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The Girl With The Crimson Eyes; Chapter 1: Confusion

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Summery: A strange girl, mystery dreams, and...someone's still alive? And what does this have to do with Luffy's past?

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The Girl With The Crimson Eyes; Chapter 1:Confusion.


Summary: A mysterious girl, mystery dreams, and… someone's still alive? And what does this have to do with Luffy's past?

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or any of the characters in this story, expect for mine.

Also,this is my first fanfic. Some advice would really help. Enjoy!

Warnings: Luffy might be a little OOC. Zoro too.

Author's Note: This is kind of a horror fic, and there might be some tragedy and adventure in here...I'm pretty sure...



"What you will witness will disturb you, shock you...kill you...There is a dark side to humanity, worse that you could ever hope to experience..."
"Be careful what you wish for..."
"Or you just..."
"Get it..."


-Some place, some time ago...-

A canopy of luminous stars materialized among the ocean of blackness. Some were dull, merely flickering into existence every now and then, but there was an adequate amount of shimmering stars to illuminate the dark; a peaceful night. The sea glistened, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of the pale, white moon. and the luminescence from the restaurants and designer boutiques that lined the marina. The wind brushed against the water's surface, the ripples ruffled the stillness of the surface, and shattered the reflection of the harbor.
Yes, on nights like these the Thousand Sunny masked any sound that might mistakenly escape; Unfortunately, favoring any...uninvited guests...
There an unsuspecting figure stood throughout the shadows of the moonlit sky, darkness enveloping it's body much like a cloak would. The silhouette appeared to have a slight grin, a smirk perhaps? And if you looked closely, you would swear you had caught a glimpse of it's eyes morph...a crimson red...


This, would be quite the interesting day.

After all, when your with the Straw hats, you learn to live with the daily drama, but for now, all was calm, peaceful; Silent.
The sea had a rhythmic pulse to it, unmatched by any other part of nature. It forged its own sound, kindled its own symphony.

The waves were comforting, beguiling the scene of dawn in all its beauty.
In the kitchen, it's the gentle setting of onions in hot oil for a caramelizing bath, how he seized up in the oil and start their long hissing song.

It's the cracking of the skin of a roasting chicken and the way a stainless steel whisk bashes against a copper bowl full of ingredients that interrupts the moment.

Sanji, a culinary comforter, able to turn basic ingredients in the soothing meals the makes you workday stress melt away. A grilling genius, paying attention to the visual detail all while not sacrificing overall quality, flavor, health. A master manipulator, prone to turn your frown upside down"-mostly Luffy-and seduce you with carefully-crafted meals, was the victim.



Breakfast was loud and obnoxious, as usual, especially for a certain rubber boy.
"Luffy! That's my meat!"
Yet, even then, you can't mistake the feeling of wonder.
Or curiosity...
"Yeah Zoro?"


-Last night...-

The entire crew was sleeping rather peacefully, despite Usopp's obnoxious snoring; everyone except for Zoro, who was sitting upright with his back to the bunks beside them, clearly keeping watch over his sleeping nakama, but Luffy...was not so fortunate.


'Where am I?'

He turned his head from side to side, but couldn't see a thing because he was surrounded by a thick fog.

Slowly, the shape of a person began to appear.

It only took a few more second for him to realize who it was.

Same demonic, challenging orbs, same amused yet menacing smirk.

Really, there was only one person it could be…

"It's you!" He exclaimed in alarm, but in overall strength.

'I won't give her the satisfaction of seeing my fear. Not again.' Luffy told himself in a repeating mantra, and only when she came closer did he realize he was-

"Alone?" He voiced, growing concerned and distressful each second that passed.

"Yes, think of this as a message to you personally." She suggested, her composure never falling along with her smooth yet mysterious tone.

"W-what do you want?" He questioned more than nervous about her possible response, before adding in an annoyed, and more so angry voice.

"And what was yesterday about! You didn't have to sneak on my ship and attack me you know!" He mumbled, and her grin increased slightly.

"Yes, sorry about that. It was for something…important..." She explained, and as foreshadowed, Luffy wasn't so happy with his answer.

"What do you mean "important!" You stabbed me!" He glared, and she calmly walked up to him before leaning to his ear.

"Now that's not how to address some in his current situation, now is it?" She whispered, causing him to lose his previous grudge, as well as shrink back a little.

"Now, for my message…" She started stepping back until they were face to face.

"I recommend you come and find me." she stated, leaning into his face a bit.

He leaned right back, and growling slightly he responded, "And why should I?"

"The biggest mistake of your life will come to pass." She explained, gaining a confused, wide eyed Luffy.

"What…mistake?" he asked quietly, tightly clenched fist shaking, head down, his bangs shadowing his eyes, shielding his silent anger clearly shown on his face.

She smirked, a small, sadistic smile graced her lips.

"Well, I'm sure you'll find out if you fail to heed my warning…" She trailed off, and her eyes seemed to glow as she continued in a demonic voice, void of all emotion.

"What you will witness will disturb, shock you…kill you. There is a dark side of humanity. Worse than you could ever hope to experience…"

Her voice held even more menace as she gained almost deranged look, horrifying Luffy even more, if such a thing were possible.

He was already disturbed beyond measure, what more could she possibly-

"Be careful what you wish for…" She continued, her voice now warped and discorded.

"Or you just…"

She swung an agile leg underneath Luffy's, immediate making him fall to the ground, surprise evident on his face as she crouched down, leveling their faces together.

" Might…" She reviled something from behind her back, some sort of…hammer? And by now, Luffy had realized he spoke too soon.

" Get it..."

'Way too soon', was his last thought, before excruciating pain was forged upon him…


Luffy woke up in inaudible gasps.

Sweat rolled down his face and onto his open chest. Breathing heavily, he took no notice of his current condition.

His skin felt just about in flames, he was abnormally sweating, and he was even tearing a little.

Anxiety struck, and a shocked expression came upon his face…

Yes, he took no notice of it, but Zoro did.

"You okay Sencho?"

Luffy's jumped at the sudden voice, he had forgotten during his wake, he was back at the Thousand Sunny.

He wasn't alone anymore.
Not with his crew, his family, his nakama...

Not ever.
He was...

He couldn't see his face, his front half was facing away from his bunk, but he could practicality feel the concern in his swordsman's gruff voice.

Zoro watching over them. It made him feel safe, his first mate held that sort of effect within his presence.

But he wouldn't be going back to sleep anytime soon...

"It was...a nightmare, but i'll should get some rest..."
Zoro smirked and replied, voice laced in sarcasm, "I should be telling you that, captain..."

Luffy didn't even bother to reply, the dream still fresh on his mind.

It was more than that. Zoro could tell, but he didn't push the conversation any further.

Not yet...


But now, now was the perfect time.

"What did you dream about?" But even before he received a proper answer, he took a firm grab of his shoulders, and his dark orbs observed every movement an reaction in his captain.

"Tell me" He demanded, his expression softening upon Luffy's regretful face.

By now, the others had paused in their previous actions, all attention drawn to where it was due; Zoro and Luffy.


Zoro leaned in deep, intensely searching his eyes for something more, something unexpected, something...


He was...confused, as the rest of us were...


True, it was a normal occurrence for Luffy to be so; he was as famous for his idiotic and dense manner as he was of his strength.

Still, this confusion was different...almost like...he didn't know what it meant himself...


Sooo, yeah... Hope you liked it! Ill probably do a story every day if not more.
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