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Recovery and Answers

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Follows X1. Logan's life is forever changed when he rescues an infant girl named X23 from a group called Hydra and raises her as his daughter. Then one day, they become entangled with a group known...

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Daddy's Girl
Chapter 9: Recovery and Answers


With the Brotherhood now gone, all that Xavier and his X-men could do was pick up the pieces. Jean went in and helped Scott and Ororo back to their feet as the good doctor she was, but she had to use the mind link she had with her blinded fiancé in order to guide him back to the car where a spare set of ruby-quartz glasses awaited him.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries. But their resolve was greatly shaken. Without a doubt, Magneto had won this round. He tricked them all. He got what he wanted. And nobody was hurt more by this than Logan, who was now in a state of cold, unparalleled rage. His daughter needed him and he failed her. He failed his little girl.

Ororo found him passed out in the wreckage of the train and needed Jean's help to get him back to the car. Once they got back to the mansion, they placed him in the infirmary so he could recover from the beating Magneto gave him, but even after he woke up he was still out of it. He just sat there on his bed holding the locket that belonged to his little girl, vowing to do whatever was necessary to get her back.

"How long has he been like that?" asked Ororo as she and Jean stood outside of the room where Logan was recovering.

"Ever since he woke up three hours ago," sighed Jean.

"Have you tried to talk to him?"

"No, he...I think he needs to be alone now."

Looking back at the broken man through the small window, they couldn't help but feel bad for him. As brutish as he was, the man clearly loved his daughter. And now that she was in the hands of the Brotherhood, it was hard to imagine how he was feeling.

"It must be hard, you know?" mused Ororo, not taking her eyes off the feral man.

"What do you mean?" asked Jean curiously.

"How we try to make things better for humans and mutants alike, but end up having innocent people like Laura getting caught up in this mess."

"Yeah, I know. Unlike us, Logan doesn't take a side. He just wants what every parent wants...a world safe for his child."

"And even though he doesn't seem too fond of us for butting into his life, he does it for Laura. That's definitely something to admire."

Looking at her friend with a somewhat amused look, Jean managed a smile despite the dire situation they found themselves in.

"Is that the only thing you admire about him?" she said with a suggestive tone.

Ororo ignored the redhead's gaze and cast a smile at the broken man.

"I admire a lot of things about him...maybe more so than anybody here. But just how much is for me to know, so don't try any mind games."

"Wouldn't dream of it," said Jean, leaving the matter to rest.

Ororo remained fixated on Logan for a while longer. Jean didn't comment any further, but she knew there was work to be done.

"Come on, Ro. We should get back to the Professor," said Jean, drawing the African mutant away from the door.

"Right. I'm coming," she said with a sigh, casting the feral man back inside one last sympathetic gaze.

Inside the room, sympathy was the last thing on Logan's mind. He knew those two were out there looking back on him with pity and sorrow, but he couldn't have cared less.

All he could think about was Laura. There was no telling what Magneto was going to do to her. She was the only light in his otherwise bleak life. She gave him a reason for living. He didn't even want to consider the possibility of losing her.

Sitting on the cold bed, he kept the silver locket in his hands, looking down at the small picture of him and his little girl smiling with joy as the happy family they were. Even though he was a monster on the inside, he loved his baby and he would not let her down.

"Laura..." he said to the image of the little girl in the locket, "I swear to ya, baby...I'll save ya."

Just then, the door to the infirmary opened. But this didn't stir Logan in the slightest. He knew who it was from the scent and he didn't even bother turning to face her.

"Mr. Logan?" said Rogue as she wearily stepped into sterile room.

She got no answer, but she was not dissuaded as she slowly approached him.

"Mr. Logan, Ah...Ah heard what happened," she told him with a great deal of strain in her voice.

Still no response, but she kept on talking. She had to get this off her chest. Her conscious just couldn't bear the burden.

"Mr. Logan, Ah...Ah'm so sorry," she sobbed, tears already streaming down her face, "This is all mah fault! If Ah hadn't come into your room then you and Laura wouldn't have..."

However, Logan didn't let the young teenage girl finished. He had enough torment to deal with on his mind at the moment and he didn't want a sobbing girl to add to it.

"It's okay, kid. It wasn't your fault," he said in a low monotone voice.

"No, I should have..." she began, but Logan kept talking.

"Even if it didn't happen, they would have found another way. It ain't yer fault, it's the Brotherhood's. They're the ones responsible. And they're the ones I'm mad at, not you."

Rogue swallowed her sobs. She hated feeling like such an emotional wreck. Even though Logan didn't blame her, she still felt guilty about it. This man had his daughter taken from him. She couldn't even begin to imagine the kind of pain he was in.

"Is...Is there anythin' Ah can do to help?" she found herself asking.

Logan finally turned to face her, giving her a clear view of his cold, angry eyes that seemed bent on one thing...Vengeance.

"No," he said bluntly, "Just stop blamin' yourself and go back upstairs."

"But what about you? Are ya gonna be okay?"

"Hell no!" he said, getting up off the bed with the locket still in hand, "I'll only be okay once my daughter is safe. Until then, the Brotherhood better watch out because when I get through with them, they'll have no stomach for their mutant war! They messed with the wrong kid and they sure as hell messed with the wrong father!"

Rogue could only watch as Logan stormed out of the room, making his way back down the hall towards the war room where the rest of the elders had already gathered. She didn't know what more she could do at this point. But whatever came of this, she hoped that they stopped Magneto. And with his daughter's life on the line, God help the Brotherhood from the rage of an angry father.


Back in the Brotherhood lair, Magneto and his henchmen were making the final preparations for their grand operation. Mystique and Sabretooth were in the process of loading their equipment onto a medium sized boat that looked like a coast guard patrol. Everything was nearly ready. They had everything they needed. It wouldn't be long now. All they had to do was confirm that their little captive had what they needed.

"So what's the verdict, Toad?" said Magneto as he stood besides Toad, who was using some special medical equipment they had 'borrowed' to test the unconscious Laura.

"Hold on, boss. We'll know in just a tick."

Using a small syringe and a special computer programmed to map mutant blood, he drew a sample from Laura's arm. They made sure that she would remain unconscious, so they pumped her with a heavy dose of sedatives to keep her manageable. She had already proven to be a tricky subject, but they needed her if their plan was to succeed.

"Well, well, well..." said Toad with a grin as he looked at the readouts, "Looks like this little bugger is a winner."

"So I take it she has what we need?" stated Erik.

"You bet! The machine should work perfectly now," said Toad as he shut down the equipment, "You'll be able to show those bloody humans, no sweat!"

"Excellent. Everything is going according to plan," said the master of magnetism in an approving tone, "But what of the after effects on her? Will she be able to survive them?"

"Ha! Snowball's chance in hell!" scoffed Toad, "She can heal, but not from something this extreme. It'll have to be a one-shot deal."

"One shot is all we need," said Magneto, using his powers to levitate his helmet over to his hands, "Load her into the boat. We had best get moving. Tonight, the Brotherhood strikes!"

"Right!" said Toad with a grin as he took the unconscious girl in his arms, "And it's about bloody time."

Following his henchmen towards the waiting boat, Magneto used his powers to load the last batch of equipment onto the boat. Once everything was in place, they were ready to set sail.

"That the last of it?" growled Sabretooth, eager to get this show on the road.

"That is all, Sabretooth," said Magneto in his usual calm tone, "Fire up the engines. We have a ceremony to catch."

"Wonderful," said Mystique with a grin as she stood beside Erik with an affectionate gaze, "I've always wanted to see Liberty Island."

"A fitting place for a fitting rise, my dear," said Magneto, returning the shape shifter's gesture, "Tonight, Homo Sapians being their long overdue decline. And Homo Superior shall finally reign supreme."


The morale in the institute War Room had been hit hard as a result of their loss to Magneto. They had been outwitted and outsmarted by the Brotherhood's resources and now they were fresh out of clues. Whatever they were planning, nothing stood in their way now.

Scott, Jean, Ororo, and the Professor were all trying to consider their options now. Magneto now had Laura, but his reasons for doing so were still unclear. Xavier knew his old friend was going to make a move and now he had done it. What happened next was all on him now.

"So what's the word on the train station?" asked a frustrated Scott Summers.

"Last I checked the media is still swooning over it for a chance at mutant bashing," muttered Ororo, "Every news station is calling it a mutant attack. That incident with Magneto holding all those cops at gunpoint isn't easy to explain away."

"They're just looking for a scapegoat, Ororo," said the Professor, who remained undaunted despite the grim circumstances, "They are just as uncertain about what happened as we are."

"But still, this is only going to bolster Magneto's resolve," said Jean, "All this negative press is going to make whatever he's got planned even more justified."

"And I believe that's how he wants it," added Xavier, "But we must concern ourselves with only the most pressing matters, namely stopping Magneto."

"How can we? We don't even know what he's got planned!" said Ororo with a frustrated sigh.

"That may be so, but we can't stop searching," said Xavier in a strong tone, "Now that he has Laura, I feel he has just upped the stakes, so to speak."

"But why Laura?" questioned Scott, "Why would he need someone like her? She's just a kid. What could she..."

Just then, the door to the War Room opened and a very angry looking Logan stepped in.

"Mr. Howlett what are you..." began Jean, but Logan wouldn't have it.

"Don't even try it, Red!" he spat with a venomous tone, "You expect me to hold up in a bed while some psycho's got my daughter?!"

"Hey, watch it Logan!" said Scott angrily as he stood directly in front of him, for NOBODY talked liked that to his fiancé.

"No, YOU watch it, bub!" yelled Logan in response, drawing his claws and holding them up to the young man's face, "You were the one that said Laura would be safe here! You were the one that said this place was best for her! I thought you and this little shit box you call a school were supposed to protect your students! Guess yer word means dick when it comes to my family!"

Scott was ready to blast this guy into the next county. First Logan talked down to his future wife. Then he went on to insult the school that meant so much to him. Even for a concerned father, this guy had crossed a line and he wanted to make sure he knew that.

But before the two men could go at it any further, Storm hit them with a gust of cold wind.

"BOTH OF YOU, STOP IT!" she yelled in a commanding tone.

The two men still locked sights with one another, but the cold air seemed to take the heat out of their temperament.

And for Xavier, this was as far as he wanted it to go.

"Please calm yourself, Logan," he said in a reasonable tone, "I know this must be difficult for you. I know you're concerned about Laura. But your rage will not get her back any faster."

"You don't know shit!" yelled Logan, "It ain't your kid whose life is on the line! This is my daughter! My family! She's all I got in this world! I need her! And I ain't losin' her!"

"Then let us help you, Logan," said Xavier, still not daunted by his angry words, "Work with us. Don't fight us. We can help you get your daughter back. We've faced Magneto before and we know what he's capable of. If you truly with to save your child, then your best chances are with us. And besides, do you really have the resources to fight him on your own?"

The angry look on Logan's face did not wane, but he knew Xavier was right. As much as he hated to admit it, he was powerless at this point. He didn't know dick about Magneto. He didn't know how he thought, how he operated, or even how to find him. It was not a pleasant feeling to be so lost when his little girl was in need of her daddy, but with her life on the line Logan knew he couldn't afford to make more enemies.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he withdrew his claws, the look on his face still cold with anger and concern for his baby.

"Fine!" he said with a grunt, "It ain't like I got a choice anyways. But let's get one thing straight here Chuck...When the time comes to face this prick, you ain't keepin' me out of it! This son of a bitch hurt my baby girl! And he's gonna pay!"

Feeling in need of some serious space, Logan stormed out of the room and retreated back to the infirmary so he could cool down. It left the X-men in a dizzied state, for they weren't just dealing with Magneto. They were dealing with a raging father.

"This may complicate things, Professor," said Jean as she got up to try and calm her still fuming fiancé.

Letting out a deep sigh, the Professor bowed his head in admittance.

"I'm afraid it already has, Jean."


While the rest of the team struggled to calm themselves after Logan's raging outburst, the majority of the institute on the upper levels were going about their lives as usual. A large body of students had now gathered in front of the TV, watching as the news about the train station incident unfolded. But for a select few, the news was the last thing on their minds.

Standing right besides the elevator door, Bobby anxiously waited for his girlfriend's return. He knew Rogue had been really shaken by this mess. She blamed herself for much of it. He didn't like the idea of her visiting Logan while he was in his current state, but there was nothing he could say or do to stop her.

It felt like an eternity waiting for her return. But when the elevator doors finally swung open, the look on Rogue's face didn't look any better than it had when she left.

"So how'd it go?" he asked, walking up to her and placing a hand on her weary shoulders.

Rogue just looked away, still feeling like shit as her conscious continued to nag her incessantly.

"He doesn't blame meh for what happened," she said, hiding her frustrated emotions.

"Isn't that a good thing?" asked Bobby.

"Of course it ain't!" she shot, breaking from his grasp and storming back down the hall with her boyfriend following close behind, "Ya think just because he says that Ah feel any less guilty about it?!"

"Rogue, come on! Don't do this to yourself," said Bobby, trying to keep up with her, "Is this really going to change anything? Is it really going to undo what's already been done?"

Rogue found herself stopping in the foyer just before the stairs. She let Bobby catch up, feeling his hand take hers as she turned to face him with her frustrated gaze.

"Rogue...This is all the Brotherhood's doing," said the Iceman in a soft tone, "You know that. Logan knows that. I know that. And you shouldn't be kicking yourself for something they're responsible for."

"Ah know Ah shouldn't, but..."

However, Rogue was unable to finish as she fell into a fit of more sobs. She hated this feeling, being so frustrated and helpless. It was a grim reminder of the curse that was her mutant powers. Because of it, she couldn't even kiss her boyfriend. Why he stayed with her was something she'd never understand.

"Hey, it's okay, Rogue," said Bobby, trying to lend what comfort he could, "You feel guilty and I don't blame you. But you're stronger than this. I know you are. You just have to stop kicking yourself for something that's already in the past. We'll find Laura. We'll stop Magneto. And this will all be behind us. I know it will."

"Ah wish Ah had yer confidence," she muttered.

"Well we all can't be as confident as the, Iceman," he quipped, flashing her one of his winning smiles that he knew she loved.

Such a gesture got her to smile as well. It wasn't much, but it was a start. No matter how often he did it, Rogue could never get over how he could still smile when things looked so grim. It was one of the things she really admired about him. It may not have changed their predicament, but it did make her feel better.

"Now come on," said Bobby as he took her hand, "I'm going to cheer you up if it kills me."

"And how do ya figure on doin' that?" she said, still smiling as she gave his hand a firm squeeze.

"Three words...Chocolate fudge ice-cream."

"Mmm...Ah like the sound of that. Maybe we could also throw in a little..."

Then suddenly, just before Bobby could lead her into the kitchen and towards their frozen prize, the echo of hard pounding upon the front door startled them out of their little moment. Looking towards the front entrance, the two students debated on whether or not to answer it. In a school full of mutants, it was not always a good idea to let outsiders in.

"What the...Who could that be?" said Bobby as he wearily approached the door.

Then the pounding resumed, this time with more intensity. It sounded really urgent, which pretty much ended the debate on whether or not to answer right then and there.

"Bobby wait!" said Rogue, trying to stop him.

But she was too late. Bobby had already unlocked the door and swiftly opened it. And as soon as the two teens saw who it was, their eyes widened with shock and horror.

"Please!" said a very sick looking Senator Edward Kelly, "I need to speak to Dr. Jean Grey! I need help!"


From the time Senator Kelly stumbled into the door, the resident elders took action. Scott and Jean were the first to arrive to Rogue and Bobby's frantic psychic pleas. And by the time they got there, the Senator was out cold.

Such an unexpected visit caught much of the team off guard, but given the importance of this man's status they were quick to act and rushed him to the infirmary where they hoped to help. However, it was not looking good. The Senator's skin was very pale and bore a strange globular consistency similar to that of a squid or octopus. Clearly, something had happened and it had Magneto's fingerprints all over it.

For the next couple of hours, Jean and the Professor ran test after test, but it was not looking good. His skin continued to change and his vitals continued to slip. And despite their expertise, the two doctors were at a loss for words.

"Do you have the results, Jean?" asked the Professor, not taking his eyes off the Senator's prone form.

"I do, Professor. And it looks like I was right. His cell structure is breaking down on all levels," said Jean as she looked at a readout displaying an image of the senator's body, "Midochondrial output is falling fast, peripheral nervous activity is shutting down, and all gastric and repertory systems are slowly weakening. It's as if his whole body is being reduced to the consistency of a sponge."

The senator let out another labored cough, showing just how sick he was. The Professor cast him a look of sympathy, for despite his stance on mutants, he didn't deserve something like this. No human being should have to endure such suffering. But as tragic as it was, there was still the matter of why? And almost equally important...How?

"I just don't understand," said Doctor Grey, pinching the bridge of her nose in a show of frustration, "What could have caused this?"

"I think it's obvious, Jean," said Xavier as he wheeled himself to the foot of the bed, "Something made him a mutant."

"A mutant? But that's impossible. How could he..." began Jean, but Xavier was already certain.

"It's the only way," he told her, "Check his blood tests. They should be X-factor positive. I'm sure of it."

"But even if they are, that wouldn't explain how he got this way," argued Jean, using all her medical knowledge to try and decipher this mystery, "An X-gene can't just be assimilated into the body. At least not with any methods that I'm aware of."

"And that is exactly what we must determine," said Xavier as he now sat directly behind the senator's head, "This is Magneto's doing. I'm certain of it. And this could very well be the clue we need to uncover Magneto's true plans."

Such words offered a ray of hope to their otherwise futile predicament. If they couldn't do anything to save this man, then maybe he could help them stop this from happening to countless others.

"I'm going to read his mind," said the Professor as he placed both hands on the sickly man's head, "Jean, make sure he's stable. We need whatever secrets his mind may have. Otherwise he may not be the last to endure this condition."

"You've got it, Professor," said Jean as she turned on the life support monitors, "I'll let you know if anything changes. Just be careful in there, okay?"

"Don't worry my dear. I assure you, I'll be fine."

Closing his eyes and focusing his mind, the wheel chair bound man used the telepathy he had been blessed with to enter the mind of Senator Edward Kelly. His thoughts were jumbled and disorganized, but there was one particular memory that seemed to stand out clearer over all others. And as Xavier had suspected, it involved Magneto.

Finding himself in the lair of the Brotherhood, Professor Xavier rose from his seat and walked around the pseudo real surroundings that existed solely in metaphor. Everything looked, felt, even smelled real. And Xavier could sense everything.

"No...NO! NOOOOOOO!" cried the hapless Senator as he sat bound by shackles in a chair.

Xavier could only watch as Magneto stepped into the mysterious machine, which was now glowing brightly amidst the sound of oscillating rings caused by the high levels of energy. The rest of the Brotherhood was there as well and they all seemed remarkably calm despite this strange process. The Senator was still screaming as Magneto let out a determined grunt from the intense power.


Then, the blinding swarm of blue light radiated from the machine and engulfed everything in the cave-like lair. The Professor was forced to cover his eyes as he watched it. The Senator was still screaming as it drew closer and closer. Then finally, it inundated him and in the blink of an eye, the light faded.

Xavier was shocked by such a scene. Looking back up at the mysterious machine, he watched Magneto keel over in an exhausted heap. Toad and Mystique quickly came to his aid, helping him stay upright as they carefully led him down the stairwell. He was clearly drained from it all, his eyes drooping and his breathing labored. But he bore a look of accomplishment on his face.

The Senator was still shaking, his whole body inundated with anxious sweat. He was obviously going into shock. Whatever had just happened, it had truly overwhelmed him. And all Magneto could do in response to the terrified man was cast him an insidious grin.

"You're one of us now...Brother."

After that the memory ended and in a flash, Xavier found himself back in the infirmary.

"Professor? Professor what did you see?" said Jean, anxiously awaiting the verdict.

Xavier needed a moment to catch his breath as he processed what he had just seen. It was all becoming clear to him now. Everything was starting to make sense. Looking down at the Senator, the Professor felt a new sense of dread come over him. If this is what such a machine can do to one man than the possibilities of what it could do to millions was almost too horrific to conceive.

"Professor..." said Jean, starting to grow concerned.

"Oh Erik...Have you really become this mad?" said Xavier to himself in a low tone.

Looking up at Jean, the distraught look on his face seemed to say it all. He knew what he and his X-men had to do now. He only wished he didn't have to.

"Tell the others to get down here immediately, Logan included," ordered the Professor as he turned to wheel himself out.

"Why? What's going on? What did you find?" asked the redheaded telepath.

"Something that must be stopped at all costs," said Xavier strongly, "We must mobilize as soon as possible! Tell everybody to meet me outside Cerebro. We've got a big mission ahead of us."


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