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The Trouble With Ducklings

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Kirk and Spock both hold up traffic to let a large amount of ducks cross the road. It causes a few problems and whoops, they're in the same holding cell. AOS, no enterprise au. Also on livejournal.

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Title: The Trouble With Ducklings

Fandom(s): Star Trek (AOS)

Characters: Kirk, Spock

Pairing: Kirk/Spock

Rating: PG-13 for swearing at the end

Genre: Humor/Romance

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek, sadly. Only the mangled remains of my heart which my otp destroyed are mine.

In Jims defense, those ducks were fucking slow. There was, like, 20 of them. Ducklings have short legs. He shouldn't be blamed for that.

Yeah, okay, maybe he could be blamed for holding up traffic for 7 minutes. But why was he expected to just run over ducks? Baby ducks! They haven't even asked for his side of the story yet!

Although he did feel increasingly bad for the injured person who he kept up in traffic. At least it wasn't urgent.

"Alright, both of you stay here in a holding cell before we bring you out to file a report." And suddenly, there was a slightly green, pointy-eared fellow being escorted by another police officer into the same cell he was currently being escorted to.

Cue awkward silence for about three minutes.

"So, you likes ducks too?"

Ah yes, the smoothiest of the smooth, Jim.

"I find them fascinating and peaceful creatures who I do not want to become close to extinction."

"Same, they're like, yellow and stuff when they're babies. But then they get all these wild colors and some are green. How does that even happen?"

"There's no scientific reason behind it, but when the most common breed of duck reaches a certain age, they molt and grow back adult feathers which are usually a light brown color or a cream white. It all depends on the breed, which varys slightly with each."

"Man, you must care about ducks a lot to research them or something." Jim said, rather astonished that instead of being looked at like he was crazy or ignored, he got in a conversation with someone about ducks.

"I don't hold an emotional attachment to any breed of duck. However, their lives are quite interesting and I admit to doing research on them for a project about earth animals on Vulcan."

"Woah, you're a Vulcan? From space? That explains a lot. I should research ducks too. I'm gonna get a pet duck."

"I would advise against that. They are not domesticated and can be quite aggressive." Spock said seriously.

"I'll domesticate one."

"That's a very difficult task."



"So, what's your name, pointy guy?"

"I shall disclose it with a large reason being I do not wish for you to ever call me that again. My name is Spock." He said, a tiny glint of humor showing through his betraying eyes.

"Jim. How bout a coffe with me?" Jim replied, A smile playing at his lips.

"I was on my way to MoonDay cafe when this happened. I do not find distaste in your presence, I shall accompany you when we are shortly released and charged."

~10 years later~

"And that kids, is how I met your sa-mekh." (father).

authors note: thanks for reading my shitty story please love and appreciate spirk thanks
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