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Leaving Asgard

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Arahaelel Odinsdottir, the daughter of Odin. The goddess of War, Protection and Travel. When the Allfather gives her a quest to be the Guardian of the Wizard World, she is sent to Hogwarts. Voldemo...

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My father and I walked side by side, "Arahaelel, you understand what this quest holds for you, is that correct?" He questioned, "It holds my future, I know this. It also holds my life, if mother finds out I had gone to the world of witchcraft, she may kill me in my sleep." I answered with a laugh, "That as well." He stopped me with a sad look in his eye, "As you are younger then both of your brothers, you shall understand why both your mother and I are anxious about you going there." We walked to the throne room where my mother and brothers were waiting, "Since you are leaving, Frigga and I had found something that you will be quite pleased to see." Odin said as he walked to my mothers side. Loki grabbed my hands and kissed my forehead, "Don't be afraid, my dearest little sister." He whispered, I nodded my head and he gave me his signature smirk, which actually made me smile. "And what did you find, father?" I asked him, "Why don't we let Sif and Thor tell you." My mother told me softly, I turned on my heel back to Thor, who was now standing with Lady Sif, they held a long, black box. The carvings on it formed a dragon and also a wolf, rubies and onyx traced the sides, Thor opened the mystery box and took out a long sword, which I quickly recognized it as the 'Sword Forged In Death', there is a mystery behind the sword. A great story that no one quite ever knew. My jaw dropped, Thor handed the sword to me, the cold steel hit the palms of my hands and my smile grew. "Where did you find this?" I asked father, "I had Thor and Loki find it, why don't you explain it to her?" He asked them and I spun back around to face my beautiful brothers. "The ending of the story is how we found it, lost in a different world. Midgard, actually." Loki explained to me. The hilt of the sword had the symbol of the Nine Worlds, it was something I had 'Claimed', if you had looked at any of my weapons, or any of my possessions, the symbol of the Nine Worlds will be there.
"Thank you." I said under my breath before throwing my arms around them, "One more session of sparing before I leave Asgard?" I offered them, "You think you're going to leave without one last walk through the gardens?" Mother asked me and my eyes widened, "Of course not, mother. One last walk, before I leave." I replied with a smile as she took my hand. With one last look to my father and my brothers, and to Sif, I walked out side by side with my mother. As we walked through each room, the only sound was the clanging of my armor and my mother's heels hitting the floor, but other then that silence. I pushed the doors to the garden open for her, but she returned it with a small glare, "Why are you this upset with me? You know I have waited most of my life to go to Midgard." Frigga spun towards me with a flash of anger in her eyes, "You've waited most of your life to gleefully leave me." She growled, I shrunk back in a little shock. Her outburst had left her staring off into space, "Mother..." I trailed off, she straightened up and took my hand. "You know the reason I am this worried is because you are my youngest, my only daughter, Arahaelel. But, I don't think I should be afraid. You are a warrior, the fiercest I have ever known. And you will come back to us. To Asgard." Mother choked as a tear fell down her face. My face went cold, turning off emotions when others show theirs is how I was trained, but with my mother it was different, "Mother." I started off, "I won't be gone long. You must remember when I step into Midgard, I will still be the Princess of Asgard. I wear that title proudly." I told mother. We looked over Asgard as far as we could see, the golden buildings shined in the light, each one perfectly designed, "I don't want to lose you." She said after many seconds of silence. "I can not promise that you won't." I responded somewhat coldly, "I know you can not. But, at least try to stay alive." Mother said, her voice cracking on the last word, I nodded and turned towards her, "That is something I can do." Her arms wrapped around me and I pressed a kiss to her cheek, "I'll always be with you." She whispered to me as we pulled away. With that she left. I heard the closing of the doors and I was left alone, I straightened my armor and ran my hand through my blonde hair. The Sword Forged In Death hooked to my side, just one more look to my city and then I was gone.
I walked to Heimdall, a close friend of mine, "Leaving so soon?" He questioned and I gave a firm nod, "Try not to miss me to much, I shan't be gone long." I smirked, "I will try not to, although I can't promise anything." His voice turned soft, with a respectful nod, I left Asgard. I left my home that had always been there for me. I left for a world of wizards and witches. When I landed, I landed in a field, although nothing stood in this field, I had left the mark of the Nine Worlds. "Time to start what I came here for."
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