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My love for Senpai *Part One*

by Senpaiismylover 1 review

Hello, I'm Toko, I am a 16-year-old girl, my love for senpai is unreal, who is senpai? Oh... just this amazing guy I have a huge crush on. Want to find out more? Please read this fanfic of me, Toko...

Category: Tokyo Mew Mew - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2016-11-07 - 315 words

Hi, I'm Toko, I would describe myself as a loner somewhat... I avoid all people in my high school. I had a few friends, I didn't really leave to go to places with them though. But one day, my life kind of changed, I was inside of the cafè deciding what I wanted to eat. When I grabbed my coffee and my salad I was walking to 'our' table and... I dropped my salad. Sigh I wanted that salad so bad, I was really hungry from walking around all day from class to class, and I got a break and I dropped my food. "Hey, uh, I got you a new salad, I'm Jaiden, by the way.." mumbles in shock "Uh... thanks, I'm Toko, nice to meet you... and thanks for the new salad let me just... clean this mess up..." Jadien hands me the new salad and he starts cleaning up the mess "No, Toko, you go with your friends, I'll clean this up, don't worry about it," stutters "Uh... um... er... th-thanks..." starts to head to table then stops "Um, take this," hands him $20 "Keep it," walks to table he nearly shouts "Please take your money, I don't need it-!" "Dude you coming or not... she's just another girl just let her walk away." one of his friends mumbled. As the day went on I couldn't stop thinking about him. No one else just him. I was really confused because I never liked anyone before so I was just so confused. The next day as I was sitting at the lunch table one of my friends said: "Hey, you know that guy who bought you a new salad, was his name Jadien?" I reply "Yeah, why?" she giggles "He's really cute... I think I like him, maybe I could have a chance, what do you think Lily?" Find out more in part two
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