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Chapter 10- Madonna

Maddie rolled her eyes as Jake held her hand, other hand tightly gripping onto Kati's, who was smiling wide as the sun shined on her sun-kissed hair, the birds chirping madly. Maddie sighed and Jake let go to open up the coffee shop. They walked in and he turned the lights on, everything going shiny and yet so classic and vintage. Kati giggled and skipped over to the play area while Maddie sat down on the green couch that looked like it came right out of 'Friends'.

"You want a vanilla latte?" Jake asked and Maddie nodded.

"I think one drink will be ok," Jake smirked and disappeared behind the counter when Maddie heard the bell to the door ring open and Kati squeal.

"PETEY!" Maddie widened her eyes and stood up a little too quickly, having to catch her balance before turning around and seeing Pete hugging a smiling Kati in the air, twirling her around.

"KATI!" he yelled back and Jake came back from around the corner, earning a glare from Maddie.

"Jake, you had something to do with this," Jake shrugged and handed her, her mug, from which she took a big gulp, while two arms wrapped around her waist and their hands spread out on her growing stomach.

"So, another niece?" Maddie bit her lip in a smile and turned around in Pete's arms, nodding.

"Yeah," she whispered and looked away. Pete pouted and brought her face back.

"Hey, hey, we're not mad you left, we were more worried than anything," Maddie smiled and nodded as Kati giggled.

Maddie turned her attention back to where she was playing patty cake with Joe, who was smiling wide at her. Andy was looking on and when he noticed Maddie he motioned her over. Maddie gave him a hug as best as she could before he shook his head, pulling away.

"You are going to stop running now?" Maddie shrugged.

"I suppose," she whispered and saw Joe wave.

"Hi Maddie," Maddie smiled and waved back.

"Hi Joe," Maddie looked around and noticed the lack of Peyton and Patrick. "Um," she started and Pete shook his head.

"Patrick didn't want to come, and was being a sore ass, so I made Peyton make sure he got her, no matter what," Maddie sighed and leaned against her brother.

"I'm due in three weeks," she whispered and Pete smiled holding her stomach for a minute.

"You know what it is?" Maddie nodded.

"A boy," Pete smiled.

"Patrick Jr.?" Maddie shook her head.

"I don't know about that, yet," Maddie sighed and listened as the door jingled and two footsteps were heard.

"PeyPey," Kati giggled and Maddie watched as she scurried over and hugged her claves before stepping off and standing in front of Patrick. Maddie was about to take a step forward, but Pete held her back. Kati bit her lip nervously before holding her hands behind her back and shifting her feet.

"Patrick?" she whispered and Patrick fell to her level where she smiled and grabbed his hand, holding onto his finger before leaning over and kissing his cheek. "I missed you, daddy,"

Maddie gulped for a second and placed both hands on her stomach, watching as Patrick stared as his daughter for the longest time before smiling and gathering her in his arms.

"I missed you too," Maddie heard him say and smiled. Things looked ok, until Pete noticed the pained look on Maddie's face. She clutched the side of the counter and placed one hand on her stomach before he caught her under her arms and she fainted completely. Peyton gasped.

"Call an ambulance,"


"We had to perform an emergency C-section and both the baby and Madeline are doing fine," Pete sighed and Kati smiled.

"I have a baby brother?" The doctor smiled and nodded before exiting the room, leaving the 5 friends and Kati in the room alone.

"And I have a son," Patrick muttered and Pete smirked.

"Way to go, Patty boy," Patrick glared for a second and Kati squirmed in his lap.

"I wanna go see," Patrick looked down at her and nodded.

"Alright, let's go see mommy,"


Maddie smiled down at her newborn baby, who amazingly turned out healthy and quite lively, until...he fell asleep. And Maddie was jealous that her second baby still screamed Patrick, and now that it was a boy, it was worse. Maddie smirked and kissed her baby's forehead smiling against it.

"Mommy?" Maddie looked up to see Kati waling into the bright room, holding Patrick's hand tightly, another hand raised oh-so-innocently to her mouth, curious.

Maddie smiled and nodded, welcoming them into the room. Kati grabbed the air up at Patrick and he bent over to pick her up before crossing the room and sitting down on the edge of the bed and placing Kati in-between Maddie's legs. Maddie smiled at him and Patrick tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

"How you doing?" he asked and Maddie licked her lip nervously.

"I'm fine," she said and smiled as Patrick reached for the baby.

"Can I?" he asked and Maddie nodded, handing him over carefully. "Thought of a name yet?" Maddie shrugged.

"No," she said and Kati smiled at her mother.

"Name him Petey," Maddie smirked.

"I think not," Patrick shrugged.

"Why not? He can be the first Pete Stump in my family," Maddie giggled as Kati smiled wide.

"Can we?" Kati asked and Maddie sighed.

"Alright, Pete it is," Patrick smiled and Pete came into the room along with a nurse.

"I think it's time for the young boy to get back to the nursery for the night, ok?" Maddie nodded and Patrick handed the baby over while Pete picked Kati up.

"I'll leave you two alone," Kati waved as they left and Maddie sighed, resting her hands in her lap.

"So, baby number two," Patrick said, and Maddie nodded.

"So young," Patrick smirked.

"At least you're not alone," Maddie raised an eyebrow but softened her expression as Patrick took her hand.

"Not anymore," Patrick nodded and leaned over, kissing her lightly.

"I'm glad your back, Madds," Maddie smiled and nodded, a blush rising to her cheeks.

"It's good to be back, Moo Moo," she whispered and Patrick moved to sit next to her, still holding her hand, playing with her ring.

"You wanna get married?" Maddie widened her eyes and whipped her head to see Patrick blinking at her, a serious expression on his face. Maddie stumbled over a response.

"Patrick- I..." Patrick smiled inwardly.

"Maybe that was too forward," he muttered and Maddie swallowed before shaking her head.

"No, no..." she smiled and nodded. "It's a wonderful idea..." Patrick smiled and blushed behind his glasses and Maddie tightened her grip on his hand. "We'll raise our little dysfunctional family and then..."

Patrick smirked.

"Have more?" Maddie blushed and smiled.

"We'll see..." Patrick held Maddie close and sighed.

"So, you are going to come home?" Maddie nodded.

"Yeah," she said, falling asleep. Patrick smiled and kissed her temple.

"Are you going to stay home, this time?" Maddie hugged him around his torso and smiled into his chest.

"Only if you feed me chocolate and sing me Madonna," Patrick smirked and shrugged.

"Like a virgin..."

the end
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