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Old man Logan What if: Hail Hydra

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What if Old Man Logan was present when Steve Rogers said the most infamous words...."Hail Hydra."

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Hail Hydra. After all we went through in Europe he had the nerve to utter those words. In front of me no less betraying me and these downed S.H.I.E.L.D agents. The ones he downed! I stood up from being squatted next to they're cold broken bodies. Walking through the factory. Steve may still appear to be young compared to me but I can still move very very well. I rounded the corner to the exit. Seething with anger. I walk out the steel door there's a car upside down and on fire from an explosion. There he is walking through the blacktop parking lot toward a Hydra jet. Filthy communists. At this point I'm far beyond seeing red I don't even call him Cap. "Steve!" I yell as I'm coming across the parking lot. Its still chili outside so I won't take off my leather  jacket for this fight. "After all these years! After everything we've been through! After everything you put Hulk, Tony, Clint and everyone through for the good of people! You mean to tell me all along you were just setting em all up for this moment!? The moment you say Hail Hydra!?" I bring out my claws. "Logan don't get in my way." "Or what?!" I'm ready to do this right now I charge hard. He pulls up his Captain America shield made out of the second strongest element Vibranium. My adamantium claws pierce the shield, but I don't hit him. I start to drag my claws down through the rows of red and white stripes toward the center where the white star is. I hope I sever his arm. He does a sweeping kick of my legs out from under me. I look up at him. "Last chance old man." I've had enough. I charge in hard. He hit me with his shield I slide back a few feet but still upright. He throws his shield..... Big mistake. I catch it. I throw it on the ground and make my charge in. There is nothing between him and me now. I'm two feet away from him now I raise my right hand, claws ready. Fip! It goes dark. But I remember right before I got knocked out my body falling to it's knees. There was a sniper on top of the factory I should've been more observant and not so focused on my anger. Then I would of known he was there. "The old man is down." The sniper says on his headset. He shouts to Captain America. "Get out of here before he wakes up!" I awake a few minutes later. I sit up and see Captain America left his shield on the ground. I walk over to it and pick it up. I can smell the exhaust from the jet in the air. There a motorcyle to my left. A new soft tail indian. That will do the trick. At least get me to the airport. Steve next time I'll get to the sniper first and then it will just be me and you. I will find You cause I'm the best at what I do.
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