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The Zootopian Killer

by pinballshawn 1 review

Officer Judy and officer Nick of Zootopia gets promoted to Detectives, and are told about a homicide. Based off of the movie, Zootopia.

Category: Mystery - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2016-10-10 - 163 words

it been about a year since the old Mayweather was arrested. Judy and her partner, Nick was once again on patrol, when they were called in by chief Bogo.

"Officer Judy, Officer Nick, you two are wanted at Zootopia Police Department."

"Chief, we are on our way" replied Judy.

The Police cruiser turned around, and headed back.

Judy parked the car, and she and Nick jumped out. They met Chief Bogo by the doors to the briefing room. He pushed the door open, and Judy and Nick saw the room packed with officers. Nick and Judy stood in front of everyone. Nick quickly saw Bogo nodded to someone.

"By the power I have inside me, I grant both of you the position of homicide detectives." He turned to the room. As of today, three ZPD officers and four civilians were found dead at Theran Hotel. We believe them to be murdered. We want you two, Detectives Judy and Nick to solve the case.
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