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Spyro's Children & The Red Prince

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Spyro and CYnder start a family in Warfang, but their future is threatened by a kingdom of advanced humanoids they have never encountered before.

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Rated M for adult situations, war themes, and supernatural themes in later chapters.

This story is also shorter than it seems. Fanfiction word counting is normally off by 25% and makes it seem longer than it is.

WARNING: If you're offended by the adult content and humor in this story, please do not read any further. Whenever a sex scene is ahead, I will say so. I take no responsibility if you get offended by sex scenes and etc.

Please place in mind what the tolls in this story look like: A humanoid body structure. Long, bat-like ears. Leathery green or teal skin,and long thin hair which drapes past their shoulders. They are an average of 5-7 feet tall as adults. These trolls and their queen are from my trilogy, which has hit a pause, but I think you'll like 'em.

Also, In order for me to describe certain things like buildings and voices and such, I have to use people and places as a reference. But I will remain as true to canon as I can.

Disclaimer: deviantMIND1 owns nothing in this for his OCs and the Humanoid Trolls. If you recognize anything in this story from the games, deviantMIND1 does not own it. That simple.

There may be a few typos, like minor grammar errors and such, but pick the hairs outa the milk, so to speak.

~~One Steamy Night. One Savage Night~~

5 years had passed since the Moles, Anthro-Cheetahs and Dragons banded together and stood united against the might of the Dark Master. Spyro and Cynder decide to start a new life together in the dragon city, Warfang, and got themselves a home within the city. At this particular time the couple are twice...nearly three times the size they were when their necks were united by Malefors chain.

Cynder, as much as she wanted to be Spyros wife couldn't let him be the life mate of the Terror of The Skies as she known as to the allied species: cheetahs, moles and dragons of all elements. But for their love...they casted away the opinions of their own and other species. As for Sparx, he returned to the swamp with his parents, as he didn't like his brothers new life-mate in the slightest. At this particular time, Cynder relaxes in their home, whilst her life-mate goes hunting for their dinner.

Their home was one of many simular looking ones in an avenue. It was a two story, large-stone-bricked structure which was built just large enough to suit two fully grown dragons of any elemental class. From an overhead view, it would look like a rectangle. It had a roof top with guard rails which two fully grown dragons could launch off of at the same time. The inside was like an Arabian palace. In the very center of the house was a set of spiral stairs. The houses double doors were quite close to the stairs.

On the bottom floor, to the left of the stairs, there was a large open fireplace. Close to it was a large fur with feather-filled pillows, fit for 4 dragons the size of Spyro and Cynder. To the right of the stairs was the kitchen, which was basically some wooden counters and a fire pit with a rail for hanging cauldrons and pots, and a small rack used for saucepans and the like. Upstairs to the left of the stairs was tiled, dragon-sized bathroom, bearing a wide, circular shallow bath witch single fully grown dragon could use to sponge bathe. To the right was the master bedroom with a fur and feather-stuffed pillows that's suited for two fully grown dragons, but any of the allied species could use it.

It's close dusk, the sun just beginning to set, and Cynder lays on the bed in the living room, curled up like an overfed feline. Earlier, Spyro had left to hunt for food for he and his dragoness. Cynder often advised him against hunting and preferred that he shop for food in the market place like a civilized dragon. However, Spyro liked to hunt in place of shopping so he and his dragoness may save some gold for rainy days or even special occasions. Whilst she slept on the fur close to the soothing, warm fire, Spyro enters through the double doors, groaning as they opened and closed, and had a freshly-killed hare in his jaws by the legs.

"Cyn, I got our dinner," he informed, his words muffled by the hare in his jaws. Spyro looked around and caught sight of his love, slumbering by the toasty fire. To his surprise, the groaning of the doors from his entry nor his calls awoke her. He tossed the rabbit upon the wooden counter of the kitchen. He slowly approached his bed wife with a smile on his face. He lifted up the blanket at her tail and slithered under it with her. He awoke his dragoness in the process and she laid on her side, allowing them to touch under-bellies. Cynder coiled her tail with Spyro's

"You got the food, Spy?" she asked, resting her head on his neck, wishing she could sink into him

"Yeah, I got a hare. A nice big one. I'll cook it soon...but..." Spyro slowly swayed their tails across the fur "...could we have a little roll in the hay before we eat?" he plead, rubbing her shoulders and licking her neck in an attempt to gain a lay from her.

Cynder gently pushed him away with her snout "I'm a little tired, Spy. Maybe tomorrow." She pecked him in the snout "And I'm hungry."

Spyro smiled "I'll cook our dinner, Cyn." he removed himself from the warmth of his dragoness and entered the kitchen, leaving Cynder to snooze while he cooked. He first got some logs from the neatly-stacked pile in the kitchen, put them in the fire pit and lit them with his flames/ He then got the creature and used his claws to peel the skin off, throwing the un-eatable fur and skin in the now-roaring fire pit.

Whilst her life mate was preparing their meal for the night, Cynder took this opportunity to prepare a surprise for his return. She emerged from the blanket and lifted up the fur. Underneath she saw a stocking-like, transparent dragoness vaginal thong, sparking with diamonds along the edge, but nothing to obstruct the view of a dragonesses sex. She quickly took it and awkwardly put it on, threading her tail into it nd her legs secondly. She used her teeth to tighten it with a pull or two. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Spyro decides to flame-grill the hare meat, and puts it on the rack, which is used to suspend saucepans and the like. The fatty skin begins to crackle. He did not need to add any spices, as the hare meat, he knew, was quite delicious on its own. After 15 minutes of crackling above the flames, it was now a golden brown and mouth-watering hunk of hare meat. He used his ice breath to slowly purge the flames and put it on a platter. He took the platter in his jaws and made his way back into the warm living room

Sex scene ahead

"Cyn, I cooked our dinner. It's nice and..." he cut himself off, finding no trace of his dragoness in the half-light of the glowing fire

Cynder was hiding behind the spiral stairs and emerged to greet her life-mate, a sinister smile on his face as she spoke, breathy and honey-sounding, "Right here, Spyro." He quickly turned to face her. Shocked, he put platter down and faced her with as hung jaw. Cynder turned her rear to him, rolled on her back and began to sway her tail, showing Spyro her transparent, diamond lined thong. Her arousal caused her opera house to poke out of her hiding place. Spyro could half-see the rose-like sex of his dragoness and became intrigued. "Would you like some sexual healing, Spy," she offered, slowly swaying her tail "I've changed my mind. I think you deserve a've been hunting and cooking."

Spyro was so intrigued by her opera house, he was barely able to speak, "'s really no...trouble, Cyn."

Cynder began to slowly worm on the floor on her back "Still, I think you've earned this, my big purple worrier." To Spyros surprise, she got on her own four feet, wrapped her tail around his neck, and half-dragged Spyro towards the fur by the fireplace. When they both stood upon the fu, Cynder released him and rose her tail high, again showing him the arousing, intriguing thong, lined with diamonds. She looked back at him with a smile "C'mon, Spy. Have some've earned it."

Spyro took another gander at her thong and slowly approached "If you say so." He then sniffed from her tail scythe and, before long, to her sex. He pressed his snout to her transparent thing and began to take in her feminine vapors. Her vapors were only in trickle, though Spyro still enjoyed it. Cynder then unleashed a steamy mist of her vapor which filled his nostrils, arousing him further and causing him to push his snout harder against it harder. After Spyro had enough of merely smelling her feminine vapors and decided to experiment with her thong. Through it, he could see her clitoris. He used his ice to cool his mouth and sucked on her clit through her thong, gaining a gasp of mild pleasure from her.

His sucking left a wet patch, which Spyro blew on with his icy breath, this caused Cynder to close her eyes, and moaned towards the ceiling, her voice quaky and orgasmic. When Spyro took the thong in his teeth and began to pull on it, it filled Cynder with enthusiasm as she cocked her left leg up, so he may pull it off. He successfully undid it from her left leg and she cocked up her right, which was also a success. He then slowly pulled it off her tail, turned his head away and blew the thong away. Her sex was now dripping wet with jelly. Cynder closed her eyes and cocked her head up, pondering over what Spyro would do. It was only moments later that Spyro began to plunge his tongue in and out of her pussy hole, causing her to spread her legs apart and allow him room to plunge. She moaned his name with a quaky orgasmic tone as she swayed her tail high in the air. After awhile of this, her pussies temperature resin ten fold, and Spyro decided to try something more advanced. He covered his front teeth with his lips and gave her clit gentle sucks, sending a scale-moving feeling across her back. He didn't stay there too long, as he would irritate her doing so. he then took the left side of her labia(lips) inside his mouth and massaged the innards with his tongue, causing her to scream in pleasure. Ever few seconds, he switched sides of her labia as the other side would get jealous. As Spyro was sucking and massaging her labia, he eyes shot open as to see her pull away. As she pulled away, it stretched her labia which was in his mouth at the time.

She stepped two paces ahead of him, looked back at him with her fluttering eyes "Please, Spy...mount me," he plead, smiling back at him, fluttering her emerald eyes. She kept looking back at him, until Spyro smiled and approached her slowly. When he was close, Cynder faced forward and raised her tail high and to the left out of the way. When Spyro hopped atop her, he tried his best to insert his member into her playground. His head probed around her playground, searching for her egg hole. When he finally found it, he plunged his member into her sweet, silky innards all the way, their pubic scales nearly touching. He stood still, waiting for her to adjust, spreading her legs apart, before he heard her plea, "Spyro, please," she took a deep breath before near-screaming, "Fuck me!" Spyro then began to buck his hips with hers. Their pelvises touching and their pubic areas slapping. Cynder moaned his name faintly as she bucked in and out of her playground.

As he members head tickled her G-spot, and the bottom shaft of it rubbed her clit, Cynder released small gushes of her heavenly lube, which trickled onto the floor they made love on. Spyro hugged her shoulders and licked his neck, to further arouse his dragoness. Cynder tilted her head and great-fully accepted his licks, as she moaned. Occasionally, Spyro gave her gentle nips on the neck, whilst bucking, causing her to yelp. Before long, after a good half hour of bucking, sweating, moaning and yelping, Spyro and Cynder had burning feelings emerging in their hips and genitals. Cynders heavenly jelly doused his member. Her entire pubic zone was smeared with her glistening liquid. Eventually, Spyros eyes shot open, feeling a quaking groaning in his testicles and hips

"Cyn...I'm gonna..."

Cynder laughed sinisterly. "Do it," she urged him "Spray your dragon seed in me. Fill me up!"

Spyro bucked rapidly and briefly before he inserted his cock and unleashed his load of seamen. Spyro narrows his eyes and groaned painfully, whilst Cyner squealed pleasurable, feeling his creamy seed rush through her innards and fill her uterus. Spyro's tender seed sack deflated. His grip on his dragonesses shoulders tightened. Before long, Cynder unleashed a small vaginal flatulent, followed by a gush of her lovers cum. Both rode your orgasms-Cynder waving her hips against his doused member-for all it was worth. Before long, Spyros member went limp and he pulled it out of her playground like an earth worm. He collapsed onto the fur and Cynder looked down at him with a giggle. She laid down and pressed her back against his belly. She nudged his tail with hers, encouraging him to wrap his tail around hers. She gave him an affectionate lick on the snout before laying her head on a pillow.

End of sex scene. A violent scene may follow.

"Thanks, Spy."

"You're welcome, my little Queen of Darkness," he said jokingly before kissing her neck and laying his head upon it. "Thanks, Cyn. I needed that." As the two slumbered in each others warmth, the sound of a crackling thunder emerge from outside. The skylight above the top of the stairs lit up at that very moment. Also, at that very moment, Cynder unleashed a short flatulence

Spyro cocked his head up "What's that noise?" he asked, fearful

Cynder blushed "Oops...I farted. I hoped you wouldn't hear me," she giggled shamefully

Spyro shook his head passionately "No, that quaking noise."

Cynder raised her own head to gave him another lick on the side of the face "It's a storm, Spy," she reassured, as hail and big water droplets crashed down on the skylight. Spyro sluggishly laid his head back on Cynders neck, fearing the storm a bit. Cynder then remembered that they hadn't eaten and licked his neck again "Spy, the food."

he shook his head back into reality "Oh, yeah." and made his way to the platter on the floor. He took the plate in his jaws and returned to his dragoness. The steam the cocked hare released rose to the ceiling.

Cynder sat up strait to face him. Some of the heavenly steam filled her nose "Smells great, Spy," she complimented, smiling, swaying her tail across the floor. Spyro set the plate down between them. Spyro was the first to tear away a length of white meat. But he gave it to Cynder, who took it in her jaws with a smile. She ate, working her way up to Spyros muzzle for a kiss. She then took a strip of meat from the cooked hare and waved it in Spyros face. Spyro smiled and took the other end of the meat in his front teeth. he worked his way up it and kissed her cheek. Before long, Spyro picked up the cooked hare by its rear and pointed the other end to Cynder. Cynder took the other end in her jaws and the two rotated their heads, breaking the animal in half. They then set their two half on the ground and nibbled at them. As Spyro nibbled, he was bought to a pause as the lightning burst against, the skylight lightning the whole house briefly with flashing blue.

Cynder rolled her eyes and gave him and nip on the neck "It's just lightning, baby." Spyro eventually smiled back at her and continued eating.

Spyro had little to fear of the storm, of course, as in the Twilight Falls, a 50-meter long troll zeppelin, the trolls call The Bronze Eye, roars, following the fast-flowing river, barely keeping in a strait line as it struggled against the storm. Its two side-mounted, 6-cylinder engines-with 6-foot-wide propellers-roared at 400-feet from the earth, causing many creatures inhabiting the trees to flee before it. It was carrying over 300 battle-hardened troops, but only 50 were needed for this mission. The zeppelin itself was like a hull off a sailing ship, only more slenderer, lifted by a zeppelins balloon. It was made of mostly metal and strong woods like pine and oak. On the guard rails on he deck, 6mm(barrel width) auto canons were attached, so that infantry can protect the craft from side-coming attacks from dragons and the like. To protect its balloon, it had a thick layer of bronze chainmail, complimented with a hardy layer of thinly-pounded steel scales. For an offensive touch, it had two 25mm semi-auto turrets attached to the stomach of the craft. That way, the gunners could pick off ground targets and the like, whilst protecting the craft from belly attacks by dragons.

The troll in charge of the mission was standing at the very nose of the vessel, holding the railing. He was a 7-foot-tall troll with green eyes, long, thin black hair draping to his shoulders and pale teal(blue-green) skin. His uniform was a set of iron platebody and platelegs painted black with steel studs. He wore a veil and his eyes were a solid silver. Being serving his queen so long, being under her poison, he had thorn-like stubby horns on his forehead. His fingernails were like claws on his hard, leathery hands. His palms were so dry, one would think he handled smoldering coals. He was armed with a troll-designed semi-automatic revolving file, which was basically like a western revolver pistol in the form of a rifle. He was also armed with a katana sword, holstered on his back.

He held the railing tight, as the craft pitched and yawed in the winds, and rain crashed against it balloon. The 50 soldiers on deck didn't know what to fear most-the horrific weather, or the suicidal task they must complete.

As the craft crossed into the Valley of Avalar, the vessels commander, just below the rank of the general, wearing a leather cowl and a golden brown overcoat, which nearly swallowed him up, spoke to the general, "General Stone-Fist, you must give your briefing and oath to the soldiers!" the panicking troll shouted over the noise of the heavy rain hitting the crafts balloon "We are nearing our target drop zone."

He turned and made his way down a small set of stairs to the deck, where the 50 soldiers crouched and frantically filled their side arms with bullets and checked the sharpness of their katanas with their thumbs. Barely able to stand before them, he commanded, "Repeat after me, soldiers...I," He commanded with a deep, distorted, bass-like voice.

"I," the soldiers said in unison

"Your name."

"Your name," the soldiers said in unison.

The general sighed angrily. "Dumbasses," he said under his breath. He cleared his throat before continuing, "Swear oath to my queen and country and to my general, Vaulta Stone-Fist."

"Swear oath to my queen and country and to my general, Vaulta Stone-Fist."

"Long live the queen. Long live the Valdin Kingdom."

"Long live the queen. Long live the Valdin Kingdom."

Satisfied with their oath, the general briefed them"Our mission is simple: Find the moles hidden forges in the mountains, and destroy them. Intelligence has pinpointed us to the largest forge in existence. These forges provide weapons and armor for the enemies cheetah and mole legions. Destroying them will cripple their production for months to come." He drew his katana and hollered it in the air, his men doing the same. Eventually, the craft came to hover wobblingly over a stretch forest in Avalar. 4 at a time, the trolls slid down fast ropes, breaking branches as they came down. The zeppelin could barely keep still, being hit violently by the horrible weather. Therefor some trolls using the fast ropes were nearly dispersed. Once the general and his men were on the ground, they drew their pistols in one hand and their katanas in the other, as they made their way towards a rocky mountain the distance. The general and his men hadn't a but to fast-rope into the forest, to avoid detection, as their zeppelins are too big and conspicuous. The ground was made up of soaking wet twigs and leafs, which often made them slip over on their faces, but they got up and kept following their general nonetheless. After a long trip through unstable terrain and crashing hail, they made it to a cave in the side of the mountain, bearing their target, the weapon and armor forges.

Before the trolls entered the cave, their general turned to them "I don't likes the look of this cave. Perfect spot for an ambush. 5/1 they're waiting for us inside."

"What are our options, General?" The commander asked, his revolving rifle poised for an encounter with a potential attacker.

"I suggest we try and find another way in and split up into two separate parties. If they're are many enemy worriers inside, we will have an advantage, being able to hit 'em from two sides." Before the general could say another word, the commander went wide-eyed at the sight of a small cave higher above them. It was faintly glowing red and orange and released small amounts of smoke

He quickly face the general with a wreak smile. As he was about to speak, the commander interrupted, "General, I found something," pointing to the small tunnel above them. The general turned his back to the commander and backed up to gain a better gander

He too smiled, as if hearing his comrades thoughts "I see," he nodded. He quickly turned to the commander "Commander, I want you to take 25 of these conscripts and wait inside the the cave. I'll take the rest of us and infiltrate the cavern through that tunnel. When you hear fighting, charge forth to aid us. We'll have them trapped." He then faced the conscripts, huddled tightly in the biting frost of the rain with their water-resistant cloaks "And those who flee, will be shot. Understood?" All the men nodded passionately in response "Excellent." he drew his sword with a screech and approached a rocky set of sharp, jagged, naturally-formed stairs, which were difficult to climb, particularly in this furious weather. His half of the conscripts followed lively, climbing behind him in single file. The commander holstered his rifle to his back and draw his sidearm, a clockwork semi-auto pistol, and his katana sword in the other. The remaining conscripts copied the actions of the commander and followed him into the tunnel. It was pitch black for the 1st 3 minutes of non-stop. The commander and conscripts had to use their hands to navigate. They all feared they would walk into a pitfall. Stalagmites, growing up from the floor at the edges of the cave, were ice-pick-sharp, enough to peirce a shoes soul. Stalactites, hanging from the ceiling, were heavy and sharp enough to penetrate a hide helmet, peirce a skull and sever a brain.

As they walked the hazardous tunnel, the commander and his men were bought to a halt by the sound of stab and a gargle of death "Wh-what was that?" The commander asked.

When his men didn't respond, his heart raced, he had a feeling the cheetahs were stalking them and picked off one of them in the dark. By then, he had a thought and turned to his conscripts "Does anybody have a piece of unwanted clothing or something?" Though it was dark, one of the men threw the commander a rough-spun tunic, which the commander miraculously caught on his head. The commander wrapped the clothing around the blade of his katana. He took his bronze flask and covered the improvised torch with concentrated whiskey. He then drew a steel lighter from his ammo bag and lit the improvised torch. The gasped fearfully at the sight of one of their fellow conscripts impaled on a cluster of sharp stalagmites

"Poor sod," the commander said, sorry for the troll "Luckily we have a light source for the rest of the way. Follow me, comrades." the commander ordered as he lit the way. Now that the trolls had a light source, they could easily navigate through the stalagmites on the floor. The stalactites on the other hand were a completely different threat as they are prone to cleave off the ceiling and impale poor souls. Miraculously, they managed to avoid impalement long enough to see a glowing light in the tunnel. Joyful, they walked more lively. As they came closer, the tunnel became draped in the warm glow and they found themselves on a balcony-like formation of rock, within a cavernous forge, bustling with mole and cheetah smiths, slaving away. Making armor for all form the mole to the dragons, though dragon armor was mainly just helmets and chainbody. Some spears with furs attached acted a railing for the balcony. There was also a narrow path against the wall, which connected the balcony to the rest of the cavernous forge. "Get down," the commander ordered. He and the conscripts pressed their bellies to the floor to avoid detection by the smiths. The forges were like regular blacksmiths forges, but to make helmets for the dragons, the sheets of steel were pounded on anvils that were shaped like the head of an average dragon. There were only 4 forges, but they were capable of producing 50 sets of armor and 10 dragon armor sets in 12 hours.

"Why are hiding like this, commander?" One of the conscripts asked too loud

"Silence, comrade. We're waiting for general Stone-Fist to make the 1st move. Then we attack."

Meanwhile, the general and the conscripts were eventually forced to crawl through the narrow tunnel. Their inner ears and black dots played across their vision as the smoke took a toll. Eventually though the came to stand in a small cavernous room with a large hole in the floor. It was draped in orange light and they could hear the pounding of metal and the shouts of orders. Looking through the hall, the general realized they were directly over a rocky walkway.

The general and the conscripts gathered around the hole, poised to jump through it "One my signal." 10 seconds later, just as two cheetahs, carrying sheets of steel, walked by, the general Yelled, "Now." He was the 2st to land on the rocky plat form and ran both cheetahs through with his sword. They screamed in agony as they fell over the rail-less rocky bridge and plummeted to the forges at the ground below. The general made way for his comrades to jump through the hole. They kept their katanas ready in one hand and their pistols ready in the other. The general and his conscripts didn't have time to catch their breath, as heavily-armored cheetahs came roaring up spiral stone stairs, which connect the ground to the walkways. The general emptied his clockwork pistol into two of the cheetahs heading his way. The bullets bounced off their armor with sparks and the general was left choiceless but use his katana. When in range, the cheetahs drew two-handed grateswords and tried to decapitate the genral. he quickly crouched, avoiding the swords. He awkwardly avoided the heavy swords for a good minute, before the commander and the other conscripts joined the fight. The commander, vying to assist his general carefully armed at the necks od the cheetahs, protected by a mere layer of chainmail, and fired 30 caliber bullets into their necks. The cheetahs gargled to death on their own fluids and plummeted to the ground bellow the walkways. The commander took a bow, but the general did nothing in response and instead reloaded his pistol

The commander rolled his eyes 'so ungrateful as usual' he thought as he holstered his rifle to his back and drew his sword, joining his comrades. Before long, the commander witnessed 5 of his tightly packed men die at the hands of a barrage of arrows, delivered by mole archers with crossbows on the higher walkways. The trolls could do nothing but take cover behind the forge firepits and lay tightly against the ground avoiding the arrows. Even the general was forced to cower and hide, a rarity for him, behind a pile of steel ingots, which they use to make steel sheets. As the general took shelter from the arrows barrages, the commander jumped towards the general joined him behind the cover of un-forged metal

"General! Mole archers! We're in deep shit!"

He growled to the commander, "Put a cork in it, pussy! Mole archers wont drop me or you."

The commander opened up his revolving rifle and put bullets in all the empty chambers "They're never gonna take me alive!" he growled, before he peered over the cover with his rifle and dispatched one of the moles. He took aim for another mole, be was taken aback by another barrage of arrows, which he avoided by rejoining his general behind cover the moles kept their crossbows poised to fire. Virtually every troll who tried to take a shot at them was run through with a crossbow bolt in the ribs and neck.

The general faced the commander "Gimme your side arm!" he commanded. The commander handed the general his side arm. Much to the surprise of the commander and the remaining conscripts, the general emerged from cover and dual wielded the pistols. He madly shot at the moles, killing three of the 9 mole archers. They unleashed another barrage of arrows, but the general rolled sideways, narrowly avoiding the projectiles. He then took cover and reloaded the guns. This time, he peered over the cover and take aim with great care, picking off the moles one by one until they ceased to exist. The creatures fell from the walkways and plummeted to the ground.

"Great shot, general," the commander praised with a chuckle, before the general threw him back his sidearm The trolls didn't have long to catch their breath, as cheetah worriers, wearing leathery armor came roaring in from one of the caverns tunnels. The trolls drew their swords and poised themselves for their arrival. One of the sword-wielding cheetahs made a charge of the general. The cheetah leapt high and tried to split the troll in half. The general blocked the attack with his katana. The cheetah tried to sweep the generals legs with the sword. The general avoided it with a leap. The cheetah then devoted all strength in three attacks on the general-one was a lunge for the chest, which the general batted away with his katana. The 2nd was an attempt to behead him. The general avoided it with a crouch. The 3rd was full body swing to attempt to cut the general in half, which he avoided by swinging his entire being backwards. The sword passed so close to his neck, the general felt the breeze of the blades tip. The cheetah was exhausted and breathless. The general smiled sinisterly at his panting and swept both his arms with his words, before landing one concentrated lunge into the gut of the cheetah. He gargled to death as the general pulled his katana from his belly. The general could see his men were doing a pathetic job as repelling the cheetah and shot the remaining three cheetahs in the spinal cords with his sidearm, killing the cheetahs almost instantly, but some twitched for a few moments after being shot. The remaining cheetah worriers roared as they retreated into the main tunnel of the cavernous forge. The trolls cackles sinisterly as they fired several warning shots, encouraging them to retreat up the ramp-like tunnel, leading to the surface.

"Run you furry cowards. Ha ha!" one of the troll conscripts cackled triumphantly as he unleashed the final warning shots. The geenral slowly approached the large archway and his men followed. Entering it, the trolls could see , up a steep ramp, the surface-trees and moonlight...their ticket out of the forge.

Before they even thought about leaving, the general turned to the commander and conscripts "Before you cowards turn back, take heed...our mission here is to destroy this forge, one way or another. Nobody's running away until this place is history!" he growled, gaining a worried look from the commander and the conscripts "Anyone have any ideas how we burn this place to the ground?" the conscripts whispered amongst one another "Well come on then!"

The commander snapped his fingers "General, our zeppelin has 25-inch shells aboard for the canons. If we build a fire and roll some of them down here, the explosion could cave this place in."

The general smiled weakly "I love it!" The general then lead the surviving 12 conscripts and the commander up the ramp-like tunnel. They had great difficulty climbing, as the rain from outside was seeping into the tunnel and softening the tunnel, causing them to slip over quite frequently Eventually, of course, they made it to the top and, once again, took the icy rain as they approached their zeppelin, anchored nearby with rope ladders hanging fro its side and down to the ground. They stormed through the rain towards the craft, climbed up the rope ladders and they were greeted by the sight of the captain, in hard leather uniform with red trimmings and a sea-captain hat "Captain, I need three 25-inch shells from the canons. It's the only way to blow apart their forges!"

"Aye, general." the captain made a signal to his crewmen, who departed below deck to fetch some of the said shells. They returned an 3 minuted later, painfully dragging three-foot-long, 25-inch-wide un-exploded canon shells. They rolled them overboard and they landed with a stud in the rain-softened earth. Before long, the general and the conscripts were rolling the shells towards the tunnel. The three shells were positioned by the tunnel entrance, ready for rolling, but the general hadn't built the fire, and turned to is conscripts

"Comrades, gather all the wood you can inside the tunnel and build a fire at the bottom of the ramp!"

"Aye, comrade general," they complied, rushing into the tunnel. Inside the forge, they gathered as much wood as they could fro the supports of the walkways and firewood piles for the smiths. They piled it at the bottom of he ramp-like tunnel. One troll then took a shovel and scooped up hot coals fro one of the fire pits and spread it over the wood. He did so until the wood just caught alight. They then ran as if all hell were behind them. The general and two other trolls, with their hands on the shells, tapped them with their fingers, poised to roll them down the tunnel. Once the other conscripts were out of the tunnel and clear and running towards the zeppelin, the general the other trolls pushed the un-exploded shells down the tunnel and they too stormed towards the zeppelin. As they climbed up the rope ladders, and the zeppelins crew retracted the chained anchor, the three shells exploded in unison, being heated by the roaring fire they plummeted into. The explosion shook the land, caved in the cavernous forge. T horrible noise that resulted rivals even that of the thunder. The trolls hang by the rope ladders even when the zeppelin started engines and took flight. When the trolls decided to finally board the craft, climbing up the rope ladders, General Vaulta Stone-Fist confronted the captain with a worrying tone, "Captain, I'd suggest you have weapons ready. I think we may attract the attention of the dragons. We may be pursued on our way back to our air-base in Munitions Forge."

"Aye, comrade general." The captain went bellow deck to prepare the zeppelins gunners. Miraculously, the weather began to calm. The rain slowed to a drizzle and the winds were much easier on the craft. As the craft climbed into the now-merciful sky, the trolls set up mounted machine guns at the rear railing of the deck, as a majority of attacks come form the rear in air to air combat with the dragons and troll zeppelins.

Meanwhile Spyro and Cynder finished their meal, and Cynder take both the now-meat-less frame half in her jaws and tossed them into the fire. She laid on her side whilst Spyro laid behind her and wrapped his arms and wings around her, warming her. They coiled tail and he laid his head on her neck. Outside, there was only minutes of daylight left as the sun was nearly done setting. The two were seconds away from falling into slumber, when a loud knock boomed from the door, causing the couple to cock their heads up in surprise. Spyro rose to approach the door, but was pulled back by Cynder, nipping his kind leg

"Spy, are you nut?" She shook her head, whilst saying, "Never answer the door after seven. It's a death wish."

Spyro rolled his eyes and gently pushed her away with his leg "I'm the Purple Dragon, Cyn, and you're the Terror of the Skies. Nothing's a match for us." Spyro shook his females comment to the back of his head and approached the door to answer it. Cynder got up an followed sluggishly and fearfully. Answering the door, Spyro smiled at who it was

"Volteer!" Spyro shrieked, joyful to see one of the guardians. Spyro's joy was purged by Volteers breathing heavy state of being

"Spyro, Cynder, you must come at once. It's a catastrophe, calamity, cataclysm," the Electric Guardian panicked, barely able to stand in one spot in the rain.

Spyro and Cynder were wide-mouthed over his behavior. Before long, Cynder invited, "Come in, Volteer. Get outa the rain." She and her life-mate stepped aside, allowing the guardian to enter.

The guardian shook the water of his scales like a canine, before pacing around the two dragons "It's our weapon and armor forge in Avalar. It's gone, nonexistent, history."

Spyro and Cynder shook their head sin astonishment "What!" Spyro shouted "That's our only major forge."

"Who would do such a thing?" Cynder asked, awestruck.

"We suspect that...the gremlins or wyverns are involved, but we only have three eyewitnesses, and they are traumatized, insane, mentally crippled by the raiders. So it could've been anything or anyone. You must come at once. Terador and Cyril are waiting at the forges ruins. You must come."

"Alright! Snap out of it!" Spyro growled, surrendering. So he and dragoness followed the Electric Guardians out the door and the three dragons took to the barely-lit sky. First, they were gliding between the tall building of Warfang. Secondly, they were flapping hard over the forests of Avalar. And, eventually they were greeted by the sight of Cyril, hovering over the jagged mountain, waiting the arrival of the three. Spyro, Cynder and the guardians faced each other, flapping their wings hard to stay afloat.

"Spyro, Cynder, at last," Cyril greeted "Come . I'll show you the damage." Cyril lead them to the base of the mountain. The four dragon hovered low over a muddy path in the forest and followed it towards the cave-in entrance of the forge. Once they arrived, they were greeted by the sight of a caved-in tunnel and Terador, standing before three traumatized cheetah worriers, clutching their bleeding arms and legs.

"Enough jokes!" Terador growled down at the injured cheetahs "I...We need to know...Who is responsible for the destruction of this forge?"

"We told you, dragon," the leading worrier growled up at Terador, "trolls...They blew the mole archers to bits, hacked away at my worriers, and blew the place up. Then they vanished into the clouds aboard their airship."

The other gathered behind Terador and Spyro spoke first, "Terador, don't torture them. They're traumatized...frightened."

Terador turned to Spyro, Cynder and the remaining two guardians "They think that trolls are responsible for this...but the trolls have kept to themselves for the past 200 years. So what they're telling me is lies. Besides, they have no solid evidence of a troll raid. I have a feeling it was grublins or wyverns. Trolls wouldn't come hundreds of miles to destroy one of the forges of a race they've been at peace with for centuries."

The cheetahs scoffed "The how do you explain the bullet wounds on us, Terador!"

"They look more like spear wounds. The odds of trolls invading are like...a million to one."

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other with confusion. They've known each other for so long, they could almost read each others thoughts. Before long, an idea formed in their heads almost in unison. They then turned to Terador

"Me and Cynder could find some evidence," Spyro suggested

Terador shrugged "How? It's completely caved in."

Spyro and Cynder then slowly approached and stood before the injured cheetahs

Cynder asked as softly as she could "Could you tell us what the attack was like?"

The head cheetah trembled at the mere thought of the recent raid on the cavernous forge "The trolls took us completely by surprise. They came in screaming in their evil tongue. They attacked from two directions...Trolls behind us, and trolls before us...they slaughtered the smiths, mole archers and most of our worriers. We never ran so fast in our lives. We thought for sure they would blow us apart...That's all I can tell you, Cynder, Spyro. Please don't press us for more," he plead, hanging his head

Spyro took another long gander at the mountain, before turning back to the cheetahs "You say they attacked from two different directions?" The cheetah nodded sluggishly in reply. Spyro went wide-eyed "Then there's more than one entrance to the forge?"

"Yes." the cheetah pointed overhead "There are a few narrow tunnels we used to act as exhaust shafts for the forges. They're possible entrances."

Spyro turned to his dragoness "That's our ticket in," he smiled. He gave his dragoness a playful bite on the neck, and she did the same back. They both turned to the guardians "We'll find a way in and get some evidence. It's a long shot, but we have to try." So Spyro and Cynder took the the air until they could spot one of the said exhaust tunnels. They hovered and slowly came to a landing around it, before they both entered the cramped tunnel. The two had to coop up their wings to their bodies and squeeze through the tunnel. Eventually they came to a small cavernous room with a large hole in the floor. Spyro was the 1st to approach it. Looking into it, he could see the destruction of the broken walkways and purged smiths fires, as well as the now-caved-in main tunnel.

"It's not safe, Cyn. Stay close to me," Spyo warned as he leapt and hovered around the crippled forge. The two landed by a small even patch of floor and started to look around for anything that would link to the raiders. They sniffed around like canines set loose to find escaped prisoners.

Spyros eyes went wide as his nose shifted a pile of exploded bullet shells "Cyn, I found something," he called his dragoness over.

Cynder scurried towards and him she too was awestruck at the fired bullets "Bullets!" she said with a gasp

"By our ancestors, the cheetahs were right!"

Cynder shook her head "We'll need something better than this, Spy. Especially to convince Terador."

Spyro take another gander at the exploded bullets and nodded weakly "Point taken, Cyn," he agreed. The two split up and searched the cluttered ruin for better evidence.

As her life-mate was rummaging his nose through splintered walkway wood, Cynder smiled at the sight of a revolving troll rifle, nose far from the hand of its face-down former owner, impaled to the floor by a fallen beam of heavy wood. She took it in her jaws and called her life, "Spy, yook," with her speech muffled by the firearm in her teeth.

Spyro cocked his head up and faced his dragoness. He went wide-eyes and jaw-hung at the sight of the simply-designed, yet deadly rifle in her jaws. Only trolls bear such weapons "Well done, Cyn. They'll have to believe the cheetahs now." Cynder and Spyro took flight for the hole in the ceiling and began to squeeze through the exhaust tunnel. Spyro lead his dragonesss through the cramped tunnel, the gun still in her jaws. When they made it out, they took flight once more and glided down towards the injured cheetahs and guardians. Cynder, having the gun in her jaws, gained odd looks from the guardians. Upon landing, Cynder dropped the advanced weapon before the guardians, in the mud.

Terador went wide-eyed and shook his head "No...A Valdin Kingdom Rifle...that's impossible," Terador exclaimed, misbelievingly

Cyril nodded "I'm afraid the worriers were right, Terador. Only trolls posses such weapons...zeppelins even."

Volteer piped in, "Yes, but why would they attack so suddenly, abruptly, at the spur of the this time of peace between us. This is a disaster, must warn the villages and cities-"

Cyril cut Volteer off, "Volteer, please. I agree, but rambling is gaining us nothing." Volteer scoffed, casting the ice guardians comment to the back of his head and looking away from him in disgust. Cyril faced Spyro and Cynder "We'll take these injured worriers back to their villages. Return to Warfang and warn the guards of a possible troll invasion." Spyro and Cynder nodded, ran the muddy path before them and took to the sky for Warfang. They flew through the semi-darkness for a good half hour. By the tine they arrived, the only light that remained was that of the moons. They glided to one of the gong towers, which the moles use to alert of attacks, build on the corner of the wall surrounding the city. It was like the tower of a church, but with a gong in place of bell, and it was made of large stone bricks and it was one of the tallest structures in the city, being a warning system for the inhabitants and the military. When they landed in the tower, they were greeted by an awestruck mole in leathery armor and goggles

"Spyro, Cynder! What are you two doing in a gong tower at this-"

"Message from the guardians! Possible troll invasion. Prepare the cities defenses!" Spyro cut the mole off with a fearful tone, breathing heavily.

"And double defenses," Cynder suggested.

The mole took a bow began to hit the gong once. They had an organized warning system. One strike of the gong means prepare defenses. Two strikes means to take positions and stay alert. Three means a raid is imminent. The other three towers at the other thre corners of the city banged their gongs once in reply, meaning the message has sunk in. Recently, the cities defenses were complimented with two gigantic, crossbow-like anti air missile launchers, which fired large incendiary missiles, which looked like regular arrows wrapped in oil-soaked lengths of canvass, only gigantic. They were designed to be drawn with a wheel and chain and reloaded with a lever which placed an arrow into the drawn missile launcher. While one of these missile launchers were built in the center of the city, the other was built to the wall between two warning towers. As the gongs sound echoed throughout the city. The ramparts filled with mole archers with crossbows and cheetah worriers in light leathery studded armor, greatswords(heavy two handed swords) and spears with sharp stone heads at both ends.

Spyro and Cynder watched, dumbfounded as the defenses were assembled so quickly. While awestruck, they were also relieved at the pace the defenses organized.

"If those trigger-happy teal-skins attack, we'll be ready for 'em," the mole assured, his arms crossed

"I have to admit. The warning system of this city's impressive," Cynder complimented, peering over the railing with her life-mate

"Of course it is. The city would have burnt to he ground centuries ago, otherwise."

Cynder then had a thought and turned to her male and suggested, "Spy, maybe we should stay and be ready for a raid."

Spyro began to shiver "But it's like 5 degrease out here, Cynder. Freezing," he complained

"I'll got get a fur from the house. Besides, remember...the temperature and weather are the least of our worries," she reminded him with a serious tone. Spyro thought for a moment before he smiled and nodded to her. "There's my smart purple stud," she said before playfully biting his neck. She then approached the railing and stood upon, opening her wings for flight "Be right back, Spy," She said before launching off the gliding towards their home in the distance. It was five minutes later she returned with a sleeping fur in her jaws, making it difficult to glide. Therefor, she had to flap her wings furiously. Spyro smiled at the sight of her returning and shuffled his body out of the way so she could land in the tight space of the gong tower right beside him. She then spread the fur out like bed sheet with a swing of her head and she and her life-mate curled up upon it like felines. Spyro laid behind her and wrapped his arms and wings around her. To Spyro's surprise, Cynder gasped and clutched her belly, gaining a concerned look from Spyro.

"You OK, Cyn?"

Cynder was still rubbing her belly when she answered, "I'm fine, Spy. I think I accidentally swallowed a bone when we ate that hare, and it's poking my insides...nothing serious." She gave him a reassuring smile.

Spyro gave her a peck on the side of the neck and one of her belly. His kisses were a soothing feeling on her neck and belly scales.

6 hours went by and the sun began to rise, barely lighting the city and the surrounding mountains and clearings, the battle zeppelin Bronze Eye purrs towards Warfang at 25MPH. They are forced to stop their engines and drop anchor in the woods. Their position was behind a mountain covered in foliage. The mountain kept the zeppelin out of sight of the warning towers of Warfang. A small strike team was assembled on deck. General Vaulta stood before the 10 commandos consisting of both genders, armed with 32-caliber revolving rifles and protected by steel chainmail.

"Our mission, comrades, will not be an easy one. We are to use grappling hooks to infiltrate the ramparts and disable or destroy the missile launchers. Once the missile launchers have been disabled, the Bronze Eye can fast rope 200 hundred soldiers into the city and we can take it form the inside out."

"How do we avoid the sight of the warning towers and catapults, general?" Asked one of the commandos asked

"Silence!" the general growled, forming blue flames in his fists "There's a cluster of trees leading from the forest towards the city wall. That's our way of avoiding detection...Once we are on the ramparts, we must either secure or destroy the two missile launchers to allow safe approach for our zeppelin." With that, the general drew his sword and was the 1st to fast rope into the trees below, his commandos following. All broke branches as they slid down the 50-foot-long ropes. The general and his commandos then left the safety of their durable, heavily armed hovering powerhouse of a zeppelin and wormed through tightly-packed tree towards the dragon city. After 10 minutes of worming through tightly-grouped trees, stomping into shallow creeks and the like, general Vaulta and his 10 commandos finally reached the city wall, fortunately avoiding detection. Standing before the city wall, the humanoid creatures felt like ants before a dragon. "We need the rocket propelled grappling hooks, comrades!" The commandos then took out the grappling hooks form their bags. They were like normal iron grappling hooks, only with fireworks and extra long ropes. They stuck them in the ground and used zippo lighters to light the fuses. They began to hiss to light and the general and commandos took a few steps back. The grappling hooks squealed upwards and hooked to the bricky railing of the ramparts.

Meanwhile, whilst Spyro and Cynder embraced each other, their bellies touching, slumbering on the fur, Spyro cocked his head up at the sound of a fireworks scream "Wh-what was that?"

Cynder eyed him concernedly "What was what, Spy."

Spyro faced Cynder "That squealing noise, Cyn. Like a dreadwing in labor."

Cynder yawned, "Spy, it could be just grublins or gremlins. Whatever it is, it's no match for the guards." She gave him a nuzzle " , let's go back to sleep. It's only 3AM." She laid her head down on its former place on the fur and Spyro put his down at its previous place atop her neck.

Meanwhile, general Vaulta and his 10 commandos waist no time climbing up the ropes. After a long agonizing climb, the humanoid commandos and general were just under the railing. They hid from several passing cheetah patrols. As two cheetahs crossed paths and headed in opposite directions, the trolls sprang from their ropes and front-flipped onto the ramparts. They wrapped an arm around their necks and ran the two unfortunate felines through with their katanas. They wheezed to death before the murderous trolls released their limp corpses. The trolls scurried across the ramparts towards the 1st missile launcher. Inside the gigantic, crossbow-like missile launcher was a spiral staircase leading to the top where it is manned and operated.

At the threshold of the double doors into the gigantic missile launcher, the general turned to his commandos "I need five volunteers to go into the city itself and secure or destroy the 2nd missile launcher. Volunteers?" Five trolls sluggishly raised their hands. The general pointed them towards the ramps leading down into the streets. "Go with haist. The dragons may already know we're upon them." The general drew his revolving rifle and allowed one of his muscular commandos to kick open the doors. They were greeted by four heavily armored cheetahs, whom the general dispatched joyfully with his rifle, shooting them in their exposed necks. Two more lightly-armored, sword wielding felines came down the missile launchers spiral stairs, roaring.

The commandos kept their swords ready, whilst their general was poised to strike. The cheetahs let out a scream at the tried to decapitate the general and seep his legs. He was quick to avoid, jumping and crouching. The 1st cheetah then tried to swing his sword around and hit the generals left side. The general drew his sword and blocked the attack. The cheetah then tried the left side, again with no prevail. The cheetah was now exhausted and the general swept his arms off, before landing a fatal lunge in the felines gut, before kicking his limp wheezing corpse away. The 2nd cheetah tried a slashing combination at the general, which he blocked skillfully. The now-exhausted cat was pushed away as the leapt and kick him twice in the chest and chin. The creature was finished off with two bullets in the head from the generals commandos. General Vaulta and his following five commandos then climbed the spiral stairs leading to the primitive weapons levers and controls. On the way up, they were confronted with two more cheetah worriers, which the general ran through, growling. At th very top of the stairs, they stood before its mole-operated control seat.

The general laughed triumphantly as he turned to his following commandos "Set the explosives up here now!"

"Right away, comrade general," complied the commando with the heavy backpack and raspy high voice. He then laid the mole-suited controls with five sticks of dynamite with a single fuse in parallel. He drew his zippo lighter and it hissed to life. The humanoid creatures scurried down the spiral stairs and out of the missile launcher, they barely the left the defensive structure when the dynamite blew. The resulting noise crashed throughout the city. The limbs of the cross-bow-like missile launcher, as well as its ammunition, plummeted to the streets below, smoldering. It was when the limbs had crashed to the streets of Warfang below that the gongs of the towers began to bang three times each. Fire dragons took to the sky and the ramparts flooded with mole archers and cheetah worriers. 6 feline worriers in light armor and wielding war axes charged for the general and his commandos. The cheetahs were dispatched by the commandos, shooting them in the necks and guts and heads with their 30-caliber, semi-auto, revolving rifles. Three of the five commandos accompanying the general vaulted over the ramparts and joined their comrades in the streets. The general was about to move out with his guards when he heard two the whistles and snaps of two arrows and the wheezes of his commandos. He turned back to see the, both with arrows in their backs, face down. He looked up to see the legendary anthro-cheetah, Hunter.

Hunter leapt and came face to face with the general, his bow drawn and a dagger in a sheath on his belt "You've made a mistake attacking the dragon city, troll."

The general poised his katana and growled, "Bring it, kitty kitty." He then growled as he charged for Hunter with his sword. Hunter crouched to avoid an attempt to behead him just in time. The troll then attempted a lunge, though Hunter twirled out of the way and then used his bow to whack the troll in the face dead on the nose. The troll groaned in agony and blood erupted from his nostrils whilst he was clutching his nose and walking backwards. Hunter then loaded his bow, drew it, and unleashed an arrow into the trolls chest. The arrow became lodged between his ribs and just pierced his lungs. Hunter smiled, certain his shot would kill the general. But to Hunters astonishment, the trolls stood strait and eyed him maliciously, He then slowly pulled the arrow from his chest and threw it away. Hunter remained astonished for so long, he didn't return to reality to avoid the general as he charged for him, leapt into the air and kicked him in the jaws, throwing him backwards, bloodying his nose and lips. Hunter was on his back, and went wide eyed when the general drew his sword and charged from him. He was fortunate enough to leap and received and slash at the belly, creating a 3 inch flesh wound. The now-wounded Hunter leapt to the higher level and dodged the generals revolver bullets, whilst holding the bleeding cut in his gut. He ran as fast as he could for cover, but he wasn't quick enough and received a bullet in the pelvis and collapsed, severely injured and crawl behind a brick wall. The general however would pay for his actions, as the Purple Dragon and converted Terror of the Skies tore through the air towards and him and Spyro grabbed the general by the head with his front paws. He held the general for a good few moments before he dropped him. The troll plummeted 30 feet in the middle of a shopping

square, crushing and splintering a merchants wagon. To the astonishment of Spyro and Cynder, he collected himself, almost as if he didn't endure such a fall. Spyro and Cynder then came to a landing before the general.

They lowered their bodies in an attack ready stance. "You wont get away with this, troll," Spyro growled

The general had his revolver and sword drawn before the two dragons "The Bronze Eye will be here in five minutes, scalies! It's over for you." Cynder lashed out for the general and managed to get past his sword and launch one powerful slash upon his face, leaving three scars on his face. She hovered in midair and Spyro charged for the general, clutching his face. Spyro was most unfortunate, because while Vaulta was holding his bleeding face, he had a free hand for his revolver and shot Spyro twice in the chest, gaining a pained grunt form him as he collapsed on his side. Cynder the unleashed a barrage of fear upon the general, immobilizing him, and did a midair slashing combo on him. Before long, the general had enough of her attacks and landed three punches on her face, followed by a kick in the ribs, throwing her back. She came to a stop near her injured life-mate and the general retreated through the streets towards the remaining catapult missile launcher.

Cynder recollected herself and licked Spyros face and neck "Spy! Please don't leave me now!" She plead with a sorrowful scream.

"Cyn...I'm not dying. I just got two," Spyro coughed twice, gushing a trickle of blood, "bullets in my ribs. Get me some life gems, and I'll be fine."

Cynder frantically looked around, desperate or a cure for her life-mates injuries. Her eyes widened at the sight of a cluster of red gems. "Grab hold of my tail, Spy," she commanded. Spyro bit down on her tail scythe and she painfully dragged him towards the gems. She head-butted the gems and allowed them to spread equally into herself and her life-mate. The bullets dislodged themselves from Spyros flesh and his wounds scabbed over. And he rose to his feet.

Cynder gasped in realization, remembering what the general told them before he retreated "Spy, if the other missile launcher's destroyed, the zeppelin will tear the city apart."

Spyro shook his head, returning to reality "Gotcha." He and his dragoness scurried through the streets towards the other missile launcher. They then charged for the open double doors. Spyro and Cynder had to dive for cover as two, crank-operated, tripod-mounted machine guns roared to life and sent a barrage of red-hot tracer bullets their way. The couple hid behind a pile of rubble in the hope of not being filled with searing-hot bullets. The guns fired in a sequence which meant there would be no time window for hostiles to leave cover avoid hits. Spyro and Cynder thought there would never be a window of opportunity to leave cover and escape, much less one to lay siege the two primitive gatling guns. However, before long, their hope was restored, as the legendary Guardian of Earth glided over and unleashed a whirlwind between th guns and the two heroes. The whirlwind picked up and threw around bricks and other rubble, blinding the gunners. Spyro and Cynder took to the air, knowing they wouldn't be able to successfully lay waste to the toll-occupied missile launcher alone.

As they flew away, Spyro looked back at the gigantic missile launcher and he froze and hovered in astonishment "What the-. The missile launchers moving!" He exclaimed, causing Cynder to hover and face the missile launcher. They were both astonished at the fact that the trolls had taken control of the defensive structure and aimed it for one of the tallest buildings in the city. The trolls commandeering the missile launcher used a torch to light the oily arrow-like missiles before it unleashed it upon the building. The missile was so durable, it penetrated the building like a needle through parchment, entering and exiting it, and leaving a gaping, smoldering wound in th building. The smoldering wound eventually roared into fire and trolls began to re-draw and reload the missile launcher.

"The bastards!" Cynder cursed with a near-scream "They're using our own defenses against us." She turned to her life-mate "Spy," she began, gaining his attention "we need to get an operator for the tower and some worriers to retake it."

"Let's do it, Cynder!" Spyro and his life-mate then caught sight of a horde of cheetah worriers on the ramparts and came to a landing before them. The worriers stopped, knowing who they were, as Spyro informed, "The trolls have seized and commandeered our defensive missile launcher. The other one has been destroyed. We need to retake it and man it, before the trolls battle zeppelin arrives."

The five cheetahs drew their swords and spears and let out roars of determination "We're with you, Spyro!" The two heroes then lead the feline worriers down the ramparts, through the streets, and into the avenue where the gatling tripods have control. The two dragons and cheetahs took cover as the two gunners turned the cranks and unleashed bullets. They took turns firing, saving ammunition.

As her life-mate and the felines cowered behind bricks and rubble, Cynder unleashed a barrage of darkness breath, creating a temporary cloud, blinding the humanoid gunners. "C'mon. We have to move while they're blind!" Cynder screamed, causing the worriers and her life mate to storm into the dark cloud. When the cloud started to disperse, the two heroes and cheetah worriers took cover behind rubble piles. Cynder took cover with her life-mate

"Cyn!" Spyro yelled over the top of the gatling guns banging "What you just did was amazing!" he complimented


"But we need another cloud."

Cynder shook her head, trying her best to squeeze herself to ground and avoid the never-end barrage of tracers "I haven't enough manna."

Meanwhile, the limping Hunter went wide-eyed in fear as to see the Bronze Eye hover directly over the city just within the walls and unleashing 10-inch explosive shells from it's many guns at its sides, organized like that on a medieval pirate ship, only they were shells and not canon balls. All around it, building took hits and rained rubble and bricks. The craft dropped its ropes and poorly-armed, simply-armored, but quite-deadly troll conscripts fast roped down and began to mow down mole archers and cheetah worriers, who desperately charged or them. All those who the trolls conscripts alone couldn't dispatch, the zeppelins belly guns made short work of.

Before long, fallen moles and cheetahs piled around in all directions and General Vaulta approached the conscripts "Garrison these empty buildings. Soon Warfang will be ours, comrades." The conscripts hollered wiht their rifles in the air and begin to set themselves up in surrounding buildings. The zeppelin stayed were it hovered, feeling safe with the conscripts on the ground around it.

Meanwhile, Spyro, his dragoness and the worriers are pinned down by the gunners, when Spyro gets an idea. He charges an electric sphere to its fullest, peers over the cover and unleashes it upon the gunners. They shake and grunt as they endure pure electricity and the two dragons and worriers charge forth. Spy lead the group and toasted the humanoid creatures with flame. They screeched in agony and fell face down.

The cheetah worriers then charged up the defensive structures spiral stairs towards the control level above. Several dagger-wielding trolls came down the stairs, whom the cheetahs made short work of, running them through with their swords. Before long, they were at the control level and they dispatched the two trolls who loaded and fired the missile launcher, throwing their corpses over the railing. The cheetahs were now in charge of the cities rightful defenses.

Meanwhile the general stands beneath the hovering powerhouse, the Bronze Eye, laughing in triumph, assured the city would be theirs in moments...He was dead wrong . His laughter was purged was the quaking sound a flaming arrow-like missile hitting the vessels gondola, cracking its outer armor and causing it to yaw and pitch violently. The looked up at the wounded craft and went wide-eyed as to see it rotate and try to flee "No! That coward excuse for a captain. I'll see that he hangs!" he growled as he chases after the zeppelins, still-hanging fast ropes, dragin' across the ground. He leapt for and clung to the rope. He then climbed frantically as to see a wall approaching. Knowing he wouldn't be able to climb fast enough, he aimed his boots for he wall. Once in contact, he virtually climbed the wall to avoid being flattened to it. Once the zeppelin cleared the city, avoiding another blow from the cities missile launcher.

The vessels captain stood in th bridge, behind the helmsmen and the navigator. "Thank the gods that missile launcher wasn't the undoing of us." The captain then turned around, as to hear the double door behind him open and slam against the walls, revealing the general, growling with every breath he took. The captain panicked and saluted, "General, so good to see alive and-"

The general cut the captain of with a shot to the leg, gaining a scream form the general as he fell to his back "You traitorous coward!" He then shot him again in the pelvis "What kind of troll captain of the Valdin Kingdom flees because of a single minor hit?" he then shot him in the head. The fallen captain laid on the floor of the flight deck. "Set course for Valdin Marsh. The queen must know of our defeat here."

"Aye, general," said the helmsmen, gently pushing the throttle lever forward with his palm. It was at that moment that the generals commander emerged form the double doors. He was astonished at the sight of th vessels dead captain. Before he could say a word, the general faced him an pointed a wrinkly clawed finger at him and said, "You're in charge now, captain."

The commander forced a smile and bowed "Thank you, my general."

Meanwhile Spyro and Cynder take flight to finish off the remaining conscripts, who have garrisoned themselves in two three-story buildings at opposite sides of clear square. Spyro and Cynder fly in formation towards the two buildings. As they approach and bullets hiss and snap past them, the couple split and head for the building separately. Spyro began to shower the widows of one of the building with his fireballs. He hovered sideways to avoid their bullets. The trolls within began to gargle in agony as they burnt to their skeletons at the hands of the Purple Dragon. Before long, Spyro made a gigantic hole in the building, enough for a full-size dragon to enter. He glided down towards it and found himself inside the building with the murderous humanoids. Three drew a katana and screamed towards the Purple Dragon. Their efforts were rewarded with a cloud of ice, freezing them into statues, before he smashed them into shards with his tail. Spyro then went from room to room and finished off the remaining conscripts with his electricity. Though some some tried to slash furiously at him, the were frozen and shattered.

Meanwhile Cynder sneaks behind the building she has chosen and uses her shadow ability to smoke through the wall. She found herself in a large room, behind some un-expecting troll conscripts aiming their rifles out the windows. Cynder unleashed a screaming ghost of fear which flew through the trolls one by one until they were but shivering, crouching cowards, and left to the mercy of th former Terror of the Skies. She slit their throats with her scythe and finished to the final conscript with a blast of her poison, causing him to gargle to death as his skin melted away and exposed his flesh. She smiled at her buttering and left the building. Before long, she reunited with her purple life mate in the stony courtyard between the building and embraced one another, laying their heads on each others necks

"We did great, Cyn!"

"You should've seen those trolls cower before me, Spy," she giggled, looking into his eyes. As the two exchanged passionate licks on the snouts and necks, a horde of cheering anthro-cheetah worriers and mole archers surrounded the couple. The two faced opposite directions and bowed to the crowd, coiling each others tails around one another.

"You're welcome, Warfang," Bowed Spyro

"But 50% of the credit belongs to you," smiled Cynder.

As the crowd cheered,they slowly ceased clapping as a famous, wounded, barely-walking, barely-breathing, bleeding anthro-cheetah. The crowd split in two as he limped towards Spyro and Cynder, gaining a shocked look from them as raised a paw and collapsed on his belly

"Hunter, no!" Cynder shrieked as she and her life-mate approached and stood before him "Don't give up on us now, friend," she commanded him.

Spyro frantically turned to the crowd "Somebody get a physician out here! Hunters severely injured!" The two stayed with their just-alive companion until a mole physician could approach and examine him.

Meanwhile, As the damaged, but still flyable zeppelin, Bronze Eye, roars away from the enemies territory. They make haste, thinking they would be pursued by dragons. General Vaulta Stone-Fist stands at the nose of the zeppelins deck, when the newly-promoted captain approaches him form behind with haste

"General, the queen herself has called on the crystal radio. She needs to speak to you."

"Does she know our raid on Warfang failed, captain?"

He nodded passionately "Yeah, I told her so. But she needs to speak to you about your return."

The general stormed past the captain, down the stairs leading to the main part of the deck. he then pushed open the double doors leading into the flight deck of the vessel. Upon entry, the radio-operator of the flight crew left his feat and allowed the general to take his place. He picked up the headpiece o the primitive radio and slowly raised it to his sharp teeth and his bat-like ear.

Meanwhile In her royal citadel, queen Enola Carmeleon lays on her puffy, lavish blood-red, double-queen-sized bed, virtually naked with nothing but a length of transparent blue fabric, which ran from her human-like pussy, covered her slightly-hanging troll breasts, wen over her shoulders and back towards her butt crack. The fabric was transparent enough for one to see her opera house, seasoned from having a child of her own, and her nipples through the transparent material. She spoke into the headpiece of her own radio set, as her butler held it before her, trying his best not to stare at her practically naked body. The queen herself was bluish troll with small thorny horn on her head just like her loyal generals. Platinum hair which reached her hips, glowing magenta eyes which glowed just like the tiny lines tattooed around her eyes. Also like her generals, her hands were a bit like claws.

"My queen," The generals voice emerged from the earpiece of the primitive radio

"Vaulta, I heard about the raid...Most unfortunate."

"Forgive me, my queen. Our vessel was nearly destroyed by one of their primitive missiles and we had to put Warfang to our rudder at full throttle. We are just leaving thee realms now and we're flying over ocean."

"Of course, I do not blame you, genral, I should have known it was futile to mount a single-zeppelin raid on such a gigantic city. It may be a awhile before we have a suitable fleet."

"But we did destroy their forge, your majesty. They will never be able to use it again."

The queen smiled as she spread her legs apart on the bed, revealing her greenish, open, birth-seasoned sex. Her butler tried his hardest not to look, but his eyes wondered to it as she spoke, "Splendid...I also have some news about your wife, Valari. She's just minutes away from having your 1st child."

The general laughed lowly with a bit of triumph, knowing he is a soon-to-be father "Is she alright? Has she had it yet?"

The queen shook her head "She's fine, but she can't hold it in much longer. This afternoon, I had her transfered from that under-funded hospital in Gutstone and to my citadel. I have my own physician examining her right now in my 4th guest room."

The general shook his head in astonishment at the troll queens kindness "Why that's...beyond kind of you, queen Carmeleon."

The queen laughed from flattery. Though she was the queen of a communist-like, power-hungry kingdom, and considered a tyrant by half of her people, she did her best to bond with her generals and loyal followers with such kindness "Yes. DR Henshin is the best doctor I've had. He treated me when I pushed my son outa my lolly."

"I felt sorry for you after you had him, my queen."

"Don't be. He's a great captain in my air fleet. I'm glad i gave birth to him, but I don't think my opera house is ever going to look appealing to a male ever again," she giggled sinisterly, unaware that her right-hand man was gazing at her pussy.

"Well, your highness, I thought Valari would laugh when i undressed before her, but she doesn't care about the size o my cock." he words gained a giggle from the queen. The navigator and helmsmen eyes eachother with confusion, they didn't have a clue why the queen allowed her generals to have such personal conversations with her, and stuck their tongues out.

The queen had enough of conversing with her #1 general and finally concluded, "Your wife cannot wait to see you alive, Vaulta. Feel free to dock with the tower above the citadel, save time." She hang it up and caught sight of her right hand man staring at her royal cunt, and gave him a slap on the face before saying, "Like what you See?" Her butler rubbed his hurt face and nodded, gaining a smile from the queen when she said, "Thank you." She pointed him out with a malicious look "Now hit the road until I need you."

Meanwhile Hunter is finally getting the medical attention he requires, a mole in a tiny gown of healing gives him a potion to numb his body, allowing him to remove the bullets and stitch the wounds.

Cynder feels another swimming feeling in her gut and approached her purple lie-mate , checking on Hunter to make sure he's well "Spy, I feel weird inside," she moaned, causing him to turn to her. She rubbed her belly with her paw "In here."

He approached her and laid his head on the back of her neck. She did the same. He closed his eyes, wishing he could sink into her "What do you think it is, Cyn?"

Cynder thought as she rubbed her head up and down his neck "Well...last night when we joined the 'see-through thong' club."

Spyro just enjoyed her warmth...until a thought of the worst came to his mind, causing his eyes to snap open "" Cynder broke from the cuddle and faced him concernedly "Cyn, you don't mean you're..."

She nodded "Most likely."

Spyro went light-headed and collapsed before her. Cynder pulled a sorrowful face, thinking her life-mate had no desire to be a father.


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