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Made with Love

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A night in with Ami and Makoto... Yuri

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Title - Made With Love
Author - Ghrdr
Pairing - Ami / Makoto
Rating - PG-13
Disclaimer - I don't own Sailor Moon or any of it's characters. Naoko
Takeuchi, Mixx, DIC and others own the copyrights.
Author's Note - This is from Ami's p.o.v. Ami and Makoto are a new
couple in this.
Archive - Bryn and Arc Impulse (given)- Anyone else,
if you want it. Ask
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Beta - Bryn... as always this is for you


Made With Love
by: Ghrdr

I had shown up unannounced at Makoto's door at six in the evening
with my overnight bag and books. When she answered the door and saw
me she'd immediately grabbed my stuff and told me to follow her
inside. After putting my things in an out-of-the-way spot, she sat
me in a chair while she seated herself on the floor so she could look
me in the eyes and ask me what was wrong.

Glancing at her and blushing, I told her it was nothing serious; it
was just that my mother was pulling a double at the hospital and
the neighbor's son was throwing a loud party. A hurt look crossed
Makoto face as she stood up and looked down at me.

"That's all I am to you, isn't it? Just an overnight library." She
said in a small voice.

As I sit here trying to find a way to refute that statement, Makoto
passes me and runs her fingers through my hair while chuckling. She
then stops, turns around to place a forefinger under my chin and
closed my mouth while smiling. I close my eyes as she leans forward,
placing a small kiss on my forehead and giving me a hug. "Sweetheart,
do you know how easy it is to get you all flustered?" She asked as
she pulled away.

Makoto then walked towards the kitchen, and I thought I heard
something about dinner and an hour, but my mind was fixated on the
extra twitch she was putting in her walk as she moved away.

After dinner I'd set up to study at the coffee table while Makoto
pulled out her sewing box and sat down on the couch. I really had
every intention of studying, but I soon became engrossed in watching
Makoto sewing a line of prefect tiny stitches in the lavender fabric.
Letting my curiosity have free rein, I asked her what she was making.

Giving me a smile, she turned out the fabric and showed me the
half-finished stuffed rabbit she was working on. Makoto said she had
run into Hotaru this morning and had found out that the younger senshi
was looking for a cheer-up present for ChibiUsa. After hearing Hotaru
saying that ChibiUsa already owns most of the stuffed bunnies in the
neighborhood, she had offered to make one for her.

Watching Makoto's hands as she stroked the rabbit's head, I asked
her how many stuffed animals she had made. Looking at her hands
Makoto told me that the bunny was the third one she had made. The
first one was at school being used as an example by the teacher. Then,
looking at me she said, "the second one is a present for you and is
in my bedroom."

Pulling Makoto with me to her bedroom I opened the door and saw the
deep emerald green bear sitting on her dresser. When I picked up the
bear I got a closer look at it and saw an embroidered white snowflake
pattern with an oak leaf in the center of it's chest. I felt Makoto
come up behind me and, pulling me into a hug with one arm, she traced
the pattern with her other hand and whispered in my ear.

"When I made this for you all I could think of is what the gift of
your love means to me. You accepted me knowing the good and the bad
sides of my moods. You always know what to say to lift my spirits and
make me laugh. This bear was made by my love, for you, my greatest

Hearing this, I turned in Makoto's arms and reached up, pulling her
down for a kiss. I put all my love into the kiss, trying to show her
that what she had just said is what I feel for her.
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