

As Gerard walked into his room he was greeted by a slow and steady pinging noise from his computer, he threw his backpack on his unmade bed, sat on the stool facing the laptop and unhooked the camera from around his neck. He placed the camera next to the computer careful not to break it because if he did, his grandfather would have killed him. A $700 camera being broken would have given Gerard a kick in the balls or something horrific like that.

He kicked off his shoes not bothering to look where they landed and lifted the screen on the laptop. Since his laptop was a fossil he had to wait a few minutes before it finally churned to life. When it decided to co-operate the screen read that he had received an e-mail from Frank. He opened the message, it read:


Gerard! how have you been man? i miss you a lot. i heard you have gone to ny for the day??? how did that go?? we should meet up soon because im craving a certain type of coffee that only starbucks can give me so yeah, speak to you soon.

Frank. X"

Gerard had known Frank since high school and sure they had kept in touch now and then, exchanging e-mails about life and thoughts, but he hadn't seen Frank since he moved out of his mother's house. He remembers Frank as a teenager, he was rude and excited all the god damn time and he was just the kid that was friends with his younger brother. That's all. Gerard clicked the 'reply' button and stared typing:


hey:) im okay just really tired, trekking around ny all day has taken it out of me. we totally should meet up, i havent seen you since you were a little snot-nosed brat. im joking, im joking, so like give me a time and a place okay and we can meet and have coffee.


The reply came almost instantaneously…


awesome, btw was that a star trek reference..? dude thats really mean im not a snot-nose kid and i never was, if i remember correctly that was you. how about tomorrow? its saturday tomorrow right? yeah, okay tomorrow at 1 at the 'bucks by the train station?


Gerard punched in a reply confirming the time and place. As soon as he sent the e-mail he had a feeling in his stomach, almost like butterflies. Was he nervous? Why would he be nervous meeting Frank? It's Frank for goodness sakes. Just his little brother's friend who was around his mother's house almost as much as he was. He was like family and it was only coffee.

He closed down his e-mails and clicked on the icon for the internet. A white window popped up onto his screen, the brightness making his eyes squint. He was faced with the Google homepage. Scanning his cursor to the search bar at the top of the screen, he clicked and typed in 'Facebook'.

While he was waited for the page to load he decided to get ready for bed. So he got up off his desk chair and walked over to his bed and rooted through the sheets to find his pyjamas. Once he found them he unpeeled his shirt and pants off, leaving him in just boxers and socks. Finally being able to take a breather, he lay down on his bed and sighed, finally being able to relax and feel his muscles let go and to just let himself be. He felt safe and whole lying there half-naked in his bed but he couldn't help think about tomorrow and what was going to happen. What will they talk about? What will they do after, leave separate ways and only talk trough e-mails or something else? It would be nice to reconnect with his roots more often and Frank can be a key to that.

Gerard opened his eyes and looked over to his laptop screen, which had finally loaded with his Facebook page. He swung his feet over the side of the bed and sat on the seat again. Scrolling down his news feed he noticed Frank has reactivated his account and had posted a few pictures and statuses; so he clicked onto Frank's profile. Most of the statuses were telling people he had reactivated his account, nothing important, and then Gerard got to the pictures. He clicked on the most recent one and waited for it to load. When it did Gerard's screen was bombarded with a picture of Frank and Mikey, Gerard's brother.

It looked like Mikey had gotten taller but still had kept his skinny lean ways. Both of the men were smiling and happy, the light shining from their eyes and it made Gerard's heart hurt. He should be there with them. He looked to Frank and he noticed that he had changed a hell of a lot, not so much a snot-nosed kid more like a...fully grown man; an attractive man at that. This just made Gerard's thoughts and fears about tomorrow resurface. How was he going to be able to talk to Frank now that he knows how attractive he grew up to be?

Gerard closed the laptop without even bothering to sign out or turn it off. He slumped back over to his bed and didn't even bother putting his shirt on as he climbed between the sheets and stared at the ceiling, thoughts of tomorrow plaguing his mind.

AN: Hi guys I'm back after a very very very long hiatus with a new story. I originally posted it on and I've gotten some good feedback so far so I wanted to see how it does on here. I only have a few chapters done so far but I plan on updating regularly for you guys. so yeah, kick back and enjoy.

Thank you.

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