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They had gotten the plans to the Alliance. It was finished. Or was it?

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It was finished.

They had successfully transmitted the plans, giving the Alliance a fighting chance against the Empire’s monster of a weapon. The same monster that was sending a blinding heat hurtling towards the beach.

When they had stepped out of that tower, Cassian leaning heavily on her, and saw the all-too-familiar effects of the Death Star steadily growing closer, Jyn knew they wouldn't make it. A brief sense of hope crossed through her mind when she saw an abandoned cargo ship on a landing pad not far away. Maybe... she had thought, before taking in the reality of the situation and shaking her head. No, they would never make it to the plane in time, not with the shape they were in. Even if they did, Cassian was severely injured and was in no shape to fly them anywhere. She herself was inexperienced at piloting, by the time she had figured out how to turn the thing on it would be too late.

So instead of running, instead of fighting, instead of surviving in spite of the impossible as they had so many times before, Jyn limped toward the beach. Toward the warm haze that was not so far off now. Toward what was most certainly the end of both her and the man she had come to deeply depend on.

As they slowly crossed the sand, pulled by an invisible force, Jyn thought about their friends, hoping they had made it out of this god forsaken place. However she felt in her heart something terrible had doomed them also. She thought of her valiant parents, and how it wouldn't be so bad to die here, to join her family. Perhaps her father would be upset, knowing she gave up here on this beach. Knowing that even though he did all he could do to keep her from this fate she eventually reached it.

As they reached the shoreline, Cassian's knees gave way. They sank to the sand together, Jyn letting the firm arm she had wrapped around his torso drop to her side. The heat grew more and more unbearable as the seconds passed. Neither spoke, no words could describe the emotions racing through both of their hearts. Less than a mile away the wall of light and heat and destruction steadily grew closer.

Cassian cleared his throat, even though the words used to describe his feelings simply wouldn't form. He wanted to thank her for giving him hope when he about lost it, to reassure her even though he knew she didn't need it, to let her know why he hadn't killed her father, to explain so much… But he simply could not find the right words. Finally, he squeezed her hand and whispered softly, “Your father would be proud of you Jyn.” She looked up at him with soft tears in her eyes, he drew her close. Cassian turned his back away, shielding Jyn from the full force of the pain which was soon to come. Jyn found her mother’s necklace with one hand, and buried her face into Cassian. As the wall of heat and noise drew closer the two clung to each other, both thinking of what might've been.

And then there was silence, the end had come.
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