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Supergirl x Adam

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Fighting for what you need.

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National City CatCo

"Kara!" Winn whispered shouted at Kara as she got out of the elevator. "What Winn." Kara asked annoyed. "Miss. Grant is not in the best mood today, her son or something is here." He whispered back. "Carter?" "No,someone named Adam Foster and he's waiting at your desk. Ad Carters here anyway." Kara rolled her eyes at this. She walked to her desk to see a tall, brown haired man.

"Hi, I'm Car Grants son, Adam Foster." The man reached his hand out. Kara took his hand gingery. "Hi, I'm Kara Danvers." She replied. "KARA!" She heard someone shout. She looked up to see Carter running towards her. She put her arms out and caught him as he jumped into her arms. "Hey buddy! How was school?" She asked setting Carter on her knee. "Ok, it was kind of boring though, can you take me to the school fundraiser tonight. I want you to meet a couple of my friends." He asked smiling. "I don't know buddy." She replied also smiling. "Please! We never get to spend time together anymore." He begged. He started to do the puppy dog eyes and started to whimper. "Fine, but you need to tell your mom." She replied giving into Carter. "YES! Thank you Kara!" He laughed happily. He kissed her on the cheek and ran into the office.

"Who was that?" Adam asked looking confused. "Oh that was Carter, Miss. Grants son." She replied smiling. "Soo... I was wondering. You would like to grab lunch with me today?" He asked smiling at Kara. "Um.. ya I'd like that." She replied. Kara got up and walked out of CatCo with Adam. After they got done with lunch they were walking back to the building when they got attacked.

"Give me your money little girl" A man cracked a grin. He was holding a bat and the other girl was holding a knife. The man with a bat made an advance towards Kara. "Stay away from her!" Adam shouted, stepping in front of Kara. The other man got behind them and grabbed Kara by the neck. He held her in a choke hold and put a knife to her stomach. "If you want your little girlfriend to live, you will get Cat Grant to hand over all of her money." A man laughed. Kara looked at the knife to see it was made out of kryptonite. Thats why she felt so weak.
"Or we can keep her, she's actually pretty cute." The man said while biting on Kara's ear. Kara tried to move her head but when she struggled the man pressed the knife against her stomach even more. "Let her go!" Adam shouted struggling against his grip. "Fine, since you both wont listen, she'll pay!" He shouted at Adam. Adam watched as Kara's eyes grew wide with horror. The man pressed the knife into her stomach and twisted it. "AAHHHHHHHHH!!" Kara screamed. He pulled the knife out and dropped Kara. She was breathing heavy and barely moving. The men started to walk towards CatCo with Adam in their hold. Kara looked at her stomach to see it bleeding tremendously. She looked up to see Adam struggling to get out of their grip and get to her. She looked down at her dress and ripped a piece of and tied it around her stomach. "Adam close your eyes!" She screamed. He did as he was told. He felt the guy holding him let go of him. He opened his eyes to see Kara using her freeze breathe to stop them. After they were complete frozen Kara started to sway. "KARA!" Adam screamed. He caught her before she could hit the ground. He picked her up and ran to CatCo.

Adam came running in. James and Winn both looked at him carrying Kara. They looked at each other and followed Kara. "MOM!" Adam screamed as he was running into her office. "Adam what are you...." She didn't finished her sentence because she was looking at Kara. "What happened!?" She asked getting up from her desk and moving to the two. "We got attacked and the guys stabbed Kara." He replied trying not to cry. He laid her down on the sofa and tried to stop the bleeding. After caring to the wound Kara started to wake up. "-da-" She tried to speak. "Shhh.. Kara you need to relax. Help is on its way." Adam said trying to calm her down. "We need to get everyone out of her." She mumbled. "It's ok Kara, we're safe here." Carter said holding her hand.

All of a sudden there was shouting. "DONT MOVE!" Someone shouted. Everyone looked up to see men with guns walk into the room. "Hand over your phones.. NOW!" The man bellowed. Everyone gave them there phones but Carter. He was frozen in his spot. "NOW" A man screamed pointing a gun a Carter. Kara got up and stood in front of Carter. "Don't shoot. He's a good kid, he wouldn't try anything." She said holding her stomach. She slowly reached over and gave the man the phone. All of a sudden a gun shot went off and Kara screamed in pain. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She dropped to the floor unconscious. Carter started to shake her,screaming her name. She wouldn't wake up. "KARA!" Adam screamed. Everything went black and no one could see.
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