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Easy Come

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With lust and power, it's all about the balance. Gojyo/other, Sanzo/Gojyo.

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Shaded eyes watched from beneath a blond fringe, half-lidded eyes through wisps of smoke and moving shapes. It always seemed to be busy, these city inns and cheap bars, even when the town seemed to be home to little more than a handful of farm folk and a couple barn animals. But small town or big city, it didn't matter; the people crowded in and were ever shifting from corner to corner, making Sanzo lean and squint to watch his target.

All without looking like he was.

It wasn't that he couldn't do it. He could do whatever he wanted and not one of the bastards he was traveling with could say anything worth anything. Thrice damned, all of them, and nothing to change it.

So he sat and watched, nursing a beer or two, ignoring the prattling of Goku as he found wonder in every little detail. Occasionally Hakkai would murmur a question or observation, idle talk until Sanzo glanced the demon's way.

"Will we be leaving here in the morning?"


Repeated and washed out. The monk was more annoyed by it than anything and it hardly stopped him from reverting his gaze back to the bar or card table in the room. Violet eyes could instantly pick out the bright flash of cursed red.

A round of laughter made Sanzo narrow his eyes and scowl as Gojyo tipped his head back, neck long and scars stretched. Another part of the show-easy breezy, Gojyo said, hook, line, and sinker-as girls giggled and clung.

"My, he's popular tonight, isn't he?"


It was true though. The halfbreed was surrounded by adoring, ignorant, fawning morons. It made the blond sneer. Then Gojyo turned away from his companion's table and the sneer dropped, switched for a tight pull of lips as Sanzo let his eyes rake over the redhead's body.

His fingers tightened on his beer mug, the black cloth on his palms wet from condensation.

Because Gojyo always wore ill-fitting clothes, loose where you didn't want them to be and tight in the most ridiculous areas. It made you imagine things, mental alterations, cuts and tucks from place to place.

Strip off pieces until you had exactly what you wanted.

And Gojyo knew, the bastard son of a bitch. He worked with it, flaunted it, look but don't touch unless he decides to play nice. And only one person was allowed a part in his nightly play.

Tonight it was a tiny brunette, curled hair neat and pinned back and shirt straining against her breasts. Gojyo had had an arm around her shoulder most of the night, counted her his lucky charm while he robbed the poor men's wallets at poker. Now he leaned in, just past the last bit of personal space, and grinned like /that/.

Always the same.

Growling, Sanzo finished his beer and let the glass hit worn-out wood with a resounding /thud/. Goku cringed and Hakkai gave him a closed glance, not smiling for once.

"Sanzo?" Goku asked, eyes wide. "You okay?"

"Fine," the monk nearly snarled. "Just sick of all these people."

Hakkai's eyebrow actually twitched. "Perhaps you'd like to move to a different inn?"

"I'm not moving our stuff again. We're leaving as soon as the sun rises anyway, whether our resident idiot wants to or not."

"You know Gojyo will be up and ready. Especially since you actually left him behind in that town last month."

Sanzo snorted and turned back to the green-eyed man for a moment, noting the blank look. Hakkai could have no emotion whatsoever in his expression but still manage to tell you exactly what he thought. "He needed to learn a lesson."

"I suppose so."

Standing abruptly, the monk shook his hair out of his eyes and stared down at the two demons. ""They're giving me a head ache. We'll meet back here for breakfast in the morning."

He heard the happy exclamation from Goku and soft agreement from Hakkai, back already to them as he headed for the stairs, counting minutes in his head. The blond's fingers curled into fists as each second ticked by, too slow and too far between.

Sanzo wished, as his hand unlocked an inn door, that they would stop all together.

But they didn't and time swept on, stars dim and distant beyond the water-spotted window. There was hardly any light in the room, on that outside glow and a flickering candle, shadows and flame wrestling across the wall. Slow, fast, gentle, hard.

The door opening caused them to sputter, lose the dance, and light spilled in for a second before muffled footsteps creaked across the floorboards and the hinges snapped shut again. Soft breathy laughs and appreciative moans as the two bodies met, wrapped around each other. Wiry arms around a narrow waist, quiet growls and louder moans.

Something dropped to the floor in a flimsy ripple, pooling onto the ground and joined by others.

"Oh,'re so /bad/..."

"You like that?"


Another growl and the bed suddenly protested against added weight. Squeaks and rustles overlapped any other sound for a heartbeat until moans covered them up.

"You're...don't stop..."

"Heh, like I could..."

And he watched from the corner, nestled deep and away from the light, perched on the only chair in the room. Unnoticed, at least to half the party, and strained. Sounds of pleasure rose, up and up and wanting to break. Harsh breathing, wet friction, skin meeting foreign skin.

Violet eyes adjusted to the dark again. He could make out the dim outlines, black ghosted figures fading in and out of sight as the candle wavered. His breath caught, the sight of a long tanned back and curved buttocks making him even harder. Sanzo's hand hovered over his erection, still covered by the soft material of his robe. Hips wanting-needing-to buck that centimeter up to meet a gun calloused hand.

"Fuck, you're tight."

Bodies shifted just so and he could see it all, firm thighs locked around lean muscle, rubbing against a line of ribs. Up and up until Sanzo could see a thatch of coiled curls, glistening dark. Gojyo's hips pumped in a steady rhythm, long and slow as the redhead panted at the ceiling, one hand roaming over love-bitten breasts.

Legs inching farther apart, Sanzo slumped slightly in his seat, hand jerking from aborted movements and tongue sneaking out to moisten dry lips. Eyes fixed on those hips, that junction where thigh met ass. Flawless despite everything, begging to be bit and marked and...

The mattress rocked back into the wall, a steady pounding that Hakkai could undoubtedly hear. Slim hands reached up to grasp the headboard, nails scratching the surface instead of the halfbreed's flesh.

Wasted opportunities, Sanzo thought through a red haze.

Gojyo's hips sped up, strong hands wrapped around soft hips. Not strong enough to bruise, only remind for a day or two. "Shit, I'm gonna-"

The girl cooed, dovelike, and shuddered with her eyes screwed up tight and mouth gaping in a silent plea. Gojyo grunted in response, tensing as he found his own release as heat clenched around him. His hair was slick and stuck to his back and shoulders, a splatter of crimson. Backside tightening, making Sanzo bite his own tongue to stop a moan from escaping, imagining being there, feeling that.

Gojyo grunted then.

Sanzo would have made him scream.

"That Wow. A-are you sure you're only here for the night?" the woman asked what seemed like hours later, limbs like liquid as she tugged on various articles.

"Yeah. Sorry, babe. My tightass boss keeps us on a rough schedule," Gojyo drawled, a faux hint of loss in his voice and a sly glance towards a dark corner. "Don't forget me though, huh?"

The woman laughed outright at that. "As if I could," she said with a shake of sweat-damp curls and exited the room, steps lazy and satisfied.

Silence, then the hiss of a lighter and smell of cigarette smoke.

"Want one too, Sanzo-/sama/?" Gojyo asked, rolling onto his back to look at the monk over the length of his still naked body. Dirty, rumpled sheets were pushed aside and ignored.

Sanzo stood, arousal screaming for attention, and walked to the bed. One red eyebrow was raised, legs bent up and smoke like a halo. "Yours taste like shit."

"You want something else then?"

The rehead rose off of his elbows, bringing him closer to the monk's impassive face and wanting-demanding-eyes.

Sanzo made a sound deep in his throat, eyes roaming from face to foot and back. "Why?"

"Well, either you want a piece of my ass or you're a really bored son of a bitch every night," the redhead said, tossing a chunk of hair over his shoulder with a twist of his neck, showing the fading red marks there. "I'd say it's the first."

"And?" Sanzo asked, hands now resting on the foot of the bed. That much closer but he'd never admit it. Shouldn't have to admit it. Because as much as he watched, Gojyo watched right back, moving like he fucked and sending tiny signs, letting him in behind closed doors.

But Never.Close.Enough.

Gojyo smirked suddenly, a flash of white. "And I'd say you're gonna have to work for it."

Because the best things were never that easy.
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