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Halloween Rooted in Christian Tradition

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I always love Halloween time. Not the gory party but the opportunity to dress up in costume and just have fun. I became a Christian late in life but always hated that some Christian faith do not ...

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Halloween dates back to 1745 and is of Christian origin. Its meaning is All Hallows Evening (All have a Holy Evening).
In the eight century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1, as the time to honor all Saints and martyrs of Christendom. The day is now known as All Saints’ Day. Because Halloween fell on the day before All Saints Day it became a solemn time for Christians to remember martyrs and/or others that had died for his/her Christian faith. These were ordinary but faithful Catholics of Irish descent. Their ancestors, friends or other Christian martyrs did not rise to the level of being acknowledged by The Church during All Saints Day activities. Halloween became an opportunity for people to recognize ordinary people not acknowledged by the church. Typically they would visit grave sites and light candles or have remembrance memorials in their homes on Halloween. It was a quiet way for people to recognize their loved one but also be in communion with the Church.
To give some examples there is silent minority of the Church that believes that Pope Joan should be canonized as a Saint. Many around the world still gather on Halloween to recognize Pope Joan for her contributions to Christendom, while the church refuses. Another example is Mother Teresa, prayer groups and the like would gather on Halloween to acknowledge this Saint. In 1999 many began regular prayer and fasting for the Canonization of Mother Teresa. Many would dress in her traditional clothing on Halloween while attending the prayer group. Mother Teresa was not recognized by the Church as a Saint until September 4, 2016

Have a Holy Evening
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