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Agent Washington is reunited with his crush after she nearly kills him out of the assumption that he was with Charon and after her AI.

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Abandoned (?) Fueling station

The wind on Chorus was practically howling against the fueling station that Agent Washington had just arrived on. He had received word from Freckles that there was still a single heat signature inside if here. He told Caboose to stay where he was as the agent proceeded inside, his nerves on edge. He held his gun to his chest and he walked about, having the feeling of being watched. Though, he was used to this feeling from the time when Charon was still around. Yet, this place made his stomach churn even more than before.

A scraping noise caught his attention and he snapped his head towards the sound, though it echoed around him. He let out a frustrated noise, knowing how difficult it was to pinpoint sounds in an place like this. He loaded his last magazine into his rifle, loading a round in the chamber. He didn't know who was here or what to expect. Or if his life was in danger or if it was just some sort of animal.

He walked forward with much caution in his steps, he was on edge and his blood was pounding in his ears. He halted at yet another sound the echoed around him, he stifled a sigh, lifting the muzzle of his gun upwards. But the next noise sounded closer to him, too close for his comfort. He lifted the visor upwards at something that looked like movement and the glistening rigid silver edge of a knife flashed in his eyes.

Before Wash could even blink, a white armored soldier sprung from her dark cover, her foot making contact with his chest. He grunted, loosing his footing quickly, and the soldier pinned his arms against the ground with her knees. The edge of her blade hovered over the thin armor of his neck, her light blue highlights glinting under the faint light. She seemed familiar to him, almost like he knew her.

"Washington?" she asked, her voice full of shock. "You're alive?"

"Uh...who are you?" he asked, mildly confused. He then recognized her color scheme, her way... "Alaska?! We were told you were dead!"

"And I was informed by the son of a bitch mercenary that goes by the name of Locus that you were dead." She got off of him, standing up and sheathed her blade in its sheath on her back. She extended her hand to him, lifting him up to his feet. "For once, I'm actually glad it's you who's found me."

"Why's that? he questioned her, finding himself relieved around her, for some odd reason.

"Because I've had one hell of a week with these space pirates trying to kill me and take Rhea away." She brushed her armor off briefly, the yellow entity appearing beside her.

"Hello, Agent Washington, it is good to see you still functioning," he chirped.

Wash nodded slightly at Alaska before looking at Rhea. He used to belong to Agent Rhode Island, Alaska's father before he was KIA. Then the AI fragment was given to Alaska to counter her explosive personality. He was always the better one to talk to, in his opinion.

"Well, I suppose I should get you two back the Reds and Blues. I'm sure Carolina would be pleased to see you." He waved her out.

"Oh. Great. She's still alive?" Alaska growled, following him out.

You have no idea, Wash thought.
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