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Gundam Seed Destiny: A New Destiny Forged

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Takes place during the series as a side story. It follows the misfits aces known as Death on the battlefield and their rise in the ranks as the universes greatest pilots.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi - Characters: Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha, Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne - Warnings: [!!!] [?] [V] - Published: 2005-06-20 - Updated: 2005-06-20 - 1260 words


Chapter One:
Death on the Battlefield, First Sortie's a mess
BY: Myself and my frined Battousai

The year is Cosmic Era 73 and the Treaty of Junius has just been signed and all is right in the universe, or so it is thought. Cagalli Yula Athha is in The PLANT talking to the ZAFT chair man Gilbert Dullindal over the need for post war powers in PLANT space. Unknown to them the Earth Forces ship, Girty Lue, is starting its attack to steal the new gundam currently being developed. Outside PLANT the prototype battleship the ARK and its crew Death on the Battlefield train of the battle they know are to come. They have become the first line of defense that PLANT has.

Death on the Battlefield had just returned to the bridge from training exercises when they alarms started to blare as two red beams strike the side of the hull. The mighty ship shakes and the crew is tossed.

" Fuck, Patrick what was that." Josh said as got back into the captains chair and His second Patrick. Jumped up and checked the radar.

"Josh we got nothing on radar, I'm bringing up the Light wave barrier anyway and i have the guns on auto. Nicole and Lumia are still in their suits, I have them relaunch and well join them in about 2 minutes. Ensign you have navigations, make sure you can dodge what ever they send our way ok ." Josh stood up and nodded towards Patrick and then to the black haired recruit at navigations. They reached the hanger as the the red Zaku gunner and Zaku warriors took off. Lumia took her sniping position on the bow of the ship and her lover, Nicole, activate her two beam hawks and landed in a fighting position next to her.

"Patrick you see if you can draw some of the fire towards Lumia, she can take out anything with the Dragon's Breath cannon. Nicole your with me, your better hand to hand." Josh said over the intercom as he launched his Zaku Phantom, pulling out its twin luggers. Patrick's Ginn was out in a flash, sword and beam rifle in hand. They braced themselves as six Strike daggers, all armed with Bazookas.

" This is going to be easier then i thought." Lumia said as the first shot of her cannon caused the lead Dagger to explode send shrapnel into the others. She laughed but it soon was quieted as a huge Blue battle ship uncloaked less then 3 miles of their starboard bow. The front opened up and 6 more Daggers came out, beside it 2 Nelson class battle ships declaration and launched 12 more Daggers each.

'" Alright, this is our first official sortie, lets make it a good one.'' Josh announced as she and Nicole flew into the melee . Nicole struck threw the first couple like nothing but soon she found that the Nelsons had better pilots. Josh on the other hand laughed as he blew the chests out of 2 daggers with his pistols.

" Josh calm down." Nicole said as she threw a heat hawk into the back of a dagger about to blast him from behind. He turned an saluted cockily and blasted a suit coming towards Nicole. Patrick and Lumia on the other hand were having an easier time. Patrick was dodging blast after blast as he drew them into the wake of her beam cannon.

" Josh I figure we got 25 left. I'm starting to run low on beam batteries for my sword and gun. Nicole only has a couple more shots left too." Patrick staid stabbing into a dagger before he hurled it into another. The Ark on the other hand was doing nicely as the beams were glancing of the light wave barrier like they were nothing.

" Lumia hook the energy cord into the Ark, Patrick cover her. I'll try to distract them more." Josh yelled out as he flew into a squad of Dagger. Patrick and Nicole flew in front of Lumia as she transfered the cord from the batteries into the port on the bow of the Ark. The whole proses took about three minutes, but in the time Nicole had her Heat hawks destroyed and was using the worthless vulcans on the enemy.

" Patrick the last wave is coming in, get out of the way." Lumia said as she press the beam regulator to the highest safety setting before she red lined it. She yelled as she fired a huge sweeping beam across the battle field. 4 suites explode instantly and several others were disabled.

" GOD DAMN IT!" She yelled as she tossed the cannon right before it exploded.

" I forgot to reconnect the coolant line." She said as she grabbed the beam saber from her hip and joined Nicole, Patrick then ended up back to back with Josh as they all became surrounded. The Ark was also being pounded by the blue ships Gottfried's and the two mega beam cannons and missiles from the Nelsons. Death on the Battlefield was fighting a loosing battle as they each ran out of ammo, relying then only on their beam sabers and crash knuckles.

" Were dead." Patrick said as a whole new squad of ships came into view. They turned and looked back towards the PL:ANT as a whole appeared and out flew a gray bodied, red winged ship they knew to be the Minerva. It was followed by several, dozen Ginns and other support ships.

While Josh and his crew felt relived to see the pro type gundams fly by, the masked captain of the blue ship smiled as the front of his ship opened up and turned towards the Minerva. From its bow rose a giant double barreled cannon of some type charging up a red beam. He smirked as it fired, the Minerva banked left leaving the support ships and Ginns open.

" What are they doing " Nicole yelled as the beam struck several of the smaller ships vaporizing them. One of the Ginns tried to stop the beam with its left handed shield. Its arm exploded and so did the ship behind it. On all com then was heard a guttural and beastly cry, the sword at its hip energized and he flew forward full speed and unsheathed it into the the bow of a Nelson closest to it. He pulled it out and boosted of into the enemy's line as the battle ship exploded taking several Daggers with it.

" Shit!' Josh cursed as the Ginn cut down 3 daggers, then a 4th and a 5th and then anther Nelson. The gundams land inside the blue ship and it starts its retreat as its squad is being hit in a barrage of cannon fire. The Nelsons exploded around it as it cloaked again and vanished. The Minerva was in pursuit firing at it last know location. Several missiles barely miss the Ginn, but they catch its sword.

" Grrrr." the pilot growled and landed on the Ark, it grabbed a heat hawk from Nicole before she could stop him and he hurled it at the Minerva's bridge. It connected with the top and it exploded. The only thing that save the ship was the fact that the bows internal workings descended during battle. Patrick and Josh grabbed the gundam, Josh put it in a semi nelson hold while Pat was on his knees holding its waist back. The pilot roared again before finally falling to its knees,the man inside sobbed quietly as the Ark and the Minerva pulled back into the PLANT as to begin repairs.
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