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I got the inspiration a couple of days ago to write this. It's not much but ...enjoy. I might write more. First I might need some reviews to inspire me. Tell me what you think.

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She hides behind a mask. Her friends and family don’t see. Only one can see behind her mask. Me. I hide in the shadows. I feel her pain. I see the torment she goes through every day, trying to be happy and put a brave face, a mask. I’ve been through all this before. I found it easier to hide in the shadows. Of course, I had no friends and my family treated me like crap, so it was easier for me to just try to not exist. It worked for the most part. After a while people stopped saying hello to me in the halls, teachers stopped asking me for answers because I would refuse to speak. I like the shadows. It’s dark and it's quiet. The only thing I don’t like so much… It’s lonely. I always wanted friends but most people thought I was too weird. I was the new kid so naturally, I was an outcast. It looks like this girl has everything yet she still has to hide behind a mask. I want to know her. I want to try and figure her out. I doubt she even knows I exist but it’s never too late to try. Right?
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