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Quickie *One Shot*

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Despite all of the Train Wrecks and - 1's that these people have written, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. Please read. From the majority of comments I have gotten from my works, they are ...

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"What are you doing, Ryan?" Brendon spoke with a black scarf tied around his eyes.
"Don't worry. It's alright."
"I trust you."

They approached a narrow hallway.

"Put your arms out to feel the walls so you don't fall on me." Ryan said while pulling Brendon behind him.
"Like you wouldn't like that..." Brendon answered with a smile.
"Don't tempt me. You know I like it on top."
"Yes you do." Brendon laughed.
"Okay. We are approaching the door."

Brendon put his arms out in front of him and felt around until he entered the door and felt an empty space. He felt Ryan slide up beside him.

"I've been waiting to do this for a while but with touring and all, we don't really have the time besides the tour bus rides." Ryan whispered in his ear.

Brendon went to remove the blindfold but Ryan gently smacked his hand.

"Uh uh. Not until you let me finish what I was saying."
"Fine. I'll wait though I don't want to."
"Good boy."
"Yes sir." He giggled.
"As I was saying, we don't get to do this often so I just wanted to do something special for you since we both came out to each other. You can remove the blindfold now."

Brendon smiled and untied the scarf. To his surprise was a beautiful red satin sheet -covered bed shaped into the form of a heart with somewhere between 20 to 30 red and white lit candles sitting on pedestals of various heights and sizes around it. His mouth opened wide.

"You did this for me?"
"Of course I did, Brendon. I love you baby. Now stop asking questions and go lay on the bed."
"Yes baby." Brendon followed orders and lay on the bed. Ryan watched from across the room; leaning in the door frame.

"Like this?" Brendon grinned lying in the middle of the bed.
"Just like that but without the shirt." Ryan slyly smiled with a raised eyebrow.
"Off or just opened?"
"Either or. It doesn't matter as long as I can see your chest."

Brendon unbuttoned his shirt all the way open; showing his slender physiqued chest and abdomen.
"You look good like that, Bren."
"Well don't just stand there. Get over here." He motioned Ryan to walk to him; beckoning him with his index finger.

Ryan shut the door then walked over toward the bed and stopped at the foot.

"Move over to the side on your left." I have something I want to show you.

Brendon moved and Ryan sat sown beside him. Brendon sat up and peered over the edge of the bed.

"What do you need to show me?"

Ryan bent over and pulled something out from under the bed. He rose back up and sat a bowl of strawberries and a bottle of chocolate syrup on the bed.

"Where do you plan on putting that?" Brendon smirked.

Ryan leaned over and kissed him then put his finger on Brendon's lips.

"Shh baby. Don't speak. Just enjoy the moment."

Brendon's eyes widened and lay back down on the bed.

"This chocolate could get messy so I think you might need to take everything off."
"I will if you do first."
"I asked you first, Brendy."

Brendon put his legs over the edge and began to undo his belt in a sexy manor and removed his shirt. Ryan bit his lower lip lightly and gave a soft sigh. Brendon heard this sigh and it made him buck his hips forward slightly. Ryan gave a devious smile as Brendon removed what was left of his clothing. He lay back down on the bed fully nude with the exception of his boxers. Ryan stood and did the same; lying on his side facing Brendon.

"You ready, Brendy?"
"Yeah baby." He licked his lips, turned his head, and looked into Ryan's eyes.
"Sorry about this, but let me stand up and you get into the middle between my legs so we don't fall off."
"Because I don't want my man to get hurt like when he got hit with that bottle. I was worried sick. Like you weren't ever going to wake up."
"I was fine Ry." He said placing himself between Ryan's legs.

Ryan strattled himself over Brendon frame exactly and sat on Brendon's lap. Brendon gave Ryan a kiss on his lips and Ryan replied with an even deeper kiss. He pushed Brendon back onto the pillows playfully.

"Now lay back down and we can play."
"Mmm, yeah baby."

Brendon lay back down and placed his hands behind his head. Ryan grabbed a strawberry and began running it lightly over Brendon's bare chest.

"Ooo." Brendon cooed.
"If you think that's good wait until I use the chocolate."
"Can't wait." He licked his lips again.

Ryan took a good sized bite out of the strawberry causing some juice to drip out of his mouth. He wiped his chin then slid the now wet strawberry over Brendon's chest spelling R-Y-A-N then licked it off in the motion he made it.

"You are so bad, Ry."

Ryan ate the rest of the strawberry and threw the stem back in the bowl.

"Now, onto the chocolate." Ryan grabbed the bottle and opened the top with his mouth. "These are always so tricky to open."
"Yeah." Brendon replied while grabbing a strawberry and sucking on it.

Ryan spelled out "I heart you" on Brendon's abdomen and Brendon shivered because of the coldness of it.

"Now lick it off sweetie." Brendon smiled as he licked his strawberry.

Ryan did as he was told and licked the heart off first. Brendon giggled as he finished his fruit.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and both of them turned around at the noise of the door opening.

Spencer stuck his head in.

"Hey guys... OH GOD! Put some clothes on!" he said placing his hand over his eyes.
"Hey, you walked in without asking. It's your own fault." Brendon laughed.
"Yeah, yeah. You guys just had to do this 15 minutes before we have to leave for our sound check."
"Hold on. Geez. Keep your clothes on." Ryan said with sarcasm.
"I need to say that to you two."

Brendon giggled. "Yeah. We'll be there in a second. Just let us get this chocolate off." He said pointing to his stomach.

"Alright, but hurry." Spencer closed the door and walked off.

Ryan continued until all the chocolate was gone.

"Alrighty. We need to get dress now." Brendon said running his fingers though his hair.

Ryan unstrattled Brendon and got off the bed; grabbing his clothes that were lying on the floor. Brendon did the same and they both got dressed.

Ryan and Brendon walked toward the door.

"You better not mess up any chords tonight, Ross." Brendon said stopping at the door.
"You better not get hit with a bottle again, Urie."
"Yeah that really sucked."
'No, what really sucked is that we didn't get to do a lot tonight."
"It's fine. We'll finish after the show tonight in the hotel room."

Ryan gave a devilish smile and kissed Brendon on the lips.

"I'm gonna rock your world, Brendy."
"You better because I don't pay you for nothing."
"You are such a smart ass sometimes but I love that about you."
"Damn straight." Brendon smiled.
"Oh, and one last thing we need to do before we leave."
"What's that?"
"Blow out all of these candles."

Brendon walked over toward the bed and blew out all the candles as Ryan had opened the door letting the hallway lights shine though.

"Thank you for this birthday present, Ry."
"Anytime Brendon, anytime."

The End
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