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The Diary of Zidane Tribal

by tehstrongsauce 2 reviews

Take a look into the diary of Zidane Tribal. Hilarity Ensues.

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dEfAuLt ChApTeR

Hey everyone, i just got this diary from the store in Lindblum...And I met this wierd rat hoar from college in the bar next door. We talked...And we danced to the know...THE song.

"I'm...too sexy for my shirt...Too sexy for my sexy it huuuuurts.."...That song.

There was this weird "Festival of the Hump- er- HUNT" today. I guess the whole thing is just that they send all these rabid animals out and then you slaughter them....It was pretty fun.

At first, Vivi was flippin' out because he hates cruelty to animals. But, damn , when the rabid Fang pounced on him, he went insane and started to kill everything.

I won, of course. After I killed many,many things I just started wandering around. When I got to the business district, i saw that rat chick from before fighting this it was. Some like, spider, elephant thingamajig. She ran off crying and I, valiantly slayed the beast!!

Well, that raps it up for now. I'm out.

Oh more thing...I'm too sexy for my shirt...too sexy for my sex---falls to the ground....ouch

Freya: "That's not what happened!!I had the beast cornered and then Zidane threw a rock at my head and knocked me out so he could get the points!"

Vivi (has rabies):hghhadrhsdlfhjsdfagfgagk.. Foams from mouth

Well, hope you like the first chapter! please r&r!

P.S.: Oh yeah, this story will go through the ENTIRE game. Thats right, Memoria and beyond baby!

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