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Renamon's thoughts about her life with Rika. One of the first fanfics I wrote way back in 2001.

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Title - Always
Author - Ghrdr
Series - Digimon Tamers
Pairing - Riku/Renamon
Rating - PG-13
Disclaimer - I do not own Digimon, Digimon Tamers or any of it's
Summary - Renamon's thoughts about her life with Ruki
Author's Note - This is an A/U story (mid 1950's)that came to me
when I was 'pinging' on a caffeine high at two in the morning
at work
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by: Ghrdr

I remember like it was yesterday, the first time that we meet. You
were so young, I guess you were only about one at the time. Your
Grandmother had set me down in your playpen where you was
silently weeping about something. As we laid there side-by-side
Grandmother introduced us to each other saying "Ruki, this is Rena,
and she is here to be your friend." The first thing that went through my
mind was that you and your name was both beautiful beyond mere
words with your reddish-brown hair and soft lavender eyes. The
second thing that went through my mind was that you needed a
diaper change, badly.

After a few stops and starts we gradually became the best of
friends. We went everywhere together and most nights found us in
each other's arms drifting into slumber with our thoughts mingled.
I remember the day you took your first steps and I was the only one
to see them as you made your way to me. The night you were finally
able to say my name as we cuddled together made my heart soar as
joy filled it being able to hear and know that your first word was
about me.

Your third birthday Ruki is a day I will always treasure in my heart.
On that day I became your lifelong protector and holder of your heart.
We were sitting together in the sandbox at the neighborhood park
discussing the tea party we were having later when it happened. That
annoying boy with the dumb toy lizard interrupted us and demanded
that we leave so he could play in the sandbox. Looking at you and
seeing the tears being held back in your eyes was too much for me
and I took action against him. After bopping him upside the head
twice he got the message that he wasn't wanted around us and he
left crying for his mother.

The first year we started our schooling was a tough one on the both
of us. They made us sit in these uncomfortable chairs and they tried
to teach us the things Grandmother had already taught us. Looking
around us I was surprised how many of the other children didn't even
know their simple colors, numbers and letters. At recess you and me
decided that we would have to do what Grandmother had suggested,
play dumb and just study with her. I think it tickled Grandmother pink
to see that we had managed to have our class picture taken together.
She still has that picture on her nightstand. Us, heads together, with
the "We know we did it but are never going to admit it" smiles on our

The next year the grown-ups decided for us that we would be
separated for the rest of our schooling. To put it mildly neither one of
us was thrilled about it. But Grandmother said it was for the best for
right now and that we would see each other after school every day.
It helped a bit but those were lonely hours for the both of us. We both
saw no need for other friends as we had each other and the other
children didn't like us anyway. The both of us built a shield around us
to keep others out and each other in.

After school every day we would talk about our days and teach
each other the things we learned. We would gossip about the other
kids and about what others we came into contact with were doing.
Grandmother would join the two of us in the evening as we listened
to the programs coming in over the radio and have dinner with us.
This is the habit we got into and maintained over the years.


I'm so excited, tomorrow is your twelfth birthday and we're holding
a small party for you. I was watching Grandmother bake a cake for
the party, and hoping to lick the spoon, when I had a feeling that you
was in trouble. I tried to get Grandmother's attention to tell her that
my Ruki-chan was hurting but she was in her own little world and didn't
hear me. After thirty minutes had gone by the phone started ringing
and I just knew it was going to be about you.

Grandmother answered the telephone and listened for a minute
before she cried out and sank to the floor crying. She pulled herself
together quickly and gathered her purse, keys and me then rushed us
outside and into the car before she explained what was going on. You,
my beautiful Ruki-chan, had been on your way home to us when a
speeding car had turn onto the street you were crossing and hit you
then sped away.

The doctor on the phone had said that Ruki had sustained serious
injuries, that the prognosis wasn't good and that she was asking for
us. When we got to the hospital we were shown to a room where
they had tried to make you comfortable and given you something to
take the edge off the pain. While Grandmother rested her palm on
your forehead I slipped into your arms and tried to ignore the
bandages covering you.

I nuzzled your cheek with mine trying to offer you some comfort.
It hurt to think that I wouldn't get to see you grow into the beautiful
heartbreaker you was destined to become. As I felt our duel
heartbeats start to slow more with each passing second I prayed that
in our next life together that I will be able to protect you, my soulmate,
better than I have in this one as a Kitsune dol.....
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