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Percabeths Life:after the war

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In this fanfic Percabeth Happen to be Getting Married and having kids

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Welcome to My newest fanfic which ill try to update as much as i can
The Giant war ended 3 1/2 years ago and I am driving to Da Vinchis Diamonds For a ring for Annabeth im gonna Purpose to her tonight at dinner on the beach at Camp Half-Blood. Grover is getting the food Ready and it will be ready by then.I got out of my car and headed into The store."How can i help you"Asked the lady at the counter"im picking up a 40 karat diamond and pearl ring"I Awnswered"Whats your last name?""Jackson"I replied"Heres the ring"She Said as she gave me the Ring"That will be 200,000 dollars please"I Payed her Ran out of the Da Vinchis diamonds And Into my car.I checked the time it was 8:25!I have 30 minutes to get back to camp and walk annabeth to the Beach And camp was 15 MINUTES AWAY!I hope i make it on time.
So How did u like that i hope u liked it Oh and Im gonna be in the story a little bit Luke J Pearl i will help percy and annabeth a few times during the story
Chap 2 The Proposal
*A/N Sorry i have been busy with school so i didnt have time for this
Disclamier:I Dont own Pjo and Hoo all rights go to uncle rick and I only own OCs and a house
Percys POV
I was driving to camp and when i got there grover was waiting for me"Perrcyy Where have you been i finished the food 30 minutes ago."Grover asked"Sorry G-Man i had to pick up the ring"I replied "Now go get annabeth that took 5 minutes longer then post to"Grover said. "So I walked down to athena cabin and got annabeth to come with me i think she thought it was just a normal date i cant wait to tell her.
Annabeths POV
Seaweed Brain said he wants to go to the beach for a picnic at night so i said sure he is gonna be here in 30 minutes so i got ready i got my Regular Camp clothes on. So when Seaweed brain came to me cabin he was also wearing his camp clothes i smiled. "Hi Seaweed Brain"I told him "Hello Wise girl" He smirked as he picked me up. "HEY Put me down" I yelled,Not in a real way but in more of a playful way. "Nope Wise girl im taking you down to the beach like this" He said with a laugh,Ah my seaweed brain. When we got to the beach i realized there was a lot of food in the picnic basket so Percy sat me down and we had a little make out session before we started eating. His lips taste salty and fresh at the same time. We started eating and when we were full I started to stand up and seaweed brain got on one knee and said "Annabeth Chase Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive. "YES"I screamed....CLIFF HANGER LIKE UNCLE RICK BUT I STILL DONT OWN PERCABETH cries
Annabeth:Well atleast you own the story
Me:Oh ya
Chap 3:The Wedding(8 Months Later)
Percys POV
Its been 8 months since i proposed to wise girl and i we are now getting fully married! I am very excited I just had got into my suit and was waiting for annabeth my best man was grover and the best lady was thalia. When i saw annabeth walking down the isle up to me she was beautiful. As wise girl got up here i whispered in her ear "Your F**king beautiful" "Language Seaweed brain"She giggled.
Annabeths POV
Percy and I said our vows and when chiron said "You may kiss the bride" Percy kissed me for 34 seconds straight and everyone was clapping and a few gods and demigods had tears in there eyes when athena walked up to percy and i over heard her say "If you dare break my daughters heart i will personally send you to tartuarus".
Hope you enjoyed
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