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Isabelle has a sensitive friend in her head. / short story

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2010, April 17th.

Oh, hi. My name is Connie.

Mild spring day, birds chirping. Connie sat next to me, but we didn't say a word. She had the same dress as me. It was light blue with dark blue polka-dots and a dark blue ribbon. Mine was in fact the same, but it was pink instead of blue. We sat on a brown bench, our hands in our laps and our eyes on the hill in front of us, which was covered in yellow daisies. I didn't look at Connie, and she didn't look at me. We were in silence, until I spoke up. "I know your name is Connie, don't be silly."

Want to be my friend?

Connie still didn't look at me, but I heard her. "Connie, we are friends." My voice was smooth and soft, like peanut butter that dad used to spred on my sandwiches in the morning. Connie didn't answer me. So I looked at the sun instead. It was warm. It reminded me of when dad and I would go for bike rides in the summer, our faces warm and our smiles large. Connie looked at me.

I don't think so.

"Don't be silly, Connie. You're overreacting." I replied and giggled quietly, looking over to her. Her face was pale, and her chestnut hair was perfectly on her shoulders, as she looked at the field of daisies ahead of us. She did not look at me. Connie was always sensitive like this and I never knew why. I would always be with her, and she would always be with me. She would never leave me, and I could not ever leave her.

There is nothing in the world funny about that.

I sighed, "Oh Connie, I know. But don't you believe it's a bit silly to overreact like this?" I paused, "You know I can never leave you. And you will never leave me." I wiped my clammy hands on my polka dotted dress, giving her another glance. But she still did not look at me.

Me and my great ideas.

The sarcasm was clear in her soft voice, as I put a small hand on her back to try and comfort her. "It's alright Connie. It's alright to overreact sometimes." she nodded slowly, finally turning her face and giving me a small smile. We both held each other on the small bench, looking at the sun finally set and the daisies slowly blow in the cool wind.

We sat like that for awhile. No words came out. It was comforting, though. Before I knew it, a young man came up to me with a bright smile. "Hey, could I sit here? I'm a bit tired and I've been jogging for 3 hours now." I looked at him as if he was crazy, clenching my fists. "Can't you see? My friend is sitting here." He just gave me a puzzled look.

"Are you alright?"

The End
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