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Hozzie Happy Birthday!!! :D

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Happy Birthday Hoz-dog! Have an awesome year and decade ahead. Can't wait to see what happens this year for you! :D

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Hozzie walked into the motel her and her siblings were staying at for the night. Great, she thought. Another forgotten birthday. She was tired. She was so tired of hunting, of being forgotten, and most of all, she was tired of birthdays. They were the worst. To her, all birthdays ever could be are just reminders that it was another failed year.

“Crap!” Dean, Hozzie’s eldest brother exclaimed.

“What?” Sam, her other older brother asked.

“I think I left something back at that damn house.” Dean answered. They had just finished off hunting ghosts at a haunted house nearby. Hozzie rolled her eyes. So he can forget some stupid thing at some stupid house, but he can’t remember my 20th birthday! “I’ll go get it, you stay here and get some rest.” Dean ordered. Almost as soon as he picked up the keys to the Impala, he was gone. Hozzie sighed and leant back on her bed. She was so fed up, and Sam seemed to sense that.

“What’s wrong, Hoz?” Sam asked, using the nickname only he could use for her. She shrugged.

“If you don’t know, then it doesn’t matter.” She grumbled.

“I don’t know, and if I don’t know, then I can’t help. Come on. I’ve known you since you were knee high. Whatever’s wrong can be fixed.” He tried. She shook her head, with a single tear rolling down her cheek.

“Not this time. Sam, how could you forget my own birthday?” She asked. She always felt closest to Sam. He was always the more caring one of the siblings to her. Sam’s eyes widened and he started rubbing both his temples with his thumb and forefinger with his hands stretched across his face.

“Crap!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah. Crap indeed.” Hozzie said angrily.

“Hozzie, I’m so sorry. We’ve just been so focussed on hunting lately we completely didn’t even realise. Hell, we wouldn’t even have remembered our own birthdays. Is there anything I can do?” He offered. She shook her head.

“No. I’d rather just forget today. Thanks.” Hozzie said. Sam’s eyebrows turned in sadness.

“Come on, sis, don’t say that. Tell you what, let’s go for a walk. Your favourite restaurant is nearby? Why don’t I just text Dean to meet us there once he’s finished collecting whatever it is he forgot, and we can have a birthday dinner?” He suggested.

Hozzie would have usually said no. But something in her just decided to give it a go. After all, he didn’t want to upset her brother over something she didn’t care about anyway. She begrudgingly got up, and they started making their way to some restaurant she fell in love with years ago. She knew exactly where it was, she just forgot the name. As they were walking, Hozzie spoke up.

“Why do I always get the shitty end of the stick?” She asked.

“What d’you mean?” Sam asked.

“Like, I’d like to be included in more things. I know the apocalypse wasn’t exactly a joy ride, but I wasn’t even involved. Then you and Dean are the main cast. Then every single year I remember your birthdays. I just feel like the black sheep.” She said.

“You’re definitely not the black sheep. You’re the purple headed lamb.” He joked. Hozzie cracked a bit of a smile.

“Thanks for making this day a bit better.” She told him, giving him a hug as they walked. Meanwhile, Sam sent a text to Dean.

Get ready – 5 seconds

Hozzie was utterly clueless. She let go of Sam and let him go in first. She didn’t want to be the one stuck asking for a table. When she did walk in, however, she was faced with something totally unexpected.

“Surprise!” A chorus of people exclaimed. Everyone was there. Cas – their angel, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and her best friend, Penina.

Hozzie’s eyes widened in surprise. She looked at everyone in shock. Sure, she didn’t know many people, but the people she did know meant an awful lot to her. Dean and Sam had the biggest grins on their faces, Bobby had a proud smile plastered on his, Penina was completely red in the face. Honestly, she looked a total mess, and Castiel was trying to hold her up with a completely confused look on his features. He was the only one wearing a party hat too.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“Surprise party! WOO!” Penina slurred, blowing into the party blower.

“Yeah, she’s a bit drunk because while we were waiting she had a drinking contest with Cas. Big mistake, but she’s very happy to be here.” Dean explained.

“Anyway, we made reservations ages ago, the fact that there was a real hunt here was awesome luck, and Castiel still has never had the pleasure to enjoy a surprise party, so all in all, a pretty cool day, huh?” Sam asked. She nodded her head, laughing at the image of Penina blowing the party blower at Cas’s face and Bobby trying to get her to settle down.

“I thought you guys forgot!” Hozzie said.

“Yeah, like anyone could ever forget you! Hoz-Dog! Hey, I could totally go for one of those right now.” Penina said in a daze of drunk happiness.

“Well then, let’s eat.” Dean instructed. They all sat down at their designated table.

“Is it customary for all humans to eat?” Castiel asked.

“Yes, Cas. It’s a basic need. Surely they should’ve covered that in God Squad orientation?” Hozzie joked. Everyone began laughing.

“Listen, slugger, I’d like to make a toast.” Bobby said, halfway through the meal. Everyone raised their glasses, Hozzie had a nice can of Coke, Penina had a shot of vodka in her hand, and convinced Cas to do the same – determined to win some sort of bet – and the rest had bottles of beer. “Family don’t end in blood, and sure, sometimes it starts with blood. But what I mean is that family – true family – well that don’t end. Period. And I think we can all say how lucky we are to have you in ours. To a truly creative and inspiring girl. Happy 20th!” Bobby said.

“Cheers!” Everyone else said.

Sure, maybe the whole day wasn’t amazing, but the end of her birthday was the icing on an amazing 20 years’ worth of cake. Looking around her, noticing Penina trying to get on the table to do a little dance, Castiel wondering how the party blower even worked, Bobby chatting with Dean, and Sam giving his little sister a hug, she realised how amazing the people around her were. This surely was the best birthday ever, and was the start of an amazing year ahead.

Happy birthday Hozzie! Have an awesome day! Can't wait to see what an awesome woman you become in the next 20 years! :D
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