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Icha Icha Acquisition

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As ramen is to Naruto, so porn is to Kakashi. As old man Ichiraku is to Naruto, so this old man is to Kakashi...

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Looking up briefly from his inventory, the old man noticed his shop door swinging closed. He blinked. That was odd; he could have sworn the bell hadn't rung...

Then he remembered that morning's delivery.


"I'm afraid I haven't quite had time to get it on the shelves yet, Kakashi-san. If you'll wait a moment?"

"No problem."

A tall figure swam into view, lounging against a corner as if it had been there all along. It was, the shopkeeper noticed, a corner hidden from view by tall bookshelves. More importantly, it provided a clear view of the door and shop windows through gaps in the books whilst still shielding its occupant from notice. He snorted to himself, bending over to dig through the box of books. "Paranoid ninja..." he muttered.

A single visible eye curled briefly in amusement.

Having fished out the desired book by one orange corner, he flipped it onto the counter and straightened slowly. "That will be..." A note fluttered briefly in a non-existent breeze, as if to get his attention, setting the few coins clinking. "Of course." He didn't bother to count, just swept the money into the till with a sigh. Kakashi-san always gave the right amount; his obsession with the series would be seen as unhealthy in any civilian. But he was a ninja, so allowances had to be made.

"Would you like a bag to put it in?"

On the other side of the counter, the jounin clutched the small volume to his chest, single eye closed in bliss. The air around him was filled with petals, and a heart-shaped bubble popped balefully under the shopkeeper's unimpressed stare.

"I'll take that as a no, then."

Shuddering slightly, the old man turned back to his records. He didn't think he could stand to watch a supposedly elite member of Konoha's ninja forces skip out of the shop with his porn like a school-girl in love...
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