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Christmas was coming up but Penina wasn’t looking forward to it. As far as she was aware, Christmas was just another working day and since she wouldn’t be at school she’d be working with her brothers. It didn’t stop her wishing she could just have an ordinary Christmas though.

“Hey Penina,” Her best friend Hozzie said, sitting down next to her. It was the last day of Christmas term before they broke up for two weeks. Penina imagined they’d be moving on after Christmas “Looking forward to Christmas?”

Penina shrugged her shoulders. She’d miss Hozzie when they eventually went, but that was the way life was “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Hozzie asked with a small laugh “I love Christmas so much. Oh, that reminds me! I got your Christmas present.”

Hozzie delved into her bag while Penina blushed bright red “Oh Hozzie, I’m so sorry… I don’t really do the whole Christmas present thing so I didn’t get you anything.”

“That’s fine, you don’t give to receive.” Hozzie said cheerfully, pulling it out of her bag “Here you go.” Penina unwrapped the silver wrapping paper to reveal a blue notebook “You said blue was your favourite colour… And I figured you could write your stories in it. That thing you wrote in English was brilliant.”

“Wow, thanks Hozzie.” Penina said, looking down at the notebook. It wasn’t much but she hadn’t received anything for the past two Christmas’ “I wish I’d thought to get you something.”

“It’s no problem.” Hozzie said “Do you wanna come over during the Christmas holidays? Or I could come to yours-”

“No!” Penina cried. Penina had been to Hozzie’s a couple of times but she’d never invited her back. How could she when she lived in a motel room? She didn’t think Hozzie would judge her for that but her brothers left their weapons all across the room along with books about demons, ghosts and other supernatural beings. Penina couldn’t risk it “I’m gonna be pretty busy, my brothers are gonna need help and… Well, I was putting off saying anything but I think we’re moving just after Christmas.”

“What? But you just moved here, how can you be moving again already?”

“My brothers’ work takes us up and down the country all the time. We don’t stay in one place too long.” Penina sighed “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Hozzie said “We can keep in touch, right?”

Penina nodded eagerly “Yeah, of course. You’ve got my number, right?” Hozzie nodded “Brilliant. Who knows, we might end up back here one day.”

“And I’ll come visit you, wherever you are!” Hozzie said. Penina smiled but she knew the truth. Penina and Hozzie probably wouldn’t see each other again.

When the bell rang Penina ran straight out of school and back to the motel without saying goodbye to anyone, not even Hozzie. She hated saying goodbye, especially so close to Christmas. So she left the school without a backwards glance and didn’t stop running until she was at the motel.

She unlocked the motel room door with the key from round her neck and let herself in. Her brothers weren’t anywhere to be seen but she had a feeling that would happen. She sighed heavily and sat down at the table, taking her new notebook out of her bag. For a couple of hours she got lost in writing and actually jumped when the door to the motel opened. She stood up quickly and put her fists in the air wildly, relaxing when she saw it was only her brothers followed by their friend Castiel.

“Steady there tiger,” Dean said, grinning at her “It’s only us.”

“I can see that but you scared me.” Penina said, quickly stuffing her notebook back into her bag “How’s the case going? When do you think we’ll be moving?”

“Not until after Christmas.” Dean said, sitting down on the bed and lying back “I can’t wait for this to be over.”

“What is the case anyway?”

“Oh we don’t wanna bore you with the details.” Sam said. Penina narrowed her eyes suspiciously. They always told her the details of the case. This one must be pretty bad if they didn’t want to tell her but they didn’t look particularly stressed “Have you had dinner yet?” Penina shook her head “Let’s order pizza, celebrate your last day of term.”

Penina sighed “Yeah, it’s a real cause for celebration.”

“I thought you disliked school.” Castiel said, sitting opposite her at the small table.

“I do.” Penina said “It’s just… I don’t know. Whatever.”

Sam rang up the pizza place and Dean rolled over in bed, neither of them noticing Penina’s sadness. Castiel looked at her “Is everything okay, Penina?”

“Yeah, it’s all good.” Penina said “I’m just tired. It’s been a long day.”

“It’s only six o’clock.” Castiel said.

“Yeah, I know but it feels like… Whatever Cas, I’m fine. Do you wanna play draughts?”

“Yes!” Castiel cried, his eyes lighting up. Penina had been teaching him how to play for the last couple of weeks and even though he wasn’t very good he enjoyed it nonetheless. He excitedly grabbed the board game and banged it on the table, sending everything that was already on there flying. Penina laughed at Castiel’s enthusiasm.

A couple of hours later the four of them were full of pizza and Penina was officially fed up of playing draughts but didn’t like to tell Castiel that “Penina, we were thinking we’d finish this hunt by ourselves.” Sam said, sitting down at the table “You can just relax, maybe go see your friend Hozzie before we move away.”

“But you guys always let me help out.” Penina said.

“I know but this one’s different.”

“What kind of different?” Penina asked “Dean, come on, tell Sam I need to help you guys out.”

“Sorry sis, no can do. Sam’s right, this one’s different.”

“Then tell me how!”

“Can’t, sorry.” Dean said.

Penina groaned in frustration. Castiel looked at her nervously “I could always hang out with you Penina.” Castiel said.

“Thank you Cas, at least someone wants to spend time with me!” Penina said “Though we’re not playing draughts, okay?”

“But it’s fun.” Castiel said, looking hurt.

“I’ll teach you some other board games if you want.” Penina said.

“Yeah well just spare a thought for your poor brothers that are working while you two are playing board games.” Dean said.

“No, it’s your fault that I won’t be working, not mine.” Penina said.

The next morning Penina woke up and found Castiel sat the table while her brothers were nowhere to be found “Have they already gone?” Penina asked.

“They left a few hours ago. You’ve been sleeping for a long time.” Castiel said “Your mobile’s been ringing a lot. Your friend Hozzie.”

“Oh, never mind.” Penina said “Do you want to go see a movie? Sam and Dean left me lots of money.”

“What movie?”

“I don’t know. Anything. I don’t want to sit in the motel room all day.”

“I think it would be a good idea if we got out of the motel too. I’ve been sat awake all night; I’m quite bored of this room.”

Penina laughed and the two of them set off to the local cinema. Penina had been there a few times with Hozzie over the past few weeks. She felt a wave of sadness as she headed inside but she pushed it aside. She’d had to say goodbye to a lot of friends in the past, what was one more? The quicker they moved on the better.

There weren’t many films on so Penina chose the latest Disney film and the two of them went inside and sat down. Things were going well until halfway through when Castiel suddenly said loudly “I don’t get it.”

“Cas!” Penina whispered in an embarrassed tone as a few people turned to look at them “Remember what I told you? You’ve gotta be quiet while the films on.”

“But I don’t understand.” Castiel said in a quieter tone “Why doesn’t she just talk to her sister? Why is she so angry?”

“Because she’s worried about hurting someone.” Penina replied “And she’s angry because she can’t control her powers and now everyone hates her, I’m pretty sure I’d be angry too.”

Castiel looked thoughtful so Penina rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the movie. It kept on going until Castiel piped up again “How can Hans be her true love when she’s only spoken to him once?”

“Castiel if you watch the movie you find out something amazing.” Penina replied.

Castiel kept watching and then gasped when the truth about Hans was revealed “Remind me to never watch a movie with you again.” Penina said with an exasperated sigh “Please just keep it together until the end of the film?”

Castiel just about managed to keep it together for the rest of the film but the moment the credits started rolling he was off “I cannot believe that film, I still don’t understand some points though Penina, do you think you could-”

“No.” Penina laughed “It was just a film Cas, it wasn’t meant to be taken so seriously. What do you wanna do now? We could head back to the motel I suppose.”

“I think we should hang out a bit more. Perhaps we could get lunch?” Castiel said “Wasn’t there a diner down here?”

“You don’t eat though do you Castiel?” Penina asked.

“No but I have learnt that it is not an option for humans not to eat.”

“Well yeah I suppose.” Penina said, following Castiel to the diner he had found.

They went inside, found a table and Penina ordered some food while Castiel just had a drink. Lemonade because apparently he liked looking at the bubbles. As they waited for Penina’s food Castiel started chatting “Are you not upset about having to move again?” He asked.

“Not really.” Penina lied, looking out the window “I’m kind of used to it at this point.”

“But surely you must hate leaving all your friends behind?” Castiel questioned “Only having your brothers who are much older than you must-”

“Cas, stop it.” Penina said “You’re not helping. Yes, I’m bummed, okay? I don’t have many friends because I don’t bother. But I made friends with Hozzie here and now I don’t wanna go.”

“But you could keep in touch.”

Penina rolled her eyes “Oh I’ve had friends before. Friends who’ve promised to stay in touch and then it goes from a phone call once a week to a text once a week to once a month to nothing at all. People soon get bored of you when you’re not around to do anything for them anymore.”

“So you got bored of them?”

“No, of course not. I miss them. But I’d never say anything because they don’t miss me.”

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though.” Castiel said “You never know how things might turn out.”

“If you don’t try then you don’t get hurt.” Penina said “I learnt that.”

“But you’re hurting regardless.” Castiel said “Surely it’s better to have tried. Then you won’t spend your life wondering what might’ve happened if you’d tried. You’ll just know.”

Penina was thoughtful for a second “Wow, you might actually be onto something Castiel.” Her food arrived and she started eating fries thinking about what the angel had said “I have an idea Cas.”

“Okay, what-”

“I’m gonna need your help.” Penina said, starting to wolf down her food “We need to get going.”

A couple of hours later Penina and Castiel were walking back to their motel with their arms weighed down with bags “Are you sure this was all completely necessary?” Castiel puffed.

“Absolutely.” Penina said “Now come on we’re nearly back.”

Penina pushed open the door of the motel with her elbow and went to put her bags down but jumped out of her skin when she heard “Surprise!” The bags clattered to the floor and Penina swore loudly but then she stopped still when she saw what they’d been yelling surprise about.

The entire motel room had been decorated for Christmas and stood in the middle of it were her brothers and Hozzie “What’s going on?” Penina asked.

“Your brothers told me that you guys don’t celebrate Christmas much but that this year they wanted to throw you a proper Christmas. So they enlisted me to help!” Hozzie said with a smile “You’re not annoyed, are you? You seemed like you didn’t want to talk to me on the last day of school?”

“Oh God…” Penina said shakily “I just… I just hate saying goodbye to people and I knew you’d said you’d keep in touch… But I can’t count the amount of people who’ve said that to me and haven’t meant it and I suppose I just panicked…”

“Penina.” Hozzie said, walking over and giving her a hug “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, regardless of whether you’re here or the other side of the country.”

“Well, Castiel said I should try harder to keep in touch with people so I was willing to give it a go.” Penina said “I’m so happy that you are too. And I bought you a Christmas present.”

“Oh Penina, you didn’t have to-”

“Shush, of course I did.” Penina said, delving into one of the bags “Here, this one’s for you. You can open it now. But you two,” Penina said, pointing at her brothers “You two can wait until Christmas.”

“You got us presents too?” Dean asked, looking absolutely delighted.

“Of course I did and I’m glad since you guys are going all out for Christmas this year. Even if we hadn’t bothered with the tree and everything I’d have still bothered. You’re my brothers and Christmas is about giving, right?”

Sam and Dean gave her a hug while Castiel looked at the four of them with a proud smile. Hozzie unwrapped her present and gave a little squeal. It was a book with handy tips on writing “Thank you Penina, its brilliant!” Hozzie said, giving her friend another hug.

Penina hugged her friend back. Hozzie hadn’t freaked out that she was living in a motel room; she’d helped her brothers decorate it so that Penina could have a good Christmas. Penina was certain that this time she’d have a friend that kept in touch with her. And if not, well, she still had her brothers. And not many people could say they had an angel for a best friend!

[A/N] - MERRY CHRISTMAS PENINA! I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and that you enjoyed this one-shot! Love you pal :)
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