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President 's Mistress

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I this the title gives it away thou. Renesmee’s father is a president and he is married - but has a mistress. No one knows except her.

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I this the title gives it away thou. Renesmee’s father is a president and he is married - but has a mistress. No one knows except her.

President’s Mistress

My Father Edward Cullen is our country’s president. I am glad he won the election in November. No one knows he having an affairs with someone in his cabinet. Myself, I found out one night while my mom Bella was away. I never told have told her, because it would kill her- plus I thought it would only happen once. I still love him even though he's been having sexual relations with someone in his cabinet. My dad has more women than men in his cabinet. I would think if my mom finds out she would go to the newspapers and then file for divorce.


TODAY was my sixteenth birthday. So after school my parents we're throwing me a big blast. Yeah the special service will be over watching everything that’s what sucks. It’s also cool to be his daughter. If you ask me if I can do what I want - well I can’t. Everyone is going to be at our house- not the white house.


Once school was out I waited for someone to pick me to go back home. You won't be able to take a wild guess - Leah; yes she is the my dad's mistress. My mom thinks they are just friends. When she came to get me - she told me that my parents asked her to pick me up. Miss. Clearwater and I hardly get along due to the fucking in my parents bedroom with his dick in her pussy. They invited her to the party.

On the way to our house she tried to make small talk. Yeah I did very little talking. I don't like her. My mom asked me why I don't hang out with her younger brother - I had to lie about it.

“Leah, why ain't you making one word answers,” She stopped the car.

“Ms. Clearwater, you know why,” I looked out the window.

“WHAT you see in the bedroom stays with us, and what I am going say to you - you must not tell your mom; I am pregnant,” she said starting the car back up.

“What, no - is it my father’s, “ I cried as I turn to face her.

“YES, sweetie it is,” she reply.

“MAY I ask you something? “ I asked.

“Sure anything, “ she pulled up in our driveway.

“THE name of the baby,” I whispered as I open the door.

“Emily. Maire, it's a girl - you promise me you won't say a word not even to you father,” she looked at me.

“YES, you have my word, “ I hopped out of the car.

Both sets of my grandparents were outside waiting for me. RENE AND ESME came walking fast towards me. Each them gave me a hug. I returned a hug back. My grandma told me both of my pop and grams are in the back yard waiting for me. As I open the gate to the back yard my mom and dad were waiting for me.

Yes all of my friends and family were here. The big present for me is that my father's mistress is having a baby.


LATER after the party - I went to see a movie with Jake and Paul, I didn't have to pay for anything. Jake paid my way and Paul paid for everything else. What a date. Once the movie was over Paul drove me back to the house. Yes when I arrived home my mom wasn’t home - but guess who’s car was in the driveway. Ms. Clearwater.

I walked into our house. As I was heading to my room when I heard moaning and noises coming from the bedroom. So I just ran into my room and locked the door. After I locked my door I jumped on my bed and cried. Dad why? You are destroying our family.
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