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Better Uses

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He had only wanted a simple breakfast. mild Kyo/Haru

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Kyo stared down at the strange contraptions laid before him, partly in horror and partly in confusion. He had only wanted a simple breakfast, after all. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Preferably with that damned Yuki miles away and no leeks in sight.

Life, the Cat had long ago realized, never gave you what you wanted. What a bitch.

"Wh-what the hell are these?" Kyo asked, one eye slightly twitching. Prodding one of the offending objects had no affect and yelling at it seemed kind of pointless, if not entirely ridiculous. "Where's my cereal?"

"Pancakes," came the calm reply from the other side of the table. Hatsuharu blinked once, twice, at his cousin before turning his attention back to his plate, his task finished.

Kyo did the same, only his look was a good deal more doubtful. "Why are they shaped like the zodiac? It's starting to get on my nerves, this theme thing. And why are you even here?"

"I wanted pancakes."

The Cat twitched again. Sometimes he wondered if he didn't prefer the Ox's darker side. At least he didn't speak in monotone then. Or stare into space. That could be damn creepy.

"Ch. Whatever. Where's Tohru?"


So much for a stimulating conversation.

Haru chomped down on his ox-esque piece, mumbling something about fun cannibalism around the flakey cream-coloured crumbs, and speared the rabbit--presumably the next innocent victim.

Resigning himself to his Fate, the orange-haired boy grabbed a woman-shaped bottle off the side of the low table and watched liquid sugar pour over the pancakes. He was particularly careful to aim it at the rat. Drowning in syrup was a fitting defeat, however small a win it was.


Glancing up when the table shook, Kyo cursed as he felt the last drops of syrup turn his fingers sticky. Gah. He hated that feeling. "Watch it, dumbass, you made me spill the stuff. What a freakin mess!"

"But I wanted some..."

Haru was on his knees, leaning over the table and peering up through unruly bangs. Grey eyes between white and black and silver earrings just barely shining through. Kyo shook his head slightly, pushing aside the thought even as he pulled his plate farther away from the younger boy.

"Yeah? Well, go get a new bottle."

"Just a bit. You're being mean."

"You're just too slow, alright?" the Cat huffed, turning his head away but still watching the his cousin. Haru could be passive as a saint, vague as a wise man, or crazier than Ayame on a caffeine buzz.

Right now those grey eyes narrow slightly, either considering something or about to launch a homicidal attack. Hard to tell which was which sometimes.

Kyo tensed, waiting, and nearly felt his brain explode all over the nice clean room as a warm tongue suddenly wrapped itself around his fingers, lapping and swirling and flicking the sensitive skin between one finger and the other in a light tickle.

Soft mouth suddenly covered the digits entirely, sucking in the sweetness and wiping away every trace of maple sugar. It sent a shock down his spine, hairs standing on end, and if he had had his tail at the moment it would curl in pleasure. Instead the Cat just groaned quietly, hating himself as he did, and bit down on his lip as his brain supplied entirely different images from those in reality.

Then it was gone with one loud wet pop and Haru traced his own lips with his tongue for any lingering taste. Satisfied and feeling accomplished, the quiet boy started to lean back, only to be stopped by a strong hand twisting around the fabric of his shirt.

"Where d'you think you're goin'?" Kyo growled roughly, smoothly shifting onto his knees.

"Uhm," was the response, accompanied by carefully blank look.

"You took all of it, ne? Well, I want some back, dammit."

"Kyo, you have a whole plate of-mmf!"

Talking was overrated anyways, Kyo had quickly decided.

And syrup on pancakes? Doubly so.
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