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Astral Eyes

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Sometimes Fate needs a hand... Yuri

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Title - Astral Eyes
Author - Ghrdr
Series - Sailor Moon
Pairing - Minako/Hotaru
Rating - G
Disclaimer - I do not own Sailor Moon or any of its characters. Naoko
Takeuchi, Mixx, DIC and others own the copyrights. I'm just having
some fun.
Author's Note - This is a F/F story. If it is illegal where you are or you
are underage then please.. LEAVE
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Beta - Ayrki-chan

Astral Eyes

Opening my eyes, all I saw around me was an infinite, black tapestry
scattered with jewel-colored stars and pink clouds. From Artemis'
descriptions I figured I was on the Astral Plane. I don't remember how I
arrived here but I was humbled by the beauty around me. The faintest hint
of movement and the slight stirring of my long hair were all I felt as
the starscape slowly started to slip by me. When what had felt like a
long time had passed, I found myself suspended before and looking at a
cylinder standing on its long axis, spinning swiftly and was about two
meters tall.

Watching the cylinder, I could sense somehow that the phenomenon was
slowing down and I would get answers to my questions. As it slowed, I
noticed a two-toned blur near the cylinder's center that I had overlooked
before. The object in front of me slowed some more until the details became
clearer to me.

Watching closely, I was startled to see that the cylinder was actually
something resembling a playing card. One of the faces looked like the ace
of hearts but instead of the regular red color it was a warm golden orange.
When the other face swung into view, I saw an ace of spades that was done
in a dark almost royal purple. When the 'card' finally stopped moving, I
couldn't see either face, only the edge was facing me.

Suddenly, a pair of eyes blinked open in front of me and I was
spellbound by what I saw in them. In color, they put the most valuable of
amethyst to shame with their brilliance. Glazing deeply into the purple
orbs, I saw hints of sorrow and pain but also unconditional love for me in
the forefront. I knew with a breathtaking clarity that I was looking into
my soulmate's eyes and it humbled and yet excited me to know that there was
someone waiting out in the world for me.

Realizing that while I had been enchanted by the eyes, the rest of my
soulmate's body had been forming, I had to physically snap my head to the
side to break away from them. Trying to get some distance to take in the
whole package I unfortunately started to speed back to where my physical
body must be. Knowing that screaming and begging wouldn't work to let me
stay, I decided to take in as many details as I could.

Chin length dark hair, pale translucent skin, a staff raising over
their shoulder and a dark Senshi fuku. The last detail threw me for a loop
not because of my soulmate being female but because she will be a teammate
and I wouldn't need to hide my identity from her. Taking all these details,
I quickly locked them in my heart to help comfort me until I could be with
her for real.

~London, England~ (dawn)

Minako Aino, better known as the heroine Sailor V, made her way out
from under the ten foot by six foot section of roofing panel that had
shielded her during the night. Her final battle against Adonis had levelled
the warehouse by the river with only the odd bit of concrete or steel
sticking up. The barricade tape the police had strung-up, the deserted
look of the usually pre-dawn busy industrial area and some sort of intuition
told her that Sailor V allies thought her dead.

Turning so she faced east, Minako tried to decide what to do as the
raising sun bathed her in its warm rays. Tilting her head to the side,
Minako felt a small pull towards the raising sun and tried to analyze it.
Figuring it was a sign that she was suppose to join the other Senshi in
Tokyo, she started walking home to pack.

Halfway home, Minako had to stop and ponder why a certain hue had
become her favorite color after scoffing at a amethyst bracelet in a
jeweler's window....

~Tokyo, Japan~ (same time)

The room was dark, only lit with a rapidly dwindling purple light.
The occupants in the room were a girl-child of about nine years of age
sleeping on the double-sized bed and a tall, mysterious woman who was
taking her hand away from the little girl's forehead. As the women's hand
was removed a purple sigil was disappearing while the woman softly cried.

Cupping the young girl's cheek in her hand, the mocha-skinned woman
softly whispered, "Tomorrow will bring the start of much pain and sorrow
for you, Little One. Thus, I'm letting you see the face of your soulmate
so that it will be something to hold you to this plane of existence. This
way you will not slip away from me."

Turning, the mysterious woman walked towards a swirling vortex that
had appeared in the corner of the room. Stopping before she entered the
gateway, she turned her head slightly and stated clearly, "I will always
love you, my future daughter." The portal closed leaving young Hotaru
Tomoe alone to sink deeper into her dreams of laughing royal blue eyes
and long golden hair that begged to be played with.
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