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Let Yourself Go

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This story is about Lynn (29) and Billie Joe Armstrong (in this story he's 35, but the story plays in the current time), who meet while both are going through tough times. Billie needs Lynn as much...

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Info: Of course, I don't own Billie, Mike or Tre - if I would, I'd probably not sit here and write this right now :)
I also don't own Billie's wife and sons - and I don't want to make Adrienne look bad with this!
It was just a weird idea I thought of while being bored and I hope it won't ever happen in reality.
You'll get lots of drama, I promise :)
Disclaimer: I'm from Germany, so some parts may not be translated well. Sorry if it happens a lot!
This is my first fan fiction, so if you want to, let me know what you think :D
And now have fun reading :)


The last music notes went silent, but in my ears and in my heart it went on without stopping.
The concert was AMAZING, I was still totally euphoric even long after the band left the stage - after three encores!
All the other fans around me supposedly felt the same, no one wanted to leave the hall and look at this evening as complete.
The roaring applause only slowly went silent.
My boyfriend stood next to me - he wasn't in a good mood like me.
He pulled a long face and twisted his eyes, as he heard all the excited fans around us.
"Can we go?"
Still happy and grinning, I nodded, because today I didn't want him to spoil my good mood.
Unfortunately he did that way too often lately, because after eight years, our relationship just wasn't the same. Today, we fought all day again, it started with some dumb small thing this morning.
We once drove to Green Day concerts together, toured through the States to be at almost every concert.
Back then, when music connected us with each other and when we had the same interests.
In the last three years however, things changed between us.
In that time he began to change...
He wasn't that Ian I loved anymore.
He didn't ask me how I was, didn't make me compliments and he didn't do anything with me anymore.
He pursued his job, met with his "guys" and he got more foreign to me.
We also didn't have those deep talks until late at night. They connected us too.
When I was younger, my goal was to not be one of those broads who let themselves get fooled by their boyfriends.
Back then there didn't happen as much in my life - back then I didn't lose everyone that meant something to me.
When I was five years old, we got in a heavy car accident, in which my parents died and only me and my big brother survived.
Since then, we were put in one care family after the other.
When I was 21, I met Ian at a Green Day concert and instantly moved in with him - back then I believed in love at first sight.
My brother Jack didn't have as much luck as I had - he slipped off into the crooked road.
I can't even say anymore, how many drug withdrawal and therapies he went through - and me a bit too, because I never left him alone, didn't matter how deep he sank.
Through that, me and Ian grew apart more and more, because he didn't accept that I let everything fall when a call came in and my brother was in difficulties again.
I never gave up the battle of getting my brother out of this drug hell - but in the end I lost the battle six months ago.
At midnight, my doorbell rang and two cops were standing in front of me.
They told me that my brother was found dead at the toilet of the railway station - the needle was still in his arm.
He did an overdose of heroin and sleeping pills.
To this day, I still don't know if he did that on purpose or if it was an accident, because at that time he was no longer the master of his senses and stood completely beside himself.
I also don't know if everything could have gone the other way.
And to this day I'm giving myself the responsibility because we argued before that!
While arguing, you say things that you don't mean like that, and it has been like that back then for me.
Sometime you realize yourself that you're running on reserve, if you try to rescue your brother - who originally swore to always protect you from all evil - from himself.
Ian took me by the hand and dragged me through the audience, out of the hall.
As we were standing outside, he was lighting a cigarette.
As always, he didn't offer me one, even though we both were smokers.
I got my own cigarettes out of my bag and lighted one too.
"It was awesome, wasn't it?", I asked laughing, still feeling kinda high from that experience.
"God, how often, Lynn?", he muttered pejoratively.
I reminded myself again that I won't get this experience ruined because of him.
But he continued: "How often are you going to say this? After how many Green Day concerts? Aren't you bored of it by now?"
I stared at him and forgot for a moment to keep my facade maintained.
"What's that supposed to mean? I thought the music always connected us? Back then we drove through the States with our car to see them live."
"Yeah, thank God that's over now. That always annoyed me."
He turned around and wanted to go, but I held him back.
"What's the matter with this crap now, Ian?", I asked him while shaking my head.
I haven't called him "darling" for a long time now and he called me my name too for a while now.
"Stop standing around and come with me. Don't make a rebellion now, Lynn. I don't have the nerves for that. The last hours stressed me out enough."
I went after him and grabbed him by the upper arm.
"What's the matter with you? I don't recognize you anymore", I said sadly and realized a lump in the throat.
So he actually managed to spoil my mood.
"Stop fucking whining. I want to get to the car. The boys want to have a drink with me."
It was really cold, well, it was November.
I only wore my jeans hotpants and my Green Day shirt, I left the coat in the car.
"You are an idiot", I said angrily.
"You know how much this meant to me tonight. And now you want to ruin everything because you want to get drunk with your stupid idiotic friends?"
We got the concert tickets as a gift from my brother, about a month before he died.
I still don't know where he had them from and where he got the money from.
When I asked him, he always said: "See it as a thank you, because you're always there for me."
Ian twisted his eyes and groaned.
"Yes Lynn, it's okay. According to you everything means a lot to you. Move now!"
I held the tears back and walked behind him, while looking at all the groups of Green Day fans who talked about the concert.
They laughed and had so much fun, while I walked after Ian silently crying.
I hoped up until the end that he would remember forgotten times through the concert and maybe something would wake up in him that was long gone.
We parked a few streets away to not get into the traffic chaos which is usually going on after a concert.
It was quiet here and the streets were empty, no sign of all the fun that was going on in the hall.
Ian unlocked the car and got in.
He started the engine, but I stood still.
"Does Madame need an extra invitation again?", he shouted as he cranked down the window.
"Come on now!"
I angrily stomped on the ground.
"You turned into a real disgust!", I shouted and got scared myself from my loud voice.
"Don't make a scene here, young lady! Or I will get out and drag you into the car."
I felt an undescribable anger coming up in me.
"Stop talking to me like that! Leave me alone. I'm done with this."
Ian groaned, turned off the engine and got out.
He slammed the door shut and angrily came at me.
"I'm warning you one last time!" I could hear that he was talking with clenched teeth, he always did that when he was angry.
"I'm walking home", I said with a solid voice.
I didn't know where that came from, but I knew I was serious.
We only lived a few miles away and I was done with me being pushed around like that.
I knew that nothing would await at home.
Ian thought that I was not serious and laughed at me.
Of course that hurt, but I kept strong, I was getting more serious with my decision.
"Alrighty, then walk. I hope you'll get yourself pneumonia", he feasted.
I turned around and quickly wanted to go, as I felt him grabbing my wrist.
"Let me go", I shouted and tried to get away from him.
But the more I fought, the harder he grabbed.
"You're hurting me! Let it go now!"
"Stop acting this stupid. You're getting into the car, you're going to shut up and I'm gonna let you out at my home. I have a plan for tonight."
He dragged me back to the car and twisted my arm so badly that I screamed shortly.
It has happened a lot of times that we've had a little scrimmage, but he never hurt me before.
He opened the passenger's door and wanted to push me into the car, as an angry voice shouted in-between and made Ian stop in shock.
"Let her go or you'll get a massive problem!"
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